Shilpa aunty's muslim lover

This actually started 2 years ago when I was in my junior college 2nd year in Hyderabad. My parents stay in Dubai, but they want to settle finally in India, so they wanted my education to go on in India itself. I use to stay in a hostel nearby our college. I wanted to change the hostel and I was searching for a small flat or room. One day I saw an ad in a classified page, that a house is available for rent in a very nearer area to my college. It was a good residential area. It was actually a kind of penthouse, with a bedroom and attached bathroom, nice verandah and the whole terrace as open space. It was actually very small but perfect for my need. At first the owners were reluctant to give it to me as I was a bachelor, but somehow I was able to convince them and finally joined in the house. Now coming to the actual point.

On the first day when I went to ask for the house I saw a young lady, who was stunningly beautiful, she was in a white chudidar with red spots all over the dress, she was watering the garden. Oh man she looked so hot; I thought she might be the owner's daughter. I went inside and asked for the house, suddenly one little girl came and started shouting, aunty when is uncle going to come? I was really heartbroken. The girl is her niece. She stays along with those people. As Shilpa aunty doesn’t have k**s, she was looking after her. She looked very sexy she also looked like matured lady. Finally I got the room there. Hmmm finally I called her aunty. After all she is a married woman and, she is obviously an aunty.

She was 29 years old, but still she was able to maintain a slim figure ( but not lean). She has a white smooth skin and long legs. The best parts of her body are the waist and her boobs. She has a wrinkle less smooth stomach and waist. And her boobs were just mind-blowing. We rarely see girls with slim figure and big boobs. Totally she has an awesome figure which can make any man in the world go crazy for her. Her name is Shilpa, her husband Rajeev and her niece sweetie. Uncle works in a company. On the day I joined in the house, he got a promotion. So they were so happy for that and with in no time I became very close to them. I frequently used to have dinners in their house.... we used to go out have some fun time very often etc. but I always had a special attraction towards Shilpa aunty. Her boobs always made me think dirty about her, but I never showed up.

As I was only 16 years old, I was treated like a small boy and I got a good freedom in their house. Uncle is a very busy person. He used to come to home very late every day. So I frequently used to give her a company. Very soon aunty and I became very good friends. Even I had no very close friends in that college. I use to share everything with her. She also used to share every small thing. Slowly the sharing had gone a little personal. she used to be very free with me. She generally doesn’t wear duppatta over the salwar, while she is in the home. Sometimes I used to get a sweet sight of those enormous boobies and mind blowing cleavage, when she bends. I used to steal a lot of looks over her boobs while talking…etc. I used to be very free with her. After getting very close to her I understood that, she was not only beautiful but also vey naughty. She used to crack some no veg jokes. Oh man, I used to go crazy whenever she used to crack those jokes. I used to get super thrill while speaking like that. I always had a doubt that she has some feelings over me. But she never expressed and I too didn’t want to take a risk and spoil the relation with such a hot lady. At least I can see her and enjoy. So I never made a move. Whenever she talk some hot stuff about our college girls and her college experiences I used to go mad and masturbate after coming to my room. She always used to tease me for having no girlfriend.

One day there was a new girl in our class. I told Shilpa aunty about her. I told that she was beautiful and how guys in our class started talking about her. The Shilpa aunty asked me, whether I liked her. Then I said, no aunty she is good, but she doesn’t have good boobs, I like girls with big and round boobs like yours’. There was a sudden and serious expression in Shilpa aunty face. Then I realized the bold statement I had made, and i was very guilty for what I did. I couldn’t sit there and came to my room. I cursed myself for talking like that. I feared that I am going to lose her friendship and I may have to change the room also. I was very embarrassed. Thinking all this I slept. In the evening woke up. Someone knocked the door. I opened. It was Shilpa aunty. There was no sign of anger on her face. She asked me, if I could come along with her to shamshabad airport. One of her friends was leaving to Australia on that day. I accepted and we started. It was almost a 1 hour ride on an empty road.

She asked me to drive and I was driving. She was talking very casual but I couldn’t talk properly. Finally she asked why I am like that. I said, “aunty I am extremely sorry for what happened in the afternoon, I really didn’t mean to say that, please don’t feel bad, it came out in flow. Please forgive me”. Then aunty said, “Arre mazid r u still thinking of it? Leave it boy, it is ur age what made you speak like that. I really didn’t get angry, no need to feel that much. This is very common to get attracted, in this age. I can understand it. Feel free”. Oh man I was totally relieved and surprised by the way she replied. I said “thank u aunty”. After a silence of 10 minutes……….. She asked me “ what mazid, you said that you didn’t mean to say that? Why, am I not looking good?”. I said “aunty you are the most beautiful women I had seen in my life”. (I wanted to add some spice……so got courage and added). “In fact you are the sexiest women I had seen”. She laughed out loudly and pinched on my thigh and said “naughty fellow, you have become bolder in few minutes??” I said sorry aunty. She said its okay. Ahhhaaaaa now my mind started thinking dirty with her positive response. In the mean while we reached air port and she gave send off to her friend. After that we started to return. This time I asked aunty to drive, I said I was very tired for driving so long.

She was wearing a low-back blouse, which was revealing her marble like back. It was 6:30 in the evening and I said “aunty, it is getting darker”. Then she said, “That is why I called you to come mazid”. Then I said “of course aunty it is not safe in such a lonely road”, “and that too for a sexy lady like you, I added”. ‘mazid, r u trying to flirt me??” she asked. ‘No no aunty I am telling the fact, no one can resist after seeing such a beauty like you’ I said. “Hmm any way I am safe now, by having a bodyguard like you”. Yes aunty of course, I will be there any time for you’ I said. She was wearing a black designer saree with red border. She is a bit modern lady, she won’t wear the saree, covering her whole stomach like most of the Indian women. She maintains a particular style in everything, that make her look very special. She ties saree a little above her belly button, and she leaves a considerable gap between the petticoat and her blouse. So her waist was visible from the left.

I wanted to have a much clear look and bent a little left, she observed it , and asked me what happened. I said nothing aunty. I was feeling like touching that marvelous looking smooth skin. But I was very afraid to proceed, but my heart was not listening to me. Finally to get some courage I started talking to her. I said “ aunty black suits you very well, you are looking very sexy in this saree”. Then she said smiling, “mazid iam already married, you cannot flirt and make me fall in love with u. no use at all, try these with your college girls”. “Nothing like that aunty” I said. I could see her still smiling, from the rareview mirror. Then I said, “nice blouse too aunty, it is adding more beauty to your sexy back”. “satiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish, I know very well about myself, now stop romancing me idiot, I am very older than you, do all this with your age girls, atleast you will get a girl friend. if you want I can give you more suggestions to flatter a girl”, she said. After a silence of 2 minutes, I gathered some courage and put my left hand on her waist. I felt a sudden jolt of electricity passing through my spine. That was the first time; I am touching a girl’s waist. It gave an instantaneous hard-on to me.

She stopped the vehicle and said, “mazid, as I told you earlier, I can understand the effect of you teenage, it is very common, but I am not the right person to do all this”. I said, “please aunty, I will not do any thing, let me just touch your stomach, I will not do any thing, it is too good aunty, I never touched a girls stomach, please please please… because of the closeness she had with me, she didnt say any thing. she just said “ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo, you are a maniac”, in a grumbling tone and move the activa. I slowly moved my hands inside. Woooooooow what a skin man. As smooth as a marble floor. After 2 minutes, I grew bolder and slowly pushed my hand to the right from front and gave a gentle squeeze on her waist. She gave a sudden turn to the back side and again turned front, shooking her head. I was not in a position to think of her.

I started rubbing over her entire stomach, woooow what a feeling. My dick was already throbbing inside my pant. After a few seconds, I felt that it would be bad to take advantage of her closeness, I must be causing trouble to her. But suddenly I felt goosebumps all over her stomach. that means she was liking what I was doing. I got a thousand pounds of courage at a time. I moved much closer to her. I continued rubbing my hand over her smooth stomach. S..a.sathish you are tickling me remove your hands and sit properly, you are crossing your limits, she said. It was smooth like a marble, a flat and soft stomach. Aunty you have a smooth stomach, it is making me go mad’ I said. Idiot, she said slowly. Oh no, my dick was struggling inside. It was almost aching. But a sweet pain. I couldn’t control anymore and slowly hugged her tightly from behind. She stopped the activa suddenly. She turned back and asked, ‘what is this’. Aunty it is very cold, I said. ‘Ohhh god’ she said that, she shook her head and started moving. “ idiot fellow, someone will see us” she shouted. I said “ No probs aunty it is already dark, no one can see us”. ‘You are a very bad boy mazid, I thought you are very innocent’ she said. I smiled to myself. My dick was pushing hard behind her. I made a bold move again. I slowly pushed my left hand in to her petticoat.

I thought she would shout at me. But surprisingly she didn’t say a word, and found her belly button, deep inside the petticoat. As she has a slim and perfect figure, the belly button was not so deep. I started playing with her belly button. I was growing bolder and bolder, I brought my right hand on to her back. There was a thin line of her black blouse. I put my right hand under that. I felt the silicone band of her strap less bra. I put my hand under that and moved my hand toward the right. I moved my hand under the bra and finally I could feel the bulge of her big right boob. My dick was throbbing inside. I slowly moved my entire right hand and cupped her boob. Oh man, my hand was not sufficient to hold her entire boob. Even though they are big, they are very stiff. They are firm and upright. I gave a gentle squeeze. There was no word from Shilpa aunty, and that was a wonder.

I pinched her nipple and I heard a small sssss……,, escaping from Shilpa aunty. I started squeezing her right boob vigorously. While playing with the boob I slowly started moving my left hand further deep in the petticoat. As I went deeper, aunty suddenly clutched my left hand, signaling that she is reluctant to allow me. But I was in no mood to listen to her. I moved my hand, there was no sign of hair, she has cleanly shaved her pussy. it was as smooth as her stomach, and suddenly I felt her pussy lips. So soft and stiff .I can’t explain my feeling at that particular moment. I went still inside and put my entire hand over her, clean shaven pussy. My hand was completely wet with her juices. As soon as I placed my hand over her pussy, she closed her thighs. I squeezed her right boob very hardly.

She loosened the grip slowly. I started rubbing my hand over her pussy lips. I observed she was unable to drive properly, and the activa was shaking, and it was going very slow. I understood and removed my hand from petticoat and started squeezing her left boob with my left hand over the blouse, and the right boob under the blouse. I played by squeezing them. Suddenly she shouted, oh no. and started to go very fast. I asked what happened. She said sweetie will be back from tuition. We were almost near the city. So I had to pull my hands from her blouse and sat properly. I sat like, nothing has happened till then. Aunty you are so hot, I said. There was no reply. Aunty ,are you okay, I asked. No reply. What happened aunty? I asked her placing my left hand on her waist. There was a quick NOTHING that came like a snap from her mouth. I removed my hand and sat. Now again I was in a dilemma, thinking that. Is she angry. We reached home. That day uncle came early.

He was there by the time we reached. Aunty didn’t say a word and went in to her home. I wished uncle and went up to my room. I brought some food and ate. I was mad with the sudden change in the behavior of Shilpa aunty. This time I cannot escape by saying sorry. I was actually very tensed. Because, I didn’t want to leave her. I wanted her very badly. But I did not understand what to do. I lied down on the bed and started thinking. After haIf an hour, i got a message from her. The message was THANK YOU. I felt relieved. I replied, it’s my pleasure. After a few seconds I got another message “ thank you BAD BOY”. That’s all. I was on cloud 9. I understood that aunty did it wontedly for teasing me. I masturbated several times by fantasizing about her. And finally slept at late night. Next day morning I woke up with a good morning message of Shilpa aunty. I went to college. I couldn’t listen to any of the lectures. All the students were seriously listening to the classes, as if the engineering entrance exam was in the next month. But I was in my own world of Shilpa aunty; her beautiful face, flat stomach, mind boggling boobs, soft pussy….. I was very eager for a chance, so that I can have her completely and fuck her. But I didn’t know that, the chance I am waiting for was very close. I went to the room. Opened the gate and saw Rajiv uncle in their home. I wished him and went to my room, thinking why is he here, so early? I wanted to see Shilpa aunty very badly. So I freshened up and went down. It was already 7:30 by that time. I went in and saw my Shilpa aunty.

She gave a smile, but there was something behind that smile. But I couldn’t get it. Then uncle was not there, so I asked her, ‘what’. She again gave a naughty smile, she said, ‘a surprise for you today’ and went in to the kitchen. I sat there watching TV. After few minutes Rajiv uncle came with a briefcase, I stood there. ‘Hi mazid I am going to Ahmedabad on an urgent work. And I will be not here for the next 10 days. So can you please be helpful to Shilpa and sweetie?’ he said. For a split second I was jumping in side my heart. ‘Oh really? That is not at all the problem uncle. You don’t need to ask me for that. I am here, you just go peacefully’ I said. ‘And in the night, you please sl**p here itself, it will be very helpful, You can be comfortable in the guest bedroom’ he said. My heart was racing inside, ‘ It was like uncle REQUESTING me to take 100crore rupees. This is the moment I have been eagerly waiting all the day for. ‘Okay Shilpa dear I have to catch the flight, I am leaving c u soon, bye mazid’ he said and left in the taxi. We came in to home and Shilpa locked the door.

I felt like pouncing on to her like a hungry lion, but I was not dare enough. She again gave a naughty smile after locking the door. ‘Liked it?’ she asked me. I said, what? She said ‘tube light’, hit me on my head and went in to the hall. I was confused and asked her ‘what’. ‘I asked uncle to say u to be helpful to me, and I told him to ask you sl**p in our house every night’ she said. For a split second I had gone blank. As I was only 16, uncle could allow me to stay in their home in the night’ I thought. I hugged her tightly, and pinned her to the wall nearby and started kissing her vigorously, she was pushing me off, but I was very eager to have her and started licking her neck like a dog. I was pressing her boobs over her dress, she pushed me off, and said ‘BAD BOY, sweetie will come at any moment. Stop doing this now’. But I again pinned her to the wall and started kissing her all over the face and crushing her boobs with my chest. ‘ Stop it mazid why are you so fast, not now go to your room, I will prepare dinner for you also, you come at 9:00’ she said. Right at the moment the bell rang.

Sweetie came, I played with her for some time and went to my room. I quickly finished the assignment given in the college, so that I can be peaceful during the night. I sat in my room thinking of some plans about what to do with Shilpa darling tonight I got the call from my darling. I slipped in to some loose night clothes. I wore 2 underwears to hide my erection in those night clothes. I locked the room and went down. She opened the door. She was looking fresher, she was wearing a pale brown( almost white) colored salwar. It has got a v neck with embroidery at the borders of neck and sleeves. Surprisingly she was wearing a red duppatta also. It has Very short sleeves, and low back. Her marble like back was glistering. I felt like licking her back. That was a skin tight salwar, which revealed her each and every curve. Seeing her in that dress and sitting idle was like a torture to me. I sat there listening to all the shit, that sweetie was speaking. That salwar don’t have a low neck, so I was unable to get even a look at those huge melons. Aunty packed her hair at her head and put a small stick in it. I didn’t understand what she did, but she was looking more beautiful.

We sat there for dinner at the dining table. She sat beside me, and sweetie sat opposite to us. While eating I was playing with her toes under the table. Whenever she gets up for something, I brushed her boobs with my left hand. I slowly started squeezing her thigh with my left hand under the table. I could see a mixed expression of fear and lust in her face. I slowly moved my hand inside. She took water and started drinking. I acted like taking something and pushed her elbow, which made her spill the water over her chest. Then I acted and said ‘oh I am extremely sorry and’ and started rubbing her boobs with a napkin. She was much tensed and pulled my hands and said, ‘oh its okay it’s okay no problem. But at the bottom of the table she pinched me hard on my thigh. That was really painful. I continued squeezing her thigh, in order to prepare her for a much higher session to night. My dick was burning with heat inside my pant. Finally we finished eating, and I was eagerly waiting for the prime moment. But this sweetie didn’t finished eating, so aunty has to sit and make her eat. I sat watching TV.

Finally that eating was also done, and I was about to go to my bed room. But sweetie gave another shock, every day Shilpa aunty has to make her sl**p by telling some stories. Oh man……..what a torture, this Shilpa aunty will not be free until sweetie sl**ps. She winked and went in to sweetie’s room and locked the door. I was very much feared, thinking that, aunty is going to sl**p there itself or what? I went directly to aunty’s bed room in the first floor and sat there, thinking of some plans. I switched off all the lights in the room, removed my dress and stayed in the room. I was wearing only underwear. after half an hour, I heard a door closing in the opposite room. Went and stood at the corner, near the door hinge. As I expected, first she went down, searched for me and came up.

She slowly opened the door, she put on the light and shocked to see me almost naked in her room, and gasped, hey mazid what did u do. And she quickly closed the door. I went and hugged her tightly from behind, while she lock bolt. She turned around and pushed me, and said ‘what is this mazid, this is disgusting’ she said it seriously, and folded her hands. As I got used to her acting, I pulled her to me by holding her waist and hugged her tightly. I said, ‘aunty don’t talk, just see what I do’. She smiled. I turned her around and pressed her to the wall with my waist. Her marble like back was glistering. I held her shoulders tightly and slowly licked her back from her neck until I reached zip. Her body scent was making me go crazy.

I caught the zip with my teeth and slowly pulled it down, until I reached the end. While coming down I moved my hands over her sides. The zip has revealed her entire back up to her paijama. I caught her stomach and stood up slowly by licking the entire length of her back. Her bra strips at the middle of the back was awesome. With my two hands I pulled her dress a little bit to reveal her shoulders and arms. I pulled her red duppatta from her neck and tied both of her hands at her back. I turned her around. Her hands tied at the back ,her dress pulled down, revealing her shoulders and the starting bulge of her boobs. They had become a much bigger, than they usually look, moving up and down with her breathing. Two strips of her black bra over her shoulders. My awesomeness… that was a feast to my eyes. I switched off the main light and switched on a dim light.

I pushed my hands under her arms, pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly. I saw her boobs coming up, out of her dress due to the pressure. ‘ Did you like them bad boy?’ she asked me. ‘These are the 8th wonder of the world aunty’, I said. She laughed out loudly by lifting her head up. I quickly kissed her neck. I moved my hands over to her buttocks and squeezed them tightly; she hissed and opened her mouth. I quickly closed her mouth with my mine and inserted my tongue in to her mouth. At that time I don’t know how to kiss properly. So I was licking her tongue, and she had also responded well by dancing her tongue up and down. There was lot of saliva got collected in both of our mouths?

When I removed my tongue from her, some amount of saliva dripped out of her mouth and started flowing down. I saw it flowing down, and I waited until it went down. It slowly reached her right boob. I quickly licked her saliva on her boob, and continued until I reached her right ear. Half of her ear was covered by her hair. I moved them aside and licked her ear. She laughed and said, ‘idiot, don’t even know how to kiss the lips’. I got angry and bit her lower lip. She said, ‘aaaaaaa....ei are you mad?’ I said sorry. I kissed her shoulder, and slowly came down kissing, until I reached her cleavage. I inserted my tongue in to her cleavage and played there for some time. Then I untied her hands, and told her to lift them up. I held her salwar and removed it over her head. In the same flow I unhooked her bra and throw it aside.

Wowwww………my dream girl stood topless in front of me. I started to feel her breasts slowly. I cupped, and rubbed her boobs gently. Made circles around her light brown areolas. I started licking her right boob vigorously and she was pressing my head harder in to her boob. I was playing with her left nipple in the mean while. I caught her waist tightly and kissed, and licked all over her stomach and boobs. I was behaving like and a****l. She was also responding well well be moving her body accordingly, and pressing my face hardly on to her body. After a few minutes, her stomach and breasts were shining with my sailiva, and the boobs turned pink. I made her lie down on the bed and sat on her stomach, and started squeezing and licking her boobies, as if I am going to get some juice from it. I caught one of her nipple with my teeth and pulled it . ‘ssssssssss,’ she moaned. I went down and pulled the strings of her paijama paijama. I pulled her paijama along with the panty. And there was the gate way to reach the precious property of Shilpa aunty. My dick grew much longer after seeing her completely naked.

I took a towel and wiped out all the wetness and kissed her pussy. She was oozing more and more liquid while I was kissing. I inserted my middle finger in to her pussy and started moving it inside her pussy, and at the same time I was squeezing her boobs. She was making ssssssssss………… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………………oh mazid…………….oh……sounds. Suddenly she sat up and said, ‘ stop it mazid I can’t hold this anymore, come in to me, please insert you dick into me’. I removed both of my underwears and slowly pushed my 6 inches hot rod in to her vagina. I thought it would be painful. But It went smoothly. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooow, what a feeling. I felt like I had conquered the whole world. I felt like a tight rubber seal along the length of my shaft. I pulled the half of the length of my dick out of her vagina, and saw her face.

After two seconds she opened her eyes and asked ‘what’. I asked her, ‘how does it feel?’ she quickly pulled me with her legs, towards her thrusting my dick deeper in to her hole. ‘No dialogues, only action’ she said. And I started moving my shaft in her hole, I was ramming her still harder. I had increased my pace and suddenly we heard the sound of a door opening. She just pushed me away and started searching for her dress. I asked what happened. She said, ‘shhhhhhh, sweetie has woke up for peeing. She will come here to ask me to come there. I threw the pieces of her dress all over the room. She hurriedly wore the top of her salwar, without wearing the bra. As it was already skin tight, her erect nipples are protruding under dress. They looked like, they might tear away the dress, more over with the sweat, her dress stuck to her body so awkwardly. She covered her nipples by wearing the duppatta. She couldn’t find her paijama, so she wore my track. I went under the bed and she opened the door. Both of them went in to the bath room, and came after some time.

She went to sweetie’s rooms along with sweetie. With a disturbance at the peak point, I was very angry. My dick was shivering with lust. I came out and stood at the door. After five minutes she came. As soon as she locked the door I tried to pounce on to her. But she stopped me, and said, 5 minutes. She went in to the bathroom. I was getting mad with those series of disturbances. I sat on the bed with my erect penis. After 2 to 3 minutes the bathroom door opened. She came out naked. She has removed her whole dress inside the bathroom and came out stark naked. I stood up. She came running towards me and hugged me tightly. We kissed vigorously, licked, squeezed, and sucked each other…..whatever. Both of us fell on to the floor, and started attacking each other, with in no time, my dick was inside her hole again, and the ramming continued. I bit her boobs wile ramming her. She was making sounds like……..hssssssssssssssss………………uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mazidhhhhhhhhhhhh………….don’t stop please don’t stop……………I increased the speed, and rammed her like machine gun. After 5 minutes, she gave a long moan……. After a minute I shot loads of hot cum in to her vagina. Both of us hugged each other. My penis was still inside her vagina, I sat on the floor and made her sit on my lap facing me.

I rested my back over the wall. Both of us were sweating like hell. ‘Shilpa aunty, what a beauty you are………you can make any man go crazy for you’ I said. ‘But right now in this world, I belong only to you bad boy’, she whispered, and place my hands over her boobs and made me squeeze them. With this, my penis again grew harder in her vagina and was ready for action. This time I lied down on the floor and she sat on me. She started jumping up and down. While doing that her firm boobs were jiggling up and down. She trusted for 5 minutes, then I sat up, I held her buttocks and started thrusting towards me. Both of us got in to a rhythm. I pulled the stick in her hair and let it fall down like a water fall. Her hairs fell all over her shoulder. I pushed all the hair to the back. She continued thrusting me. I lifted her up like that itself and laid her on the bed and banged her for five minutes and cummed again. We had two more sessions like that until 4:00 in the morning. We wrapped the bed sheet around us and slept naked, hugging each other. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. She was still sl**ping. Our bodies are tightly hugged, her boobs are being squeezed between us and my thigh was on her pussy. My dick already became hard after getting up. My dream girl is sl**ping naked in my hug, I was unable to believe whether it was dream or reality. Even though she was lying down, her boobs are so firm and pointing upright. I gave a kiss between her boobs. I it was January and was very cold outside. But with Shilpa aunty in my hugs, I felt like I was in a furnace. I got on to her and laid my entire body over her. With my weight she woke up and smiled. I gave a kiss on her lips.

I moved my hands through her arm pit, lifted her shoulders from bottom, and I rested on my elbows, looking at her beautiful face. She hugged me tightly at my waist. My hot rod squeezed over her stomach. She placed her hands around my neck and asked me, “ How is the surprise?”. I said, “ So beautiful like your face, so big like your breasts, so deep like your vagina, so sexy like your body, and mind blowing like you”. She slapped me and said, “ BAD BOY”. “ From today I am going to call you only baddy” she said. “You fucked me like a maniac, this is most memorable sex in my life. From today you don’t need to feel bad for not having a girl friend. Take me as your secret girl friend, my dear BAD BOY” she said. I liked it very much and I said, “ thank you honey”.

I searched my way towards her love hole again, and pushed it deeper in to the hole. “what! You are ready again??” she whispered in surprise. I nodded saying yes. “I am always ready for you baddy. But this is not at all the time, I have to make sweetie get ready for the school” she said. She mercilessly pulled my dick and went off in to the bath room. My dick was not listening to me. She came after 15 minutes, and started searching for her clothes. It was very good to see her, nakedly searching for her clothes. She wore her bra, salwar top, wore the paijama with outwearing the panty. My dick stood up right. She was adjusting her hair properly, mean while I caught her boobs from behind and started gently pressing them. “ ufffffffff………..baddy, don’t turn me on now, please leave me now” , she said. She told me to stay in the guest bedroom, so that sweetie will not get a doubt. I went in to the bathroom, to get my track pant, which she had left in the bathroom. But it has become wet due to water on the floor as it fell down. Now what will you wear? She asked me. I said nothing and went to the guest bedroom like that itself.

She came along with me. She locked the door and said, “don’t come out of this room until sweetie leave, I will tell her that you are sl**ping”. I asked her that, when is sweetie going to wake up. She said, “ At 7:30”. ‘When does her school van come?’, ‘ 9:00’ she said. How much time will you require to make her ready. I will take at least one and half hour bad boy” she said. “ It is 7: 10 now, so you got 20 minutes of grace period to make her ready right” I said. “Of course yes, but why are you asking all these details”, she said. Before she could think what was going on, I pulled her paijama strings, pulled it down, pushed her on to the floor and inserted my hot rod in to her hole. Before she could come out of the shock I had started ramming her with full speed. “ uffffffffffffffffff mazid……………….you are a maniac” she said. I slid my hands under her salwar and squeezed her boom boom breasts, after a few seconds I understood, that she had surrendered herself completely, and started to enjoy, I rammed her with full speed and came in her vagina after 10 minutes. That was a hot quickie in the morning. For 10 more minutes she rested on me. And got up. Before going she gave a hard pinch on my thigh, which sent an excruciating pain. She went out and I locked the door from inside
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7 days ago
i got an amazing feeling while reading !!!
1 year ago
u r great cute!
1 year ago
Great story, beautifully written, the scene so vivid in my mind that it feels as if i am majid.