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Introduction: My wife and her mother went on holiday in India and met with three Africans, she fucked them all in the hotel room

Shyamala's speculation about who would be her seat mate on the bus trip was totally wrong. She was going on a bus tour to Ahmedabad with her mother and figured she would wind up sitting next to some fat old geezer or a grey haired grandma. The man who sat down next to her, however, was neither. While he wasn't Sharukh Khan, he was fairly good looking. He was about 6'2 inches tall and although not overly muscular, seemed to be solidly built and she noticed that he fit his jeans quite well. His dark hair and dark eyes combined to make him a most attractive travel companion, although like most people, she was a little nervous about sitting next to a total stranger. His friendly smile and engaging manner, however, soon put her at ease.

He introduced himself as Musekwa, and explained that he was on the trip as part of a travel agent seminar. He sounded African. As they chatted, she explained about her f****y and the fact that she was travelling with her mother. He in turn related that he worked in a travel office in Nairobi, Kenya and was recently divorced, etc. As the day progressed, she became more comfortable talking and joking with him, and before she knew it, they had arrived at their destination hotel, Emblem Hotel on Mahatma Gandhi Road, in Ahmedabad.

She found herself feeling almost disappointed when he said his goodbyes for the day as the group checked into their rooms. He explained that he might see her the next day, but had a travel seminar to attend and hoped she enjoyed her stay.

That night she slept fitfully, fleeting erotic dreams stirring her libido.
The dreams were not graphic, just of being caressed by a stranger, and she awoke with thoughts of what it would be like to kiss Musekwa’s thick African lips.
Her husband Ken had teased her about finding some guy and making out with him, even going to bed with him and fucking him, but she had just laughed it off, but realised that he was developing bisexual instincts. Ken’s soft erection, small penis and premature ejaculations were the tell tale signs of him developing a liking for men.

Even so, she admitted to herself that she did find Musekwa attractive and wondered what it would be like to have him make love to her. She soon put those thoughts aside, however, as she figured she wouldn't run into him again and soon joined her tour group for the day's activities.

At dinner that evening, however, she was inwardly excited to spy Musekwa seated at a table across the room with two other men. They were also good looking African guys in their mid to late 30's probably, but she found herself glancing more and more at Musekwa, forbidden thoughts of infidelity entering her mind. All too soon, though, Musekwa and his companions finished their meal and got up to leave. As they exited the dining room, they passed by her table, and upon seeing her, he stopped to say hello and exchange pleasantries with Shyamala and her mother. He explained that they were going to another seminar due to start in a few minutes, then planned to go have a drink at one of the hotel lounges afterward, and extended an invitation for her and her mother to join them for a night cap of fruit juice later. Shyamala’s mother of course declined, and she said that she would think about it.

Following the meal, the rest of the evening erotic longings began to grow within her, her stomach churning with nervous thoughts of going to the lounge and meeting Musekwa and his friends. By the time she had returned to the room, she had decided to go for it. After all, she wasn't really doing anything wrong by just going for a drink in a public place.

Explaining to her mother that she was going for a walk in the hotel gardens, she assured her that she didn't need to wait up for her, she was going to take the key to the room.
Having said that, she also said she was going to freshen up a little first. Turning out the lights as they went to bed, she took her suitcase into the bathroom. She applied fresh makeup, then stripping out of her drab Indian clothes; she put on a black lacy bra and matching bikini thong panties and black thigh-high stockings.

She then put on a tight short black skirt that she had bought recently (which her husband Ken didn't know about) along with a silky red blouse and a pair of low heeled black Clarks leather slippers which showed off her neatly pedicured toes. Looking in the mirror, a surge of sexiness she had rarely felt swept over her. She thought to herself that such clothes could only be worn at night in conservative India……….real tarty!!!

Trembling with nervous anticipation, she slipped out of the room and headed for the lounge. Her stomach was in knots and she almost turned back, her palms sweating as she neared the dimly lit bar where Musekwa said he would be. Her mind told her she was treading in forbidden waters, but something inside her wanted to do this. The idea of meeting this man and his friends and maybe doing a little innocent flirting excited her and her heart beat faster as she entered the lounge. She felt a lump in her throat as she saw Musekwa and his two friends seated at a booth in the back of the room and shyly approached them. She couldn't turn back now, her hands trembling as she found herself standing at their booth.

Musekwa greeted her warmly and introduced his friends Ramatunga and Thabo. Ramatunga had afro hair and brown eyes, was about 6' tall and slightly thinner than Musekwa, but still well built. Thabo was also about the same height, and Shyamala realized that he was actually a very handsome Black man, although at first glance she hadn't noticed that fact. What she did notice was that he was really well built and quite a hunk! They courteously made room for her in the circular booth, with Thabo obtaining a chair to sit outside the booth while Ramatunga sat on her left and Musekwa sat to her right. Since the booth was a bit crowded, there was inevitable body contact, which served to send a surge of excitement through her as she felt a leg brush hers, the nearness of these two men helping to stimulate her already growing sexual imaginings.

They quickly ordered her a beer and it helped to loosen her inhibitions and apprehensions a little as she gulped it down. While they talked, they flattered her and told her how attractive she looked, and this fed her newly found confidence and she too flirted a little in return. When Musekwa asked her to dance a slow dance that the band was playing, she hesitated only slightly and agreed.
Once on the dance floor, he didn't make small talk, just pulled her tightly to him, pressing his body against hers. Sensations of growing arousal began to swirl through her as he pulled her body to him, her breasts crushed against his chest, his hands cupping her buttocks. She tried to resist the feelings running through her, but could not. She was mesmerized by the smell of his cologne, the feel of his body against hers, and knew she was about to go too far. She wanted him.

All too soon the song ended and they returned to their seats. Another beer had been provided for her and she took a long gulp of he cold liquid, causing her head to spin. When Ramatunga then asked her to dance with him, she quickly agreed, all inhibitions taking flight. On the dance floor, he too pulled her close and she offered no resistance. He became more brazen and slid his hand under the hem of her short skirt and upward to caress her bare bottom, her skirt hiking up slightly as he did so. His open advances somehow excited her, even though she protested a little. He persisted though and continued to caress her smooth ass and pulled her loins against his. Her mind reeled and part of her told her to get out now, but her dark sexual side had taken control of her body and she felt her arousal becoming almost complete. She was turned on by these handsome men and now allowed herself to think the unthinkable, that she would fuck one or both of them or even all three, although Thabo hadn't thus far shown as much interest as had Mack and Ron.
She couldn't believe the lustful decadent thoughts she was feeling as they now returned to the booth. She no longer harboured any thoughts of ending this adventure, her mind and body now controlled by a sexual longing that she had not experienced before, she could only assume that latent hormones which were suppressed were now flowing freely.

When she slid into the darkened booth, Musekwa leaned over and kissed her lightly on the mouth at first, then finding no resistance on her part, pressed his mouth hard to hers, smothering her mouth with a sensual kiss that took her breath away. As they began to exchange tongues, she moaned slightly as the kiss became stronger and deeper and his hand slid under the hem of her skirt. Her arousal was complete, her moans becoming more pronounced as she also felt Ramatunga unbuttoning her blouse and caressing her left breast, and felt Musekwa's hand slide up the inside of her right thigh. She was aware that they were in a public place, although the bar was now almost deserted, adding to her growing lust. She felt terribly wanton allowing these men to take these liberties with her while a third watched with lust in his eyes.
As Musekwa kissed and licked her neck and nuzzled her ears, Ramatunga reached inside her blouse and pushing her bra up, began to play with her now aroused nipples. Musekwa's hand now reached her private place and pulling the material of her skimpy panties to one side, began to touch and stroke her. She whimpered aloud and gasped in pleasure as his fingers explored her mound and obligingly lifted her hips as she felt him begin to tug her panties down.

She felt him pull the skimpy undergarment all the way down and yanking them off, tossed them across the table to Thabo, making her naked under her short skirt. As his hand returned to her moist crotch, she involuntarily parted her legs as he stroked her moist mound. A muffled scream of pleasure escaped her as she felt him begin to slide a finger into her engorged slit. Her breathing became heavier, the volume of her moans increasing as he began to pleasure her with his finger slowly stroking in and out of her as Ramatunga continued to tweak and pinch her aroused nipples. She drifted to an unbelievable state of sexual longing, of pure sexual hunger, and heard herself whisper that she wanted to go somewhere and be fucked. She couldn't believe that she was acting this way, allowing strangers to caress her in public and now begging them to fuck her.

"Oh God", she moaned, "Oh yes, ahh, mmmmmm, it's good. Take me to your room and fuck me now. I want it, mmmmm yes, I want it badly!" she groaned.

Musekwa then suggested that it was time to leave so they could give Shyamala what she wanted, and taking her hand, led her from the bar to the elevator, her crotch wet with her wanting. As the door closed, she felt Thabo move up close behind her and felt his hands lifting her skirt, exposing her naked ass and wet cunt to them. She moaned as he rubbed and caressed her supple ass from behind and then pulled her back against his crotch where she could feel an enormous erection against her naked buttocks as his hands also rubbed sensually over her begging womanhood. Her head was spinning as the elevator took them upward to her anticipated fate. Her heart pounded as the elevator stopped and they emerged and headed down the hall toward Musekwa's room, the moment she had been secretly wanting all evening about to become reality. Once she entered that room, she knew that she would be fucked by all three men. Her husband Ken had often asked her if she would like to have more than one cock at a time and she had admitted it would be a turn on, but never imagined it would ever really happen.
As the door to the room opened, she tremblingly entered and when she heard the door click shut behind her, she knew she had entered into a new world, unknown to her before. As she spied the king sized bed, she knew that in just a few moments she would be naked on it and be fucked by these three men, introduced into a world of debauchery, of uninhibited sexual acts and uncontrolled a****l lust.

They wasted no time, quickly stripping her of her blouse and bra, then unfastening her skirt and letting it fall to the floor. She stood completely naked before them, her pussy lips glistening with wet arousal. Musekwa pulled her to him and crushed her lips again in a deep sensual kiss, his hands exploring her ass, and then moving upward over her smooth hips to her sensitive breasts. She cried out and tilted her head back as he kissed her neck and pinched her hard nipples, exquisite sensations of eroticism now controlling her. She was aware of the rustle of clothing and was now turned over to a naked Ramatunga, his cock a thick 6 inches and rock hard. He pulled her to him and kissed her on the mouth. Instinctively her hand reached out for his manhood and began stroking it, bringing a groan of approval from this stud, his dick throbbing in her hand.

He commanded her to her knees and she obeyed readily, her mouth quickly licking the length of his big organ.
She kissed her way down his shaft to his balls, and then began sucking one then the other. Slowly she then kissed her way back up to the tip of his pulsing member, pumping him slowly with one hand as she did so, a moan of approval coming from him. She revelled in the musky smell and taste of his manhood as she tongued his piss hole, eliciting another groan from Ramatunga's mouth, and began sucking the head of him into her hungry mouth. She then felt strong hands lifting her to her feet as Musekwa urged her to the bed. He too was now nude, and she saw his aroused manhood protruding from his well hung crotch. She feasted her eyes on his erect phallus, the size of it not disappointing to her. Ramatunga's 8 inch dick was big, but Musekwa's huge organ was at least 9 to 10 inches long. Ramatunga’s had a nicely pointed head, ideal for ass fucking she thought.

"Oh god, Musekwa, I want you. Fuck me now".

"Not yet," he said, "I want to taste you first."

So saying, he turned her over on all 4's, and Ramatunga joined them on the bed. Her wildest dream was about to come true, she was going to have sex with two men at once, the 3rd man sitting on the couch watching lustfully.
She was sure she would be fucked by Thabo also, as Ramatunga and Musekwa stroked and felt her body. She groaned in pleasure as Musekwa began kissing her ass, his tongue licking across her asshole downward toward her inflamed pussy lips. She whimpered and melted as his tongue licked around the pink lips of her cunt, then massaged her swollen clitoris. Ramatunga, meanwhile, rubbed his hard cock over her face, and she took him in her mouth again. She moaned as she sucked him, feeling Musekwa's tongue probing around her slick pussy lips, then driving it inside her.

"Oh God, yes," she moaned taking her mouth away from Ramatunga's throbbing dick momentarily. "Oh God, Musekwa, fuck me now. I want to be fucked by two of you at once. Give it to me now!" Not wanting to disappoint, Musekwa now turned her over on her back, and spreading her legs apart , began to rub the head of his big cock across her clit. She cried out in ecstasy as she felt him begin to enter her. "Oh God, this is it," she thought, "I'm going to fuck another man." She knew what she was doing was wrong, that she should not commit these acts of infidelity, but she was hot for cock and she just wanted to be wicked and bad and naughty.

She turned her head and slurped Ramatunga back into her mouth and he began to fuck her oral hole. Musekwa now was sliding inside her, his monster cock spreading her pussy lips as he wormed his slab of man meat into her dripping private place. She now had two cocks using her at once and she loved it. The raw sexual sensations she was feeling were beyond belief as she gave herself to them.
She slurped and gobbled Ramatunga's shaft, squeezing and milking his throbbing hot cock and soon tasted his pre-come.

He groaned and she felt him tense and then his cock erupted in her mouth. She directed his stream away from her mouth, gush after gush of his hot sperm juice spraying across her tits and face.

The salty taste of his fuck fluid turned her on even more. She had never let her husband come in her mouth, but she now licked Ramatunga's cock clean, gaining sexual strength from her newfound inhibition loss, feeling liberated by pleasuring him as he groaned his approval.

She now turned her attention to Musekwa's cock resting inside her, his huge thick 10 inch penis now fully sheathed in her steaming hot cunt.

She was now being fucked by another man for the first time, and it felt deliciously wonderful. Her moans and gasps filled the room as her lover began to hump in and out of her, each stroke of his shaft causing her body to shake and her back to arch in response.
Her body succumbed to sexual joy and she fucked him unashamedly, giving her body to him totally as his big dick rammed far up into her.

"Oh God fuck me, oh yes that's it, oh it's so big, so nice. God, oh God Musekwa your cock is so big, fuck me hard baby!" she gasped. She was shaking with bliss and ecstasy as he rode her, bringing her to the edge of orgasm. She screamed as she felt her orgasm erupt, sweeping over her in a tidal wave of sexual release. He rode her through her orgasm, his hardness filling her, causing her sweet agony as she began again.

"Oh God yes Musekwa, make me cum again, oh God fuck me baby. You’re so goooooood!!!!" She squealed, urgency for release shaking her again. “Oh yes, God, mmmmmm, aaaaaaaa, fuck I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!!" she cried as he thrust hard into her. He was groaning in aroused bliss also as she felt his balls tighten and his cock begin to pulse, and she screamed in joy as she felt him spurting a stream of hot cum inside her as their orgasms peaked. Her body shook again with the ecstasy of her cumming as her lover shuddered on top of her and rammed his exploding rod wildly one last time far up her vagina. She felt wonderfully wicked and incredibly wanted more as they slowly uncoupled. She had just made 2 men come while a third watched, and she wanted to be fucked again, craving another hard cock to use her, to make her a slut for them to use over and over.

A voice now said, "It's my turn now." Standing across the room, her gaze saw a naked Thabo, his body as rock hard as a sculpted stone statue. "Would you like some of this?" he said coming toward the bed. She gasped in awe as she saw the cock which he presented to her. Before her was an erection of monumental proportions. She had heard all the stories of Black men and the size of their dicks, and wondered about that and about why so many women seemed to want them. If Thabo was any indicator, she now knew why. Before her eye was the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was as big around as a coke can, at least as thick as the dildo she had secretly hidden in a drawer at home, only longer than its 8 inch length. She had just been fucked by Musekwa's big 10 inch rod, by far much bigger than her husband Ken's, but Thabo's was at least 12 inches of rock hard manhood, ready for action. Any qualms she had about fucking a Black man were set aside as she became mesmerized by his gigantic dick. She watched in an almost trance like state as the monstrous organ approached the opening to her seething love hole, fascinated by the contrast of his black skinned organ against the pink swollen flesh of her own sex spot.

"Do you want to be fucked again?" he said as he rubbed the head of his huge penis against her inflamed cunt lips, wet with her juices and Musekwa's.

" Oh God yes pleasssssse!!" she moaned as she ground her hips upward trying to get his cock inside, "please fuck my cunt baby, put it in and fuck me!" Taking his time, he slowly eased his cock into her well lubricated love hole. Giving her an inch at a time, she felt the girth of his fat long cock sliding inside her wet pussy. She squealed in euphoric delight as she moved her hips to meet him, trying to impale herself with his huge love spear, wanting the sensation of being filled up by his throbbing manhood. She cried out with joyful lust as he now fully sheathed himself far inside her, her pussy a seething cauldron of untold sexual want. He then began a rhythmic probing of her erogenous zone, slow and teasing alternating with hard and fast, causing her to cry out again in lustful expression.

"Oh my God!!! Yes, yes, mmmmm, fuck me oh God fuck meeee!!!!" she moaned blissfully. He said, “Ok bitch, sit on my cock and ride it!!!” She greedily mounted Thabo while grabbing on to Musekwa’s and Ramatunga’s cocks for reassurance.

As his big cock filled her and thrilled her, she was swept into clouds of rapture, her mind a blur of sexual need.
She fucked him wildly, the exquisite torture of his big she was riding in and out of her bringing her to heights of erotic euphoria. He began fucking her harder and faster, a****l like primitive urges driving him to use her for his lustful need, groaning in pleasure as he did so. She in turn gave herself up to these primal sensations, fucking him like a whore, a lustful bitch in heat. There was no reality. She was in a different world, a different person. Only wanting to fuck and be fucked. She lost control of her body, her head thrashing back and forth as they clawed and slammed against each other in their passionate coupling. She felt a hot river of orgasm building deep inside her and she clamped her moistness around his large throbbing shaft. He pounded into her faster and faster, groaning in the beginning of his own orgasm.

"Oh shit, fuck that feels good," he moaned. "God, Indian bitch, that's it, take it all. God you fuck good, oh yea baby take my big cock,“ she heard him say as his cock throbbed and twitched in her. The room filled with cries of their sexual release as they came together, the explosion of her lover's cock spewing forth a jet of hot come, the stringy masses filling her and running down her thighs.

She screamed in rapture as she came.

"Oh God, oh God yes, yes, fuck, oh shit I'm cumming, fuck me, give me your hard Black cock. It's so big, so good, oh my God so bigggggg! Ahhhhh fuck, more, aaaaaaaa!!!" She cried out as wave after wave of intense pleasure swept through her. Her pleasure was complete. She had been fucked by three men she didn't know well, and loved every minute of it.

Thabo then spoke, “Guys, there is one lifelong ambition I need to fulfil.” He grew up in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. Apparently when he was at primary school, there was a precocious Indian girl in his class called Vijaya Thaver. Vijaya was in love with him, but her parents would not let him touch her, she was shielded from his “Kaffir” advances. They remained friends for ten long, agonising years until her parents arranged a marriage for her and they found a guy called Ravi Pillai in Tamil Nadu for her to marry. That was the last he saw of the pretty Miss Vijaya. As a form of revenge, he always wanted to fuck an Indian woman mercilessly up her ass and seek recompense for the years of his youth he lost trying to be loyal to Vijaya……This was his chance. He asked them to place Shyamala on all fours and hold her down tightly, he realised that the pain of his massive cock was going to f***e her to escape. Musekwa and Ramatunga assisted. Shyamala, partly d***k spoke, “Ohhhhhh, I’m in for a treat of a different sort now??? OK hit me babe!!!” That was the signal Thabo wanted. With that, he plunged his massive cock in Shyamala’s ass and her sight went dark. The excruciating pain was bitter sweet. But she felt proud for helping the sweeeeet Mr Thabo recoups some of his lost youth. Thabo fucked Shyamala up her ass for nine minutes before ejaculating in her intestines. During this time, Ramatunga held her hands down tightly on the sofa and stole a few kisses. At her back end, Musekwa held her legs anchored to the sofa and kissed her pretty feet. Musekwa mumbled, “My God, Indian woman feet are so clean, well formed and nice, a real work of art of the creator.” Thabo grunted as he ejaculated saying, “Take it, take it Indian whore…..I now feel better, at long laaaasssssst!!!” Shyamala muttered a feint Hindi phrase before her body juddered. The guys realised that she had reached another orgasm.

They each used her again before she went back to her room, back to her innocent mother, back to normal life if it could be normal again after such a thrashing?

Shyamala slipped her pretty feet into her slippers, as if nothing had happened, and went to her room. As she slipped into bed, her sl**ping mother stirred and smelt the foul smell of sex, she then remarked, “It looks like you sweated a lot in the heat?” To which Shyamala replied, “Yes mamma, I was hot throughout!!”…………..SHE SURE WAS!!!!!

She felt exhausted, but still a little unbelieving of what had happened to her. She gave Ramatunga’s cock one last suck before leaving the room. Ramatunga remarked, “I lived in South Africa for forty years and never fucked an Indian woman there, I had to come to Ahmedabad to do so…..Thank you Miss Shyamala, you are a true ambassador of your country. Nehru and Gandhi would have been proud of you…So would Mandela, Martin Luther King and Malcolm-X.” Shyamala felt honoured for such an accolade.

On the return bus trip home, however, Shyamala sat next to Musekwa again. She had to place a towel on the seat of the coach to make the journey bearable, as her ass was in excruciating pain from the buggering she had received from Thabo the night before. Shyamala couldn't contain herself, eventually going to the restroom in the back of the bus and sneaking inside with Musekwa, as darkness fell, for him to fuck her in the cramped space there. When she arrived home, her husband Ken asked jokingly if she had gotten lucky on the trip.

"Oh, only three or four times," she replied……..KEN WAS HAPPY, VERY, VERY HAPPY. The following day, he left for assignment in Africa, contented!
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What an awesome story! She was a true trooper!
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It must by sensationel to by one in the story if it whas real Better to read the NAUGHTY story´s as to watch war movies.