Party Slut 2

"Aaaaghhh," I gasped, swallowing more of Alex's spunk in the process, "I'm a dirty little cumbucket slut," I moaned, using the words that Sasha and the guys had used to describe me and causing them to giggle, "And I love sucking cock and drinking cum. I don't belong as a real man, I'm much better as a cumstained girly whore!"

I couldn't believe some of the things that were coming out of my mouth as I quite happily repeated back everything Sasha and the guys had told me I was with barely a moment's thought. Sure, I had been quite happy to think about how much I enjoyed the warm, hard feel of a cock in my mouth and the taste of sticky cum on my tongue, but it was quite another thing to admit it so graphically and readily before everyone. I realised that by doing this to me as I woke up, they had found my mind and body in a state where I was far more ready to accept this drastic and embarrassing change in role to the point where I couldn't help admitting to how much I enjoyed it.

Besides, I kind of felt that if I told them what a good slut I was then perhaps I would get the chance to be a slut for longer, to suck on more dicks. I had had my three friends shoot cum on my barely conscious face but had only actually tasted one cock and I was fascinated to continue, to discover the feel and taste of others. I looked around and could see Nick, Ed and Stuart remained watching, intrigued by the strange scene, shocked by how as I woke up I had remained a cumbucket willing to please. Their formerly flaccid dicks were all beginning to get hard again.

Meanwhile, my own throbbed madly under Sasha's touch but I still hadn't cum, it felt as if I was holding back for more or, maybe, I had become too much of a girl for my cock to behave in the same way as a guy's. Either way, I knew I wanted more dick in my mouth and I didn't care who knew it. Admitting to the world that I loved being a girly slut meant I had crossed a line and there was no going back to being just the normal guy I was. I figured I might as well go for it now and enjoy it while I could.

"OK boys, I'm your slut, soaked in your cum," I grinned, spreading my sticky painted lips, "You've used me as your lust object, now I want to get a real taste of those juicy cocks."

I think even Sasha was a little taken aback at my forwardness, she looked at me as if things were beginning to get away from her design, like she'd created some strange new thing. The moment passed, however, as she found herself smirking naughtily a few seconds later. In the time that she had briefly stopped stroking my cock, I had got up onto my knees and half crawled over to the guys.

Nick and Stuart were already beginning to stroke their dicks so they were growing pretty hard. Neither of them was quite as delicious looking as Alex's thick, veiny monster but both were longer and thicker than mine, uncut but with a glistening head peering out from the foreskin. I reached both my hands out and took a cock in each. The feel of warm flesh getting harder at my touch was a real turn on and both guys seemed only too happy to watch as my hands worked and massaged their dicks into solid, hard rods.

As I stroked their stiff hard members, I pulled them in towards each other so each of my naked friends was standing right beside me facing each other, looking down on my made up and cum soaked face. The heads of their quivering cocks were almost touching, almost rubbing erotically up against one another as I flicked out my tongue between them, licking the glistening pre-cum that shone in droplets on the end of their dicks.

I turned my head to the left where Nick stood. I remembered he had been the first guy to blow his load on my girly face, so I figured he should be the first one I deliberately went down on. I extended my tongue and began to lick up around the base of his shaft and then all along the veiny underside. Finally, I ended up kissing his swollen purple head and gently inserting my tongue into the tender area just at the opening of his foreskin.

"Ohhhh," Nick moaned, "That feels gooood....Keep that up and you'll be getting a second load of my cum before too long."

"Hey, slut, get that dirty mouth over here and lick me too," Stuart chipped in, causing me to turn from Nick and lick around Stuart's shaft in the same way as I had the first, "Oh yeah, slut, that's the way I like it. You sure are a freaky little slut, taking two cocks at once while still covered in spunk."

I continued to stroke both cocks, jerking them off and feeling them get warmer and harder, while I transferred the attentions of my mouth and tongue from one to the other, first planting kisses and luscious licks all over Nick's stiff dick and then changing my tonguing to Stuart's hard shaft. Meanwhile, Sasha had got her camera again and was snapping pictures of me as I knelt and stroked and licked, immortalising my performance as a sexy slut.

I could tell what those pictures would show because the image was imprinted in my mind, it was part of what was turning me on. I just imagined the sight that Sasha and Ed and Alex were watching, me, their friend for some years, in a blonde wig and slutty make-up, dressed in just a thin pink babydoll, its underside pushed shamefully aside by my own massively erect penis, and black stockings, pulling and sucking the two trembling erections of two of my other friends, with my face and chest covered in messy, sticky cum from my previous encounters that night. It is an image that I still cherish today but a photo that I really didn't want anyone to see.

"That's it baby, work that dirty whore's mouth of yours," Sasha taunted, flashing pictures with her camera, "You'll make a real hot porn star if you keep this up. You're a good little slut."

"Mmm, yes," I gasped between mouthfuls of hard manmeat, "I am such a slut, I know. I can't help myself. I just want to suck on all the hottest, hardest cocks. I love the feel of them inside me and I need the taste of their cum as it shoots out over my mouth and face!"

With this, I began really to go for it, to gobble right down on the two cocks. Now, instead of licking them, I was really sucking. I would swallow most of the length of one, opening my throat right up to pump it in and out of my mouth for a few seconds, whilst vigorously masturbating the other, then I would proceed to stroke off the first while my mouth moved to the second, which I would also near swallow and bob back and forth on.

I could tell that even though they had already dumped one creamy load each over my sticky face, both guys wouldn't take much more of my oral attentions before they reached a second climax of the night and I became even more soaked and sticky than I already was. I began to realise that the freaky kinkiness of their old friend dressed like a whore and going down so eagerly on their dicks like a slut was a huge turn on for them just as it was for me.

"God, you guys are almost as bad as she is!" Sasha exclaimed as I pulled the two quivering cocks together so the heads rubbed across each other as I slobbered all over them with my eager tongue, "Look how aroused you get by a boy in a babydoll and panties. Look at Nicky, his dick's just about ready to burst again! You just can't hold back, can you? Not very impressive at all. And Ed, you aren't even getting involved and your dick is as hard now as its probably ever been just watching your crossdressed buddy sucking your other friends' cocks. No wonder it's so hard to find a real man when all the guys I know are either fags or sluts!"

It seemed like I wasn't the only one to be excited by my former girlfriend's sneering insults and accusations. Almost as soon as she had said this, Nick's already growing arousal hit its climax. My lips were wrapped around Stuart's trembling dick, while I grabbed Nick's, but at that moment Nick grabbed my head and pulled me back forcibly to face him.

"Ahhhh," he moaned as the first string of cum hit my face, "Oh yeah, here comes my hot spunk, slut! I know you're really a guy but that just makes your girly slut behaviour even more of a turn on."

It felt good hearing the effect that I could have on my supposedly straight friends just by dressing in a pretty babydoll and sucking some dick. If I had turned from straight guy with a steady girlfriend to cocksucking slut in one evening, then at least I had had an effect in turning the guys too.

A fresh load of cum covered my sticky face, getting it even dirtier and wetter, making me look even more of a slut with every extra bit. For the second time, I was stained by thick, translucent juices from Nick's hard dick. It hit me on the forehead and ran down my cheek towards my waiting mouth. As it touched my lips, I flicked out my tongue and licked the glistening spunk, swallowing it down before cleaning the rest from the swollen head of Nick's tasty member.

"Mmm, Nick, that's some hot, tasty cum," I grinned my stained and painted lips, "I love the taste of it. Give me more, guys. I want to be your cumbucket!"

"Come on then, you filthy cumwhore," Stuart said, directing my attention back to his dick, "Come on and suck me dry!"

"Ooooh, yes," I eagerly turned the full f***e of my attention to licking, gobbling and sucking Stuart's firm manhood, feeling it quiver on my tongue, "Ohhh -- gasp -- that's one hot cock -- suck -- I love it on my tongue, on my lips -- slurp -- it tastes gooood!"

"Fuck, slut, you just can't help yourself, can you?" said Sasha, putting down the camera and coming over to join in, "You know, it's kind of a turn on, what a determined little slut you are, far sexier than you ever were as a guy!"

In the time that I had been blowing my friends' harder and harder, it hadn't escaped my notice that my own erection had reached a state of stiffness that I had rarely experienced before. Although I flattered myself that made up and dressed up I made a fairly convincing woman, anyone would be able to tell that I wasn't quite that, thanks to my prominent hardon pressed up against my chest by being barely contained by my pink satin panties, becoming almost clear with my leaking pre-cum.

Despite all of this, my mind had focused more on the cocks in my face than the one in my panties, almost to the extent that I could forget the yearning desire in my groin. However, that was a state that couldn't last and, as soon as Sasha touched my hardness once more, a rush of pleasure and desire flooded back from my mouth to my crotch. Once more, I felt like I had to explode, but I still didn't cum just yet, even with one hard cock in my mouth and my sort of girlfriend stroking my dick through the soft, smooth feel of satin.

But, it wasn't just my cock that got Sasha's attention. She pulled me into a position where I was now kneeling and leaning forward, almost on all fours, moving me so my hard cock pointed down and my panty covered ass stuck up further. As one hand continued to rub and stroke my member, her other ran over my stockings, up my thighs and began to caress my ass through the satin of my panties, landing playful slaps against it and sliding her fingers beneath the waistband.

"You're a slut that likes to eat cock and get covered in cum," she said, running her fingers along my ass crack, "But do you fuck like a real slut?"

I was pretty sure what this was building up to, my mind was much more alert and excited than I had been when this wild night began. I could now sense what was happening and what it would lead to. I was filled with a mingled sense of excitement and nerves. As the night had progressed and I'd gone from being a not wholly willing participant in my friends' sex games to a hot and horny cum drinker and cocksucker, my mind had begun to imagine what it would be like to go all the way as a woman. I loved the way the dicks felt in my mouth, warm and hard and lively, I couldn't help but imagine one ploughing into me. As I sucked more and more, I yearned to feel it inside me and yet I couldn't help but feel as nervous as any young girl anticipating being torn apart on her first time.

Still, I felt an aroused anticipation as Sasha slid my panties down to my knees, causing me to gasp in pleasure as my cock sprang free. She ran her hands over my bare, exposed ass cheeks and inserted a finger between them. Even just that one finger in my tightness felt like it filled me up completely. It felt good though, it felt like I wanted more. Soon, that one finger became two, stretching me out, making me ready to be a woman.

"OOoohhh," I gasped and giggled with Stuart's erection wobbling between my lips, "Ahhh, Sasha -- suck -- that feels soooo gooood. I can't believe how hot it feels -- slurp -- stick another one in me."

"I can do better than that," Sasha laughed, sliding her fingers in and out of me, fingering me hard and fast, "Alex get over here. You're the closest thing we've got to a real man amongst these queers and whores."

Alex strode over, completely naked, his big, thick dick jutting out in front of him. It hadn't taken him long to get hard again after I sucked him off the first time, watching me debase myself as a slut before our friends seemed to be enough for him and now he was rock hard and ready to go. As he stood behind me, with me craning my head back to look whilst still trying to lick and suck Stuart's dick, Sasha took her hand off my crotch and grabbed Alex's erection instead.

"Alex, it looks like you get to be the one to make this wannabe slut a woman," Sasha smirked, "Take her cherry and tear her apart. It's no more than she deserves, pretending to be a man all that time, stringing me on when deep down inside she's nothing but a slut who'd rather have a dick up her ass than screw a real girl. Isn't that right, slut?"

"Ohhh yesss," I said, gasping for air in a moment when the cock in my mouth had got so slick with my saliva that it had slid right out from my lips, "I'm completely a slut girl at heart and all I want is to be a real slut. I want my virgin ass screwed. Fuck me, pleeeeasse. Fuck my tight little slut arse, Alex!"

With that, Sasha, who was still stroking Alex's shaft with one hand, used the other to position him right behind me. She pushed my stockinged legs wider open and opened my ass cheeks, positioning Alex's swollen cockhead at the entrance to my virgin hole. Alex's hands found their way to my hips, running over the folds of my girlish satin babydoll. He grabbed my waist and thrust his hips to push his cock up inside me, pulling me back off Stuart in the process.

It felt incredible, like nothing I had ever experienced before. My legs were spread wide and it felt like I was completely impaled and torn open by the massive pole between them. I had no idea how my tight butt could take such a shaft of thick hardness inside it, but somehow I managed it. It hurt a lot but that pain was mingled with so much sensation, tingling feelings in places I never knew could feel so satisfying. I felt incredibly light headed and was rather glad to let the cock in my mouth slide free, so I could gasp for air. However, I wouldn't have given it up for anything.

It didn't take all that long with that manly hardness stuck up inside me, for my arse to get numb to the pain and get pretty used to being filled, so much so that I felt a little lost when Alex began to withdraw his meat, even though I loved the sensation as it slid between my so tight arse cheeks. Obviously, from Alex's sighs he was feeling the pleasure in the situation as much as I was.

"Ohhhh. Oh God," he groaned, "This virgin arse is so tight. I don't think anything has ever felt sooo tight around my dick. It's amazing. I might have to give up pussy to fuck more sissy virgins after this!"

I didn't have to feel that loss for long. Once Alex's dick had slid back so just the head was buried inside me, he grabbed my hips and thrust back into me, harder and faster than before, making my head spin once more with the incredible rush of electric sensation. My own cock was by now harder than I could ever remember it and still I hadn't cum. Meanwhile, Sasha began to slap and fondle Alex's toned arse even as he penetrated mine. Her other hand found its way back to stroking my dick.

"God, you little slut, you're sooo much better at this than you ever were at being a man," she smirked, "Look how you make all the boys want you with your cumstained face and tight little arse!"

As I began to get accustomed to my virginity being broken, to my arse being filled, I was able to clear my head enough to turn my attention back to the extremely appealing looking throbbing muscle Stuart was still dangling tantalisingly inches in front of me. Alex began to pick up a bit of a rhythm as he slid his dick in and out of my raw, virgin hole. With my hips bucking back and forth, my lips now opened to let Stuart's dick slide between them. Essentially, I was riding back and forth between the two quivering cocks of my two close friends as one opened up my arse and the other explored my throat.

"Mmmm, that's hot, slut," Stuart sighed, clearly pretty close to reaching his climax, "You look just like a porno whore, with one massive cock in each of your holes."

It was true, I could only imagine how this scene would look. It really was something straight out of a kinky porno, only played out by me and my friends. I was still dressed in stockings and a pink satin babydoll, albeit rather dishevelled at this point, and my face was still made up like a slut, only with sticky cum crusted over it now, however, my rock solid hardon was also pretty apparent hanging between my legs, swaying rhythmically as Alex's much bigger cock penetrated inside me.

"You like cum, don't you, slut?" Stuart was gasping, "Well, get ready for another load of my hot, sticky juice!"

"Ohhh yeah -- gasp -- give me your cum," I sighed around his hardness, all the while having my arse invaded by the ever harder thrusts behind me, "Cum in my mouth -- slurp -- and shoot all over my girly face -- suck -- make me your cumbucket!"

That seemed to be enough for Stuart, seeing me with his friend's cock buried in my arse, kneeling there and begging for his cum. He grunted and groaned and I felt a stream of warm spunk hit the back of my throat. I grabbed his dick and held it between my lips, stroking it and sucking out the tasty juices until my mouth was so full of cum there were streams leaking out around the sides and running down my chin. Then, I took it from my mouth and continued to stroke as Stuart shot a couple more loads in my face.

There was cum in my hair, all over my forehead, running down my eyes and cheeks like tears. There was cum making my painted lips sticky, and bubbles on my tongue, swallowing the saltiness right down. There was cum slipping down my chin and onto my chest, staining my pink satin lingerie. I had never seen this much translucent white love juice anywhere and now it was all over my face. I really was a cumbucket slut and I loved it. I licked my lips eagerly and hoped badly to feel the same juices explode in my tight arse.

Without the hot hardness of any of my friends to swallow, my attention was entirely on filling my arse with Alex's eager thrusting manhood. I began to push my hips back harder and harder, filling me up deeper and deeper until I felt his pole was right inside me, right in the middle of my slight, girlish body, powerfully taking me over. Next to that firm rod up inside me, my own dick was little more than an oversized clitoris, but it was still throbbing with the arousal that flooded through me from my prostate right through every inch of my body.

Sasha pushed Alex back onto the bed so he was sitting facing the room with that massive pole sticking straight up between his legs. Then she turned me so I was facing out toward everyone as well and sat me down on his lap, guiding his cock once more between my tight arse cheeks, that little bit loosened up now he was taking my cherry, making me a woman, making it so I would never be the same again. As I slid down his pole, my own cock stuck right up in the same way. He grasped my waist and pulled me further down until he was buried right inside me, rubbing me in the best way possible.
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