I am 5'10 feet, brown color, black eyes and a dick reading to 8 inches . you know how boys are. Boys need sex. We are starving for sex. This is what led me to a beautiful sex with my cousin anushka. Lemme tell you about anushka. She's 5'7 feet, fair toned, black eyes, her sizes are 34-28-36 She has a really stunning body. I have always thought of her being with me in sexual act, but never could it happen. She and i am close and that’s normal thing for cousins to experience but I wanted much more from her. This time was of winter break, she came home for vacation. She's in 12 standard . I am one year senior. We used to talk a bit open, like i used to say that i want to kiss you and all and she never took it on heart or felt bad. When she came we met casually.

I hugged her and kissed her on cheek my mom said me to take her bags to the room she's staying'. I took her to the room. We talked formally, everything was normal. first day passed. I use to watch porn and masturbate every night. That night too i was doing so. Then suddenly I heard knock on my door. I switched off the dvd player and opened the door. It was anushka. I was a bit tensed cause my rod was still hard on. I hid it from her. She said ''sakir i can't sl**p, can i sl**p with you?'' I said, ''yea but why can't you sl**p? Go try again you'll sl**p.'' I clearly wanted her to go as i was yet to complete my thing, but she didn't go and insisted that she want to sl**p in my bed , and thats final. I was helpless; i had to let her in. I was sitting on the bed; she came to me and laid on bed putting her head on my lap.

After few seconds i started thinking about me and her having hardcore session, i was so restless with her i wanted to just tear her clothes off and fuck her till she dies. But i couldn't. I was lost in my thinking and didn't realize that my dick is again hard and her head is on my dick. She moved slightly and checked my dick with her fingers. That’s when i came into senses and adjusted my dick. I apologized to her , to which she said ''its a normal thing, i know you boys can't help'' (deep sigh) ''were you thinking about me sakir?'' I was shocked by the question, I couldn't say anything . I just nodded in yes. It was silence for a moment then i said ''i am sorry if you felt bad, I couldn’t control myself'' Its okay, she said. She then turned over and slept. I couldn't sl**p all night. My mind was struck on her. Her breast and her ass were just intoxicating. My dick was hard and i was massaging it all night.

Next day i woke up and saw her t-shirt was well above her navel and it showed great cleavage. He breasts were so milky and seemed so soft. It was hard to control myself. However i did. Mom and dad went to their jobs and me and her was alone in the home. We went to cook food for ourselves. She asked me to cook something for her as i am great cook. I made thai for her. But the best part, she had to bend to pick things from ground shelves and that gave me pure view of her firm breasts. I was again hard, she saw it but didn't say anything. After eating we went to play pillow fighting on bed. I was hitting on her breasts all the time. I was not wearing my undies this time. She could clearly see my hard dick jumping.

That’s when she swayed a bit and was likely to fall off the bed, i leaned to catch her hands but one hand caught her breasts. It was all so fast , even she didn't notice it. But i was still holding it tightly, it felt so great, i was pressing it and then she pushed me gently, said thank you and went to read books. At night, after dinner she came to my room, her skin was a bit dry cause of the cold atmosphere of winter. I thought this is the opportunity to touch her freely. i asked ''hey anushka, your skin is dry, i think you should apply some cream on it.'' she said "no i am feeling lazy right now'' Okay, what if i do it for you ? I said.

She nodded her head in yes she sat on bed, and i poured cream on my palms and rubbed. I told her to show her hands. I massaged her hands slowly, they were so smooth and warm. I came close to her and massaged nicely. Then i was done with her hands and now i had legs to finish. I gently applied cream on her legs and started massaging, i applied cream to her whitish milky legs, she was wearing shorts. I said ''how can i apply cream on thies?''. she agreed with that, thought for a moment and then something happened. She took her shorts off. Now she was only in her pink panty and white tank top which gave me clear view of her milky white breasts. Just with the moment i was again excited and my member got hard. I was not applying cream on her thies, i circled them slowly and put pressure on her thies.

She was moaning. I saw her breathing was high now. Her breasts were going up and down in rhythmic motion. Her eyes were staring at me lustily. I then began circling my fingers near her panty. Twice or thrice i touched her pussy over panty and each time it seemed like she was enjoying. She was so fucking hot. Her hairs were loose and were perfectly on her breasts, tank top was showing huge cleavage and a pink panty. There was almost nil to imagine now. Everything was real. Now it was her turn to apply cream on my skin. She finished up with my hands but all the time either she was lost in my eyes or staring my penis. Now she had to apply cream on my legs, she asked me to undo my jean. I did. Now I was in my black v-cut jockey with a hard on, she applied cream on my lower part, as she came up , my penis was growing harder. It was now a tent. I laid back and a little bit of moaning were let out.

Then she stopped massaging, she pulled of my undie in no time, it was really quick. Now my long 8 inches tiger was erect in front of her. I tried to hide it by my hands but she said being pro ''its okay, i am just going to apply some cream, that’s it.'' i said okay, now i knew what she had in mind. She poured cream on my dick and started massaging it. It looked like anushka had an experience by the way she was dealing with my penis. She started to move her hands in rhythm. I said ''anushka you are awesome''. she just smiled . I layed on my back with legs on edge of bed and she was masturbating me.

She increased her pace, I was getting really aroused and was about to come, but just then she stopped herself; i wanted to yell at her for stopping. But who knew what was in my way to come. All of a sudden i felt wetness on my penis. She was taking my dickhead in her mouth. She was so hot. It was hard for her to take my whole dick in one go. She started giving me blowjob. Ahhhhh i let out moans, my body was jeking, she was great. I screamed ''suck my cock you bitch'' and hold her hairs. I pulled them and gave strokes in her mouth. It made her gag. She was mouthfucking her, i pulled her hair and entered my whole dick in her mouth in one go. It went to her throat, her was going red and she started choking and i kept gagging her for a while. After a minute i came in her mouth, i didn't leave her head and made her swallow all my load. She cleaned the dripping cum and looked up. She said ''you are rough''. I held her hairs , she was looking gorgeous.

I pulled her to me and kissed her. We both kissed passionately for 10 minutes , we played with tongues along with it. She broke the kiss, stoop up, gave me a naughty smile put on her shorts and left the room. I was do dumbstruck after what happened to me. I was like on top of the world. That night i masturbated four to five times. Next day i woke up. I knew there are lots of surprises for me in coming days. Anushka came into my room with coffee and kissed me, i kept my hands on her boobs and pressed them hard. She moaned a bit. And went. All day i was trying to get a chance to fuck her. On evening my parents and me had an event to attend, but i said i won't come as i am busy, anushka too said she would like to stay at home, at evening only me and her was at home. I was excited. I chased her, caught her in my arms and kissed violently, i sucked her lips and tongue.

I moved my hand to her breasts and pressed them roughly, she was struggling to get loose but i had good grip on her. Then she pushed me away and said ''sakir i have things to buy from mall, please lets do it first''. I agreed, i took the car and we went to mall, on the remote corner of big bazar i started kissing her, this time i was pressing her breasts. I took her t-shirt off and now she was only in bra, her nipples were visible as they were pointing at me. I grabbed her and too her left boob in mouth, at first i kissed all around her areola then i could moaning sounds of anushka. She was playing with my hairs in pleasure. Then she moaned loudly aaammnnnnn cause i bit her nipple. i couldn't hold and kept on biting her nipples. She pushed me away in, a red love bite was visible.

She said 'oh u r such an idiot.. Suck em baby' i again got hold of her boobs, and sucked em hardly and she was moaning her eyes closed all of a sudden a worker came to the corner. We ran from there, she forgot her bra in hurry and wore only t-shirt. We came in our car, she bent to my side, i could see huge cleavage and nipple poking at me. we started in car , i kissed her for 15 minutes and left for home. we rushed to home. I took her into home in my arms all the way kissing each other. As we entered home i released her and went to lock the door, by this time i removed my shirt and jean, she too was now only in bra. Her beautiful breasts were hanging. we kept on kissing each other, i took her to bathroom and layed her in bathtub. I too came in. She could clearly see a bulge in my undies. i took her legs and kissed her toe , i licked her from toe to knee caps.

I kissed and licked both her thighs, I ran my fingers over the panty, she stretched herself, i could see shyness on her face. I kissed the panty and smelled the beautiful fragrence of her pussy. I pushed my finger onto her pussy lups over her panty. It was now wet, i tore her panty and kissed on the pussy lips. Her body tumbled. I was licking her pussy, i ate her pussy for 15 minutes, she was holding my head and pushing it toward her pussy. She was moaning aah ahmmm ahhh go on sakir lick my pussy. Now i entered my middle finger in her pussy her body arched. Now i increased my pace and kept on finger fucking her. All of a sudden she held my head tight, i knew she was reaching climax. She said 'aaaahhhh sakirrrrr don't stop ahhhh ammmmmm keep on it'' then her whole body shook and shouted aaaaaaahhhhhhhh sakirrrr ahhhh,

She had her orgasm and her fluid was flowing, i bent to her pussy and licked all her love juices. I loved her clitoris and bit it with my lips. She seemed tired. But her lust was not over. I took her to my bedroom wet. I threw her on bed and jumped on her. we came on 69 position, she took my dick in her mouth ''oh my God, anushka is really doing it'' she licked my dickhead and tasted the precum. It was 8 inch long 3 inch thick, her mouth was wide open taking my dick inside, she was having trouble, but i couldn't wait.. I held her head and pushed my cock all the way down her throat. She gagged for once, she was choked.

I gave her a second and did it again her face was turned red, she caught breath, smiled and kept on giving me blowjob. By that time i was licking her ass , on me she was like a whore. Oww you should have felt that. Her ass was awesome, i lickecd the whole asscrack. By that time she was giving awesome blowjob, i was about to cum when i stopped her. I said i want to cum in your pussy my fucking whore. she nodded in yea'. I took her in missionary position, i spread her legs wide and kept my penis on her pussy and slowly pushed it. Her pussy was being widened. It was going hard. She begged to be soft on her. It was not going in, only my half penis was in. I held her ass with my hands, pulled them up kissed anushka tightly and entered whole penis in her, she screamed in pain aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh sakirrr bastarddddd fuckkk me slowwwmmmmmm Its just beginning babe, i am going to ram you.

I kept my pace slowly as it was paining her I came down and took her nipple in mouth i played with my tongue. I slowly increased my pace and she was now enjoying it ahhhhh ammm sakirrrr fuck me sakir, fuckkk meeeed harddddddd Ahhhh ammmmm annnahhmmmmm Ahh ah ah ahhhhahhh i peaked my pace and bit her nipple hard, she screamed aaiiiiiiiiii fuck me mother fucker don't kill meeeeee aiiiii auuu au au aiiii ahhhm auuu ummmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhh sakirr you are tearing my pussyyyyyyy I fucked her like that for another 30 minutes , i was gonna cum.

I hugged her tightly and fucked her vigorously she was screaming madly ahhhhiiiiiii ouch ouch ammmmm fucckkkkk meeedd ai aiiiiii annnnhnnnhhhhhh ahhmmnm ammmmnnnnnnnnnn i kept on fucking her like a mad dog and she was in lot of pain and pleasure, then i felt my penis getting big, it stretched anushka's pussy even more and i shot inside her. aaaahhhhhhjjhhhh She just layed there like she fainted , i went to her and gave my penis in her mouth 'lick of this cock fuckinh whore and she licked penis wet by my cum and her cum. She said... Ummmm its good but i am so tired like hell, i fell on her... We both slept naked but then the door opened and we saw......... TO BE CONTINUED.
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