young wife and lucky old man

One of my friend call me and ask me to help young f****y. They are refugee but face the deportation. After retired from navy ,I run my farm and live peace full life. Friend drop them in to my house. They had new born baby too. I take pity on them. I told them they can stay in one of my farm house. they can look after my farm. They both drop on my feet and thanks me to save their life. I talk to immigration and they been allow to live under my care. My wife was not happy that I allow them to live in our farm. She always told me send them back. Some time confront of them too. They knew I'm the only one helping them. They appreciate that all the time. If I go to farm they drop on my feet and ask my blessing.

One of the day when I visiting the farm and nina come and touch my feet. I feel electric run in my body. Her hand was so soft and worm. From that day I feel lust toward to her. let me to tell about her. She is not very Educated. But, is very pretty - to a point, that almost all the men in the Street, stare whenever she goes. That is because, she is exciting to look at. She is short - just around 4' 8"In height. But, she is very fair, has very long, black, thick hair which her plaits. It hangs down almost upto her thighs. She is plump and has a gorgeous figure - 38 - 27 - 39. Her breasts are round, firm and Shapely.

As she had just delivered baby, her breasts had even grown Bigger, as they were full of milk ! Her buttocks are simply big, fleshy,Firm and absolutely delightful. They have a natural upward swing when she walks, exciting all the men who stare at them ! nina has a very beautiful face, lovely grey eyes and a lovely voice. Her cheeks are plump And her lips are naturally attractive. She always dresses in simple cotton sarees and blouses. Though she would cover her breasts, correctly and tightly with the pallu of her saree, yet, due to their large size andEspecially as they were full of milk, men could see them protruding and juggling beneath her pallu as she walked. Her breasts drove men crazy ! She just 23 years old. I'm 67 years. 5'9 and hair cover most of my body.

one week before new year we received call from one of our son. my daughter in law had first baby. We went to visit them. They live different part it take 2 day to travel . My wife want to stay to look after baby some time. I agreed and come back along. on the way back I brought some cloth for nina and her f****y. our house maid also went home for new year. i was all along at home. afternoon I took a bottle of whisky and the gift that I brought and went to farm . Nina and husband well come me. I gave each of them gift. Nina's eyes light up seen so many gifts. I told them I'm story . I open the bottle and ask nina's husband to join me. He was deleted .

He haven't had opportunity to drink after he left the country. We keep drinking and talking . Nina call us for dinner. But both of us could not eat much because we are drink too much. He could not stand and walk well. I told them good night and ready to leave. He told me sir you can't drive like this. please sl**p in here. I told I have to go because I use to my bed. They both beg me. Because I want change my mind. He told nina to company me. "Nina you can keep eye on when sir is driving. keep him drive slow. I can look after the baby. sir by himself he need some one to look after him. "nina company me to our home. she help me to go to my room which was in upstart. I press her soft boos like it was an accident. I went to bathroom asking her to lock all the doors at home. she was sitting on our bed when i come out from the bathroom. I told her have a wash too.

I told her after that bring me a nice coffee. I went to balcony and looking at night. she come with balcony with coffee. She had her shower. now she is only wear her blouse and petticoat. She sat next to me on the floor. She ask me "sir you been soo kind to us soo far. You save us from the death. any thing we do not enough to show the gratitude. Let me to look after you until your wife return. This is the only way we can show our gratitude to you. "

Telling that she come in front of me. she sat on her knees. unhook her blouse let me to press her boos with full of milk. i ask her to sat on my nees start to drink her milk. her boos was soo soft like jelly. after emitting them she went down and start to suck my cook. she is using her soft lips to give me maximum happiness. with in short time I cum in her mouth.She drank all of them. she then ask me to go to bed. she come and lay down next to me half nude. I pull her to me and had a french kiss. I started my action slowly first, and then I increased the speed of fucking her mouth. She gagged, and I fucked her mouth for about 15 minutes. I was about to cum, and I told her, but she didn't leave my dick and still she pushed further inside till her throat.

My cum straight away hit her throat and wads of cum started flowing in her mouth. She didn't waste even a single drop. She opened her mouth and made my cum to flow on her tongue so that she can taste and swallow that. Then, she kissed my dick rose bud and thanked my dick for giving her the taste squash, which is not available anywhere on the earth and rubbed it on slowly started my action by pulling it out fully, but keeping only the rose bud in her cunt, and I said that she looks so sexy and her boobs and her hip foldings are really inviting. She also said that I look so manly and handsome and dick is really hard. I know how to handle and give pleasure to a hungry woman. I gradually increased my action and started playing with her boobs and kissed her areola and licked her nipples and bit the nipples through my lips. She pressed my head on her boobs, bucked her hip upward, and met my thrust, and I increased the pace and went in full speed. My dick was going in and coming out like a piston. We both were enjoying our fucking to the core for about 15 minutes, and I said I am going to cum. She asked me not to take it out, and she wanted me to seed her. We both came at the same time. I was cumming in her cunt like a water flows from the tap.

I lay upon her boobs, and she lovingly caressed my hair and kept kissing me and said she enjoyed the sex with me to her hearts content, which she never enjoyed so far. Slowly, my dick became limp and came out from her cunt. She said she want to go to the bathroom. We both went together to bathroom, and we both peed and came out. She sat beside me on my left and made me to lie on her lap and brought my face up and thrust her left nipple in my mouth and asked me to drink her breast milk as I will be tired and closed her eyes. I was hugging her and started sucking her nipple like a baby drinks milk from its mother and fondled the other boob. Then, she altered the other boob and asked me to drain her breast fully as she can give bottled milk to her k**
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good story !!!
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That was good did she get pregnant from him
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great story