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I met Priya for the first time at a gathering in July, 2004. Let me start by describing her. She was from a small town, residing at a hostel near my home, studying engineering. She was dusky and slim. I got her number, before she left from the gathering. And in one week, we started messaging each other. In the beginning it was only forwards and casual Hi's. By November, 2004, the messages began to become more personal. And by January, she was starting to miss me a lot. On 14th February, 2005, she said she loves me. I got excited, as I had got my first girlfriend. And after that, our talks began to become more sexually oriented. I remember, one afternoon, where she was in the hostel and I asked for the first time what she was wearing. She replied she was wearing Jeans and T shirt and inside, she was wearing 32 size white bra. We made plans during that conversation for our first kiss.

I used to take my bike to a town near ours for servicing. We decided that on a particular journey, she will accompany me. I told her to sit very close to me, so that I could get a feel of her boobs. We made plans to kiss on a desolate spot, without stopping the bike. And thus, on the day, we kissed a lot during the bike ride. In March, I told her that I wanted to kiss her passionately and fondle her. And we decided that we will go for an average grossing movie, which would have few takers on a week day, so that we will get privacy. I told her in the beginning that the fondling will be over her dress only. Accordingly, we went for an average movie, for the 2 pm show. She was wearing a green salwar on that day. As expected, the crowd was very less. After the lights dimmed and the show started, we started kissing each other, experimenting various methods. After kissing her, I asked whether I could touch her boobs.

She replied yes and I touched a girl's breast for the first time, over her dress. I thought her breast were big. And I couldn’t get a feel of her nipples over her dress, as she was wearing salwar and a bra. I then told her, we will just allow touching of boobs directly, as I wanted to feel her. She was OK with it and I put my hands into her salwar, through her bra and touched her boobs and nipples directly. I was so fascinated by the fact that her nipples were erect. We didn't do anything else that day, other than kissing and squeezing her boobs, as she was too naive to touch my penis, even over my pants.

As we both liked that experience and due to the increasing lust between us, we decided to go for another average movie, the next week. By that time, I had requested her over messages, to touch my penis during the movie, to which she agreed and to wear a jeans and shirt. We went to another theatre during a week day, to maximize our privacy. This theatre had a box, in which we were alone. We started by kissing each other, and as the theatre was relatively empty, I asked her to remove her shirt. She complied and she was sitting in the seat beside me, wearing a pants and a 32 size black bra. I bit her boobs over her bra and then removed her bra altogether.

I started sucking her boobs, while with the other hand squeezed the other boobs very hard. I alternatively squeezed and bit both the boobs, as she began to get excited. As I didn’t want to remove her pants and panties, for fear of someone surprising us, I decided to touch her pussy over her pants and through them, and found it to be very hairy. I then decided her to ask her to touch my penis, first over my trousers. As I began to get more excited, I lowered my zip and asked her to touch it directly. After sometime, I asked her to kiss it. As I became very excited, I asked her to suck it, to which she responded ‘who taught you to do this thing?’ (She was a virgin and we both were doing these things for the first time). She was a little hesitant at sucking cock at first, but gradually, she became good at it. That day, I helped her put her bra and shirt back and kept pressing her boobs through them (I found out later that I stopped this helping mentality, once I fucked her and had cummed).

That night she asked me ‘why didn’t you bring the 'juice', when I sucked?’, a question which surprised me and for the one and a half years we were in a relationship, as I made it a point to cum into her mouth/breast every time and made her drink it every time. I promised her that I will bring it next time and ejaculate into her mouth. That night, we decided that we will have to meet somewhere in total privacy, as only then we could explore each other completely.

Luckily for me, my parents decided to buy a new house and shift residence, as we decided to repair the old one after some time. By May, 2005, we had shifted completely and we stopped going to the old house. As it happened, my girlfriend had to visit the University, which is quite near my old home, for some college related work. She came to the university on a Monday afternoon and by 3 pm her work had got over. After that, we walked to my home in an inconspicuous manner. We had left an old bed, some chairs etc. at the old home. And the bed proved most useful on that day.

I will describe what happened on that day. She was wearing a full sleeve brown T-Shirt and a blue jeans on that day. We had agreed earlier itself by messages that there would be no holding back this time and we will do everything except actual sex, i.e., inserting the penis. She had agreed and accordingly, as soon as we entered the bedroom, I locked the room and asked her to sit on the bed. As soon as she sat, I sat near her and removed her T-Shirt. At this time, she asked me to switch off the light, as even though it was afternoon, the room was dark, because of the curtains and the light was on. I switched off the light and turned my attention to her. She was wearing a white 32 size bra that day. I made her lie down on the bed and I lay down on top of her, first kissing her lips.

Then I moved down and started biting her neck, boobs and went down to her navel. At this juncture, I asked whether I can remove her jeans, to which she replied yes. I took off her jeans and she took off my shirt. After that, I made her lie down again and started fingering her pussy over her panties and at the same time squeezing her boobs over her bra. And slowly, her panties became wet.
I understood she was getting hornier by the minute by the frantic clawing by her on my shoulders. I asked her to suck my penis at this juncture, as I wanted to experience the pleasure of my penis being sucked by a girl wearing only a bra and panty. She obliged and she sucked my penis for around five minutes. At this point, I started removing her bra. Her nipples had become quite hard by this time and she got hornier with me sucking her boobs and biting her nipples. I slowly slipped off her panties and moved down to suck her pussy. We both became hornier and she requested me to enter her. As we had decided that we would not have physical sex, I had not taken any condom with me. But at that point, both of us could not control any longer. I slowly entered her and started thrusting.

Just before I came, I took the penis out and shot my cum load over her boobs. We fucked three-four times more that day. I remember the last fuck of that day. It was after she had put her dress back. I bent down to kiss her on the lips, while she was sitting on the bed, caught a glimpse of her cleavage (her t shirt was loose fitting), got horny again, pulled up her T-shirt and bra, pulled down her jeans and panties and started fucking her again. This time, I decided to put my cum load over her face. After this incident, I fucked her regularly, for at least a thousand times, till we decided to break up. She is now happily married and her husband does not know any of our little escapades.
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