When I Fucked By Servants 2

Hi im neetu.You know me if u people read my earlier story.Saddam is a hero in my life.He has fulfilled my sexual life.He and his friends fucked all possible holes in my body.Exploited the holes in threesome,and by taking turns one after another and in every possible way.Saddam made my 34 size boobs to 38 in size.He loves to fuck my mouth and pee all over my face.I love dirty fucking.Saddam and his friends are good dirty bastard servants.I love them all.

Saddam and his friends made me pregnant.I somehow managed for operation.From that day onwards there is no limits for Saddam and me.The fucking festival continued.I grew bold and wore only mini skirts just below the ass showing the inners and sleeveless top covering my boobs.There is no stopping for Saddam he grabs my boobs and fucks wherever he wants in my house.He has made me his slave.

Chandra has returned from onsite and this made Saddam stop his dick poking my holes.I know Saddam will find a way of banging me and for time being it is a relaxation period for my body.I lured him daily by exposing my thighs,wearing tops without inners.Chandra started work from home for the office.Saddam serve food for me and chandra.I thought a way to satisfy my sexual urges.

While serving food Saddam stood beside me.I quickly put my hand in Saddam’s trouser and masturbate his dick.His dick grew to 7 inch and Saddam is trying to stop his moans.I didnt stop and crushing his dick with my left hand.He is ready to tear my pussy apart but chandra is there eating his food.I didnt stop masturbating his dick and made his cock ready for a ride.Chandra went upstairs after breakfast.I was there still at the dining table.

Saddam removed his trouser and i saw this 7 inch monster dick.He loves my mouth for a fuck and so forcibly grabbed my head began a mouth fuck.He started fucking my mouth touching inner walls to deep my throat.He made me gag for air and saliva came out of my mouth for every gag.He attached my saliva on my face for every gag.Rub his dick my lips and on my forehead and cheek.And after a 10 min mouth fuck ejaculated his load on my face.

I was dick starving in my ass and cunt.So i again took his dick in my mouth and began to lick and squeeze his dick.Pumped his dick with my hand and started to lick Saddams asshole.I deep tounge in his asshole and buried my face in his asshole.This aroused Saddams dick.He grabbed me and removed my underwear and began to lick my wet pussy.He began to eat my pussy.I was in heaven and started to moan but controlled myself.

Saddam positioned his dick in my pussy and punched his entire dick in a single shot in my wet hole.Saddam started to bang my pussy.His pace increased and with his strokes made me cum.Saddam didnt stop.While fucking Saddams friends javed and sohail came.They have been pussy starved as chandra came home.I signaled them to join me.While Saddam is banging my pussy javed removed my top and started to lick my right armpit.

He is strange he fucks my armpit every time.sohail started to lick left armpit.I was completely nude and cummed once again.Saddam ejaculated in my pussy.After him javed took my cunt while sohail took my asshole.They fucked for 15 m and ejaculated themselves in my pussy and asshole and fell on me.Their dicks are still in my holes.In mean time chandra called me and i told i was busy downstairs.He never care a thing didnt saw his wife turned whore.

I removed their dicks from my ass and pussy and tried to wear my skirt.In no time came Saddam and grabbed my boobs.I wore my skirt and he didnt stop squeezing and milking my boobs.javed grabbed my another boob and started squeezing it.Both are eating away my both boobs.sohail started to lick my asshole from behind.They didnt stop it.My pussy began wet and liquids started oozing from my cunt hole.

Saddam and javed nearly tried to eat away my both boobs and milked them.They chewed my both nipples while sohail deep tongue my asshole.I cummed once again.They made sit on the floor and ejaculated sperms all over my face and hair.Saddam told me to be ready for fuck feast on terrace tonight.At midnight Saddam came with his friends and i was waiting for them on terrace ready for festival

They are d***k and their dicks are roused.I was quickly made nude by them.I mouth held Saddams dick and started to tongue fuck his dick.The mouth fuck has started one by one.While i was mouth fucking Saddam javed raised my asshole and started to fuck it.I was mouth fucked and ass-fucked at a time.The turns has started one by one.I was mouth fucked and ass fucked at a time.Saddam ejaculated his load on my face.sohail took my mouth again.

javed ejaculated his load in my asshole.Saddam took my asshole after javed.So they started changing positions but my holes are kept busy.In an hour they made me cum several times and they loaded their sperms all over my face and and on my buttocks.Soon they urinated all over my body.
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