Indian Dominatrix For Black Men

I grab Carl-Henry's cock and balls and squeeze them as hard as I can, until he cries out in pain. I squeeze them until he begs for mercy, and then I release him...not all the way, just a little bit. A whimper slips out of his throat, and he looks up at me with a defeated look in his face. Underneath us, the bed shakes as we unleash our passion. You're my bitch now, I whisper into his ear as I lean over, my voluminous tits smacking his face. Yes Mistress Rishita, Carl-Henry says meekly. Good bitch, I laugh. I stroke my strap-on dildo lovingly, and Carl-Henry's frightened yet eager eyes follow my every move. I am Rishita Bhindranwale, budding dominatrix, international student from India and all-around diva.

This is going up your ass now, I told Carl-Henry firmly. Obediently he nods. Smiling wickedly, I press my dildo against his hole, and push it inside. Carl-Henry closes his eyes and sighs as I begin sodomizing him. Thank you Mistress Rishita, he whispers happily. You're welcome babe, I smile, licking my lips. I am so grateful for the gift of his surrender. I like to dominate strong men and they don't get any stronger than Carl-Henry. He's six-foot-four, dark-skinned and muscular. A proud descendant of Haitian immigrants who've been living in Quebec for almost a century. This beautiful black man is my submissive, my lover and my soul mate. And now, I'm going to make him my little bitch.

For a brief moment, my eyes wander from Carl-Henry. I look at our reflections in the bedroom mirror, and I can't help but smile. The reflected image is almost comical. A tall, burly and muscular black man lying on his back, arms and legs bound by steel restraints, while a short, plump Indian woman straddles him. I so don't look like the dominatrix type. Yet I am very dominant, in and out of the bedroom. I push the dildo deep into Carl-Henry's ass, taking my sweet time as I invade his ass. Like what I'm doing to your ass? I ask, and Carl-Henry opens his eyes. Yes, he replies, through gritted teeth. You forgot to say mistress, I chastise him, grabbing one of his nipples and squeezing it.

Carl-Henry winces, and I smirk triumphantly. I know how sensitive those nipples of his are. He's fit and muscular, with a strong chest, washboard stomach and abs that are simply to die for. Seriously, if he wanted to, he could give guys like The Rock and John Cena a run for their money. My chocolate demigod looks so wonderfully vulnerable, and I love seeing him this way. For I'm the only one he shares this side of himself with. Carl-Henry is every bit the alpha male wherever he goes. He's one of the top students in the civil engineering program at the University of Calgary, a fact which astounds a lot of people. Black men are plenty smart, and the world is only starting to discover that, in the Age of Obama. I've known my sweet Carl-Henry had great potential the moment I laid eyes on him, two years ago during freshman orientation day at school. I moved to Calgary, Alberta, from my hometown of Aligarh, northern India, to study architecture. I'm glad I opted to study abroad because otherwise, Carl-Henry and I never would have met.

I lean forward, and press my tits against Carl-Henry's face, smothering him in the most pleasurable way possible. Carl-Henry's eager mouth find my tits, and he sucks on my nipples, causing me to shudder all over. Hmm, I moan softly, urging him to continue. While Carl-Henry sucks on my tits, I grab his hard dick, and stroke it. Carl-Henry's manhood is a lovely organ, seven and a half inches, quite thick, and uncircumcised. He's also got the biggest, hairiest balls I've ever seen. I grasp them with both hands, and massage them gently.

Mistress you're killing me, Carl-Henry moans softly, in that rumbling tone that always sends shivers down my spine. He's got a really deep voice so even when he whispers, it sounds real strong and manly. Hush sweetie, I chide him, gently biting into his chest. Carl-Henry cries out sharply and I laugh. Pain is pleasure with me, I remind him, wagging my little finger for emphasis. And just to remind my favorite stud who's the boss, I push the dildo deeper into his ass. For some reason, Carl-Henry's dick always gets extremely hard when I fuck him in the ass. That's because, as I discovered recently, the male G-spot is hidden in the posterior region...and stimulating it always produces fantastic results.

I've got Carl-Henry right where I want him, spread-eagled and bound, with my tits in his mouth, my dildo up his ass and his dick in my hand. He's completely in my power, and we both know it. Give it to me Mistress Rishita, Carl-Henry pleads, and I hesitate. I like to dominate, like I said, but I am not particularly fond of the extremes Carl-Henry sometimes wants me to go to. Still, he is the man I love and as his lady, I like to please him. Even if it means hurting him in astonishingly brutal ways.

Grabbing him by throat, I start to squeeze him real hard while burying the dildo as far into him as it can possibly go. A hoarse cry escapes Carl-Henry's throat, followed by a gurgle. His eyes widen, and he shudders all over. There's a moment of sheer panic as I worry I might have gone too far. Carl-Henry? I ask hesitantly, I pull back, removing my hand from his throat. I didn't say the safe word I'm okay, Carl-Henry says, glaring at me with surprise in his voice. Sorry babe I thought I was hurting you, I reply. Damn sweetie I was this close to achieving subspace, Carl-Henry sighs. My bad, I shrug apologetically.

Carl-Henry rolls his eyes, and I feel like I'm letting him down. I decide to make it up to him by giving him everything he wants, and then some. Without warning, I smack him hard across the face. I grip his cock and squeeze it real hard, letting my nails dig in partially into his tender flesh. Carl-Henry groans, and squeals. That's right, the big black man actually squealed. I laughed like a madwoman and didn't let up. I buck my hips wildly and thrust the dildo deep into Carl-Henry's ass. His eyes widen like saucers, his mouth opens, but no sound comes out.

Looking into Carl-Henry's eyes, I watched the fire slowly fade out of them. I own him and we both know it. I release his throat, but he still makes no sound. I lean close to him. I got you now bitch, I say triumphantly. A sound that's halfway between a groan and a squeal squeezes itself out of Carl-Henry's mouth, and he looks spent. At last. Yes ma'am, he finally croaks. That's what every mistress wants to hear from her submissive. I am beyond happy to hear it from Carl-Henry's mouth. I kiss him passionately. Thank you for this gift, I whisper lovingly into his ear.

A little while later, I pull the dildo out of Carl-Henry's ass. Quickly I unfasten the restraints binding his arms and legs. He's a free man now. Wrinkling my nose, I look at the strap-on I just pulled out of his ass. It's a little messy in spite of our precautions ( I always give him an enema before a strap-on session ) but I don't care. You've got to have a sense of humor about these things. That was wonderful babe, Carl-Henry tells me, kissing me on the forehead. We're lying in bed together, wrapped in each other's arms. Yeah, we had a lot of fun but honestly, I still feel a tad bit...unsatisfied.

That's good to hear, I say as I suddenly leap on top of Carl-Henry, straddling him. All this strap-on stuff got me kind of horny and I'm the type to help myself rather than to wait to be pleased or ask for permission. I grab Carl-Henry's dick and stroke it, watching as it hardens at my merest touch. I take it and insert it inside my wet pussy. Too long this sweet pussy of mine has gone untouched and ignored. I sigh in pleasure as Carl-Henry's thick dick fills my pussy. I love riding my sexy Haitian stud. Seriously, I love everything about this man and there's nothing I wouldn't do for him. In the next instant, with some thoughtless words, he almost ruins the session for the both of us.

I missed your cunt, Carl-Henry laughs as his firm hands grip my hips, thrusting his cock deep inside of me. He boldly smacks my thick ass. Incensed by his insolence, I grab his ears and squeeze them real hard, which causes Carl-Henry to wince in pain. Ouch, he grunts. Babe don't you ever refer to my sweet pussy as a cunt, I chastise Carl-Henry as I squeeze his ears. Yes ma'am, Carl-Henry replies. Good lad, I smile sweetly and rest my hands on his broad shoulders while riding that thick cock of his. If my reaction seems a bit much, I'm sorry about that. I love it when my man gets aggressive. I don't mind getting smacked around, spanked and fucked hard in ALL my holes, but don't use the C-word around me. It doesn't fly even if you put wings on it. Sorry, I'm that kind of woman.

Looking into Carl-Henry's eyes, I can tell he is undaunted. Good. I lick my lips in anticipation of what's coming. Shut up and ride this dick, he growls sexily, slapping my booty for emphasis. Yes sir, I cry out happily. I close my eyes and let go at last, experiencing a moment of sweet abandon as Carl-Henry takes over, slamming his dick into my pussy. He fucks me roughly, going at it real hard. Little does he know that this is exactly what I wanted from him. I wanted to bring out his alpha male, and the surest way is to provoke him. Works every time.

As Carl-Henry props me on all fours and smacks my ass while ramming his dick into my pussy, I cry out in pleasure. His firm hands, which are usually so gentle are now gripping my hair and yanking my head back. That deep, masculine voice of his takes a commanding tone as he takes control of me. He fucks me like he owns my pussy, and indeed he does. As he presses my head against the pillow, tears of pain mixed with pleasure stream down my face. I don't know how much more of his passionate ramming, yelling and hair-pulling I can take, but I know I don't want it to stop. Fuck me please, I beg, and Carl-Henry happily obliges me. He even spreads my ass cheeks and slips one finger into my butt hole. Oh shoot, I cry out, for my as is my pleasure spot.

I want your ass, Carl-Henry intones, and I can tell it's not a request. My ass is yours my sweet chocolate king, I say sweetly. Carl-Henry grins and tells me to spread my ass. I obey, and he applies lubricant all over my anus, then presses his dick against my hole. If you want it come and get it I'm ready for you, I chide him. My less than obedient tone earns me a hard slap on the behind from my lover, and I lick my lips. Carl-Henry pushes his dick into my asshole, and I grit my teeth. Anal sex. Nothing else like it in the realm of sex. It's hot, kinky and dirty. And I can't get enough of it. Carl-Henry grips my wide hips and thrusts his dick deep into my asshole.

I freeze completely as Carl-Henry goes balls-deep in my asshole. My lover's dick is in my ass and he's got me right where he wants me. I love the feel of Carl-Henry's dick in my asshole and if loving it is wrong, then I'm one woman who definitely doesn't want to be right. I whimper softly, and Carl-Henry continues pounding me for what seems like forever. Until I feel something warm and wet inside of me, and Carl-Henry shudders as he cums, exploding deep inside of me. I scream like a madwoman, with utter and complete abandon. Carl-Henry squeezes his dick out of me, and cum leaks out of my ass as I collapse on the bed, the dominant woman that I am reduced to a shuddering, moaning and panting slut. Who's the bitch now? Carl-Henry whispers into my ear. You're my master, I reply, sighing happily. Satisfied, Carl-Henry kisses my tear-stained cheek, and pulls me into his arm. I'm a happy woman.
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