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Hi I am Rani 26 I like to share my experience to you all. I got married to arun 1 years back .I am a housewife and he worked in a company .As the house rent was high we shifted to outer of the city. We found a new house where the house owner stayed in one portion and we stayed in the side portion. As we were only two of us we occupied with 1BHK. The house owner were a nice and a friendly person. They were only 3 of them father mother and their son akram. I used to call them uncle and aunty where akram was doing his 12 std and his parents both were working They all go by 8:30 in the morning they give the key to me as akram come by 4 pm in the evening. akram use to call me akka.

We had a lot of space in the back side of the house and I use to help the house owner so they like me a lot and became more close to me. He use to come home often and he was let free to come home any time and any where. I use to sit and wash my dish keeping my saree above my knees not to get wet and some time also use to change my dress with out closing the door. akram use to come and talk while washing and this happened every day and akram use to looking at my cleavage and legs but I did not bother to cover as he was a small boy. This went for a month and his exam got over.

akrams parents go for work in the morning and he will be alone at home akram most of the time he uses to come and chat with me while washing or cooking. One day I went to akrams house and asked for a movie CD, aunty said akram has gone with his father to the market then aunty asked me to take it form akram room and his room was upstairs. it will be in the cupboard I went and opened the cupboard and got a CD then I purposely searched his cupboard if he had any other CD while searching I was shocked to see my bra and my panty which was missing few days back.

I think he use to wear my panty and bra and masturbate because there were patches in the panty which I found there I did not know what to do. I kept it where ever it was and went home and was thinking of him. I taught of telling my husband about this but if he misunderstands this then it will become a problem. Taught of telling his mom she would kill him or she will tell us to vacate the house so I did not tell any one and kept in my mind.

Ok let me tell about myself I am 5 feet I have a nice pair of big boobs and round ass and a flat stomach 36 30 34 while walking my ass will move up and down. To be honest I am very careless in my dressing when I am at home. I normally use to wear saree at home and it use to be a low hip and my blouses are low cut and even some time my saree moves away from my boobs. After few days one morning he was in his room sitting in front of the computer when I went there but he did not notice me but I was shocked to see akram watching some sexy picture. I stood there for few seconds and watched him he was pressing his hard cock.

I went back to my room thinking of his cock and only then I knew why he always stands near me while washing the dishes and stares at my boobs my cleavage and my legs. Then After two days one morning around 10am. I went inside his house with out taping the door I went to his room door was half closed I just peeped into his room and I was shocked to see akram standing nude holding my panty and he was wearing my bra and masturbating his penis my god his penis was long and thick I saw him masturbating for few minutes till akram splashed his sperms on my panty then I went to my home he did not see me.

Now when I see him I keep looking at his bulge in his shorts and this made me to see his cock when ever I get a chance. Then one evening I went and purchased some bra and panty with different color and different style. I also got 2 nights out of which one was normal and the other one was a front open with buttons from top to bottom. I kept my purchased bag in the hall sofa and went to sl**p.

Next day after his parents went to office akram came and asked where did u go yesterday evening I told him I went to purchase some dress for me and was cooking after some time I saw akram looking at my new purchased bra and panty then I asked him what r u doing, he said I am looking at your new purchased dress and the dress looks good for you. Then I told him one of my black bra and panty is missing some one have taken it then I saw a change in akrams face and I could see a big bulge on his pants also. From the next day I started to wear those dress I was thinking of akram. From that incident I slowly started to wear some tight dress and loose dress to show my asserts to akram and I do this only when me and akram are alone at home other wise I wear normal dress. After two days after all went to the office

I wore the bra and panty with a loose night and this was the first time dressing like this in the morning and was preparing my lunch. akram came in and saw me in this dress and said you look different today akka . I felt little shy also but akram was looking at me from top to bottom and watching my round ass and purposely bent few times for akram to see my boobs and I saw the bulge in his pants.

Next day as I want to tease him more I wore the night with front buttons did not wearing anything inside the night my ass and my boobs were bouncing up and down while walking and he could see my erected nipple clearly. After few minutes akram could not control himself he went to his house then after few minutes I went to see akram, he was standing nude masturbating with my panty in his hand as soon as he saw me he was trying to hide the panty but he forgot to hide his cock it was long and standing straight.

I went near him to get the panty from his hand while taking my panty I had a closer look of his cock and gave few touch’s and got my panty and bra from him and walked to my home and I fingered myself that day and we did not meet each other for the next two days I was scared if any problem will come but nothing happened for two days and it was a week end.

On Monday morning everyone went to the office I felt little bold and why not to tease akram as I have seen him nude many times I took bath and I wore the night with front button and I did not button my last three in the bottom purposely and did not wear my bra and panty. akram came home and he was watching TV as if nothing had happened. when I walked towards him my night was away and he was able to see my legs up to my thighs and I could not close because I had coffee in one hand and some snakes in the other hand I went to him and bent down to keep the snakes and to show him my boobs I made it very slow that for akram to have a good look of my boobs.

I purposely kept walking here and there for him to watch my ass and my boob bouncing and he was enjoying me more then the TV. After few minuets akram lost his control and hugged me tight and kissed my neck from back and his big cock was pressing my ass I too was in a mood we kissed each other for five minuets while kissing akram was squeezing my ass and I touched is cock over his shorts he was not wearing his underwear then I slowly removed his T shirt and his shorts his monster cock in front of me I gave a squeeze and started to lick his cock like a lollypop.

Then akram went back of me and he cuped my boobs and he unbuttoned my night and let it fall I was standing nude showing my ass to akram he went down and kissed my ass and akram asked me to bend down and liked my ass and my shaved pussy from back. Then akram said that this is my first time seeing women naked and you have taken me to heaven.

He sucked my big boobs and then I sat on the sofa took his monster cock in my hand and started to suck Like a lollypop then he licked my pussy and we where in 69 position for a long time then I took some coconut oil and asked akram to oil my full body and I oiled his body and then I asked him to fuck me and I guided his cock to my pussy and asked him to push his entire 7 inch cock into my cunt and I asked him to move his cock in and out and to do it fast and he obeyed me and akram had so much energy he fucked me more that 15 to 20 minuets.

Then he took his cock out and I masturbated till his sperms splashed on my face and cleaned his cock my licking. Then we had bath to gather to clean our self. Now akram said I like to see you always like this akka and he kissed my pussy. Then we had bath together and we both was nude till afternoon.

After this incident akram comes home after all goes to the office and he use to touch me here and there while I am cooking then I will remove his clothe and he will remove my dress and we used to be nude at home till I finish my cooking and have sex then we will take bath together. Now for the past two months we keep enjoying and we had more than 10 times.
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