I am a 23 male from Pune, my name is asad, and I am here to share this story of mine with all you ISS readers. I have a slim, athletic build, 5'9 and a half'' tall, whitish to fair in complexion, I love matured women and actually women of any age, so If you females want to have a good time, you can contact me on my id personalpirate@live.com without hesitation.

This story of mine is when I was 18 years of age and in my 12 the standard. I was having my summer holidays, and my mom and dad were not at home in the afternoon since they both go to their respective jobs. I was alone in my house with my maid Anju. Now let me tell you something about her- she was around 35-40 years of age, very curvaceous, a little fat, but not too fat, but she had a good height, she always wore a saree that would expose her boobs and ass nicely, though I don't think that she did it on purpose. She had long hair, and was very sexy. Though I did not have any feelings to fuck her before this episode.

I was having phone sex with my Girlfriend and stroking my cock and masturbating over my landline, when I heard someone pick up the landline from the other side, immediately I knew it was Anju, I got afraid and decided to check, so I put the call on hold and went to peep inside the kitchen secretly, and behold ! I saw Anju listening to my phone sex conversation with my girlfriend and getting really hot, and pressing her boobs.

I then went away without saying anything, and decided to fuck her.. but what did I know, that I will be the one who will become a prey of her lust. I picked up the receiver again and had a really dirty session with my gf, knowing that anju would be listening on the other side. After that I went to the drawing room, and called, "Anju didi! Paani laana!".

After 1 min, I saw Anju in all her sexiness, half of her boobs exposed, her pallu not able to cover her boobs that wanted to get out of her blouse, and her navel fully exposed and her waist out in the open for me to enjoy... She then said,"bhaiya, yeh leejiye".

Then I took the glass of water and drank it in one gulp while looking at her and maintaining eye contact. She then said,"Bhaiya, maine aapki saari baat suni phone pe, aap toh bade badmaash ho"... I was shocked, I didn't expect her to say all this in front of me, and so I said," yaar yeh sab toh chalta rehta hai... tumhara pati bhi toh karta hoga"... so she said, "pati toh ab buddha ho gaya hai usmein yeh baat kahaan reh gayi hai ab".

I understood her meaning but decided to play along, so I said, "Yahaan aake baitho mere paas Anju, mujhe batao kya hua hai" and I touched her waist and pulled her in the seat near me... she said" bhaiya kya batau, bahot dino se soch rahi hun ki kisi aur se chakkar chalaa lun, kam se kaam apni aag toh bujhegi”.

I then started laughing, and she made a sad face, as if appearing guilty though she was not I know, and told me some bullshit sad story, but I totally ignored that, and said boldly..." Anju, tujhe jis se chalaana hai chalaa... main toh chala apne room mein muth maarne" and she smiled slightly, and when I started to get up, she held my hand, and looked me directly in the eye and said, "main aapkko achhi nahin lagti kya?".

I said,"lagti toh bahot ho, par abhi muth maarne ka time ho gaya hai hahaha" and she said, " bhaiya kabhi chut bhi maara karo, zyaada mazaa aayega" and I was surprised at the way she was talking to me, and i said" kiski maaru, gf toh maarne hee nahin deti" and she said "aapke saamne chut lund ki baatein kar rahi hun, meri hee maar lo, aapko bhi tasalli ho jaayegi and meri chut ko bhi lauda naseeb ho jaayega" Maine zor se uski uski kamar pakdi suddenly and lifted her in my arms and took her to my bed.

I then started kissing her, and put my hand inside her hair while kissing her and pushed it hard against my face, we enjoyed for a lot of time like this, i also started caressing her boobs from above her blouse while doing it.

After a lot of kissing, she started removing my shirt and jeans, and also my underwear, i was completely naked in front of her, then she took my cock in her hand which was already very erect around 8'' now and stroked it with her hand, i loved the feeling then without warning she took it in her mouth and sucked it like a real whore and i loved it... she gave me such a great bolly job as if she practices it like a pro.

Then after 20 mins when I came in her mouth, she swallowed the whole cum and shot a very lusty look at me, then she started removing her saree, and in a jiffy was completely nude, and i can see her voluptuous boobs and nice pussy with only little hair like she had shaved only a few days ago.

Then I asked her to lie down and I started sucking her boobs while fingering her pussy, in 5 mins she came, and after that I started kissing her whole body and slid my tongue inside her navel and around it and enjoyed it very much, i then took my mouth near her pussy and starting licking it, what a nice smell it was, and so tasty that i was getting even more horny, if there is such a thing. Then we did a 69 and i loved it very much, it was like ecstasy.

After that she asked me to fuck her.. i said it was my 1st time, so i quickly went to my elder b*****r's cupboard where i knew he used to keep condoms, and she made my cock wear the condom with her hand and mouth afterwards. After that I put my cock near her pussy and rubbed against her for sometime, after sometime she said "bhaiya ab daal bhi do, randi ko kyun pareshan karte ho" I started laughing, and then with gentle strokes i started to push it inside,,, what a tight pussy it was, and i loved it, and after a few moments i gave a strong push in the end and my whole 8'' cock was inside her and then i started stroking her gently at first and after wards aggressively, she loved it, and i loved it too.. she came twice and when i was about to cum, I asked her where to drop it, she said," andar hee daal do, condom toh hai hee" so i did just that. after that we did another 69 and some doggy style and it was awesome.

Friends, this was my 1st encounter with her, we enjoyed each other every time my parents were not there, and this happened 9-10 times more. I also had an affair with my neighborhood aunty a few years back but then she shifted
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cool story bro
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Nice fuck