Blackmailed fiancee 2

That night after I got home I cried about what had happened I never dreamed I would do such a thing,I was also mad at my fiancee for putting me in that situation,however I was also angry with myself because I had enjoyed it never had I sucked a mans cock before,but this was a blackman and his huge cock touched me in places I had never been touched before.

The next day which was friday was supposed to be Leons last day he was only supposed to help us for a week.My fiancee was supposed to be home also,so I had already decided I wasnt going to the house after I had got off work that night, my fiancee would just have to handle it plus I wouldnt have to face Leon.

When my fiancee got home he came by to see me and I told him I wasnt feeling well that he would have to go to the house and work with Leon that night and he agreed.It was a relief to know I wouldnt have to face Leon again.
The next day my fiancee and I was supposed to work around the house together after he came and got me he said I have a surprise for you and I asked him what he said Leon told him that he needed the work real bad so he would come by and work for us real cheap and that he hired him for another week.Shocked I argued with him that we didnt need him another week that to tell him no.My fiancee was surprised by my actions,because I usually dont act this way.asked why whats wrong ,why dont you like him and immediately I told him its not that I was just real tired.not wanting to start suspicion.

That sunday my fiancee wanted to have sex , not wanting to cause suspicion I agreed but it wasnt the same he went through the same routine thinking after we were finished that I was pleased but he left me unsatisfied.
That monday while at work I was a nervous wreck I wasnt sure how I was going to handle Leon.That afternoon when I got to the house Leon was waiting for me with a big smile on his face.The first thing I told him was that he was here to work and to stay away from me thinking maybe this would intimidate him.

The first hour went good Leon stayed in the kitchen working and I stayed in the living room.Leon then came into the living room and I told him that he was supposed to stay away from me.Ignoring me he asked why didnt you come with your fiancee friday I wasnt going to say anything to him,what you couldnt stand being with 2 men at once who fucked you?I told him to shut up he had no right to talk to me that way.Leon said look I know you liked me fucking you the other night I could tell you was enjoying it besides I know you came now didnt you?
I turned to him and said now look that should have never happened im engaged .Ignoring me again he asked who do you like fucking you better your fiancee or me.Again I told him not to talk to me that way,as Leon talked he inched his way closer to me.I guess from being embarrassed I didnt notice it at the time.Again Leon said you didnt answer me who did you like fucking you better me or your boyfriend.Very nervously I replied please dont talk to me that way.

Leon said whats the matter dont no white boy talk to you like this I think you like it dont you,you like being talked to like this dont you.For some reason he was right but I wasnt going to admit it to him,By this time Leon was standing next to me he gently touched my arm and said now answer me girl who did you like fucking you better me or your boyfriend.Leon put his hand under my chin and made me look at him and said answer me,very softly I said you.
Leon smiled and said you want me to fuck you again dont you.I said but its wrong im engaged he said do you want me to fuck you again and slowly I nodded my head yes.

Leon said good girl now go lock the doors again,very nervous and very excited I went and locked the doors as I walked back to the living room my heart felt like it was going to explode I couldnt believe I was allowing this to happen again.
When I got back to the living room Leon ordered me to undress as he took his clothes off at the same time.He then sat on the sofa and ordered me between his legs and suck his cock as I ran my tongue up and down the lenght of his cock I played with his balls he talked very dirty to me saying yeah baby what would your little white boyfriend think of you now sucking a big black cock.This excited me very much.

After I had sucked him for a while he made me lay on the sofa where he spread my legs and fingerd me saying damn girl your pussy is so tight and wet you like this black man playing with you dont you.

Then he went down and kissed my pusssy something no one else had ever done he licked and sucked on my clit and lips until I had an orgasm.Then he took his big cock and rubbed it up and down on my pussy saying now what would your boyfriend think his little innocent girlfriend about to get fucked by a black dick.When he inserted yhe head it felt so goo and then he surprised me when he shoved it in all at once causing me to gasp and moan.

Leon fucked me this way for a few minutes before turning me over and making me get on all fours so he could fuck me from behind.Never had I been fucked in this position either after he had fucked me for a couple of minutes his cock seemed to get bigger and then he groaned and started to come inside me again causing me to climax again.

After we were finished I was numb again ,but a little later Leon fucked me again.Leon told me that he was really going to enjoy working with me this week

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