indian wife and black driver 3

Fred was wondering why she is not getting up and riding him. He beckoned her and then she turned on her left side and then climbed on top of Fred. She started kissing him wildly. Fred reciprocated and started massaging her big breasts that were hanging in front of his eyes. Then Kamini pulled herself back on Fred’s crotch. She had to raise herself up high in the air to position her cunt at Fred’s cock head. With one hand she opened her cunt lips and with the other she placed head of that monster penis at the opening of her cunt. She then started sliding on him and buried the monster in her love box. She was impaled on his mighty shaft. She did not move for a few seconds and closed her eyes. She grunted and groaned and had another orgasm. Her cunt juice was running along her thighs on to Fred’s tummy. Meanwhile Fred was mauling her beautiful breasts and was biting the nipples. Kamini will wince a little but was enjoying it a lot. After her orgasm subsided, she started sliding up and down his shaft again. Fred’s pole glistened with Kamini’s over flowing juices. She continued sliding and Fred continued to play with her hooters.

Now Fred too seemed close to coming and turned sideways on the bed. With this action Kamini fell to her side and now they were facing each other. Half of the massive dick was still inside Kamini’s cunt. Fred now got up and removed his penis from Kamini’s cunt and removed the condom too. Kamini was surprised that what he is going to do but Fred reassured her with a signal no to worry. Fred’s massive length was half dry (due to condom) and half slimy due to Kamini’s cunt juices. He adjusted Kamini on her back and sat on her tummy. He put her massive dick on her chest and collected her ample breasts around his erection to make a tunnel. The dick head was touching her chin. He was going to tit fuck her. I was sure that he will cum while tit fucking Kamini. I too now wanted to come badly as my hard on had started aching. Kamini told Fred to move back a little because his huge penis was already touching her chin. He wont be able to tit fuck her. He moved back.

He started humping Kamini’s breasts and which each forward push the head of the penis will hit Kamini’s chin. She lifted her head and opened her mouth to take it in her mouth with each forward thrust. Fred was on the verge of coming and was vigoursly fucking Kamini’s tits. She too was sucking and licking on it with each forward push. A while later Fred’s whole body shook and he let go of Kamini’s big breasts. He was still sitting on my wife’s tummy. His massive dick erupted again like volcano! His first jet of semen flew like a confetti and hit the wall behind the bed. It flew high in the air and was still on the rise when the wall behind the bed interrupted its progress! Second jet was a little lower and it hit the headboard of the bed. Third jet of semen fell on her face near her right eye. Thereafter a few small jets erupted and landed on Kamini’s breasts. But his massive penis was still leaking and made a big puddle between my wife’s milky breasts. I too could not hold it any longer and erupted again inside the cupboard. Fred and my wife were exhausted and looked totally relaxed at the same time and fell into each others arms again and started kissing and fondling each other. This resulted in some semen getting stuck to Fred’s body as well. Fred’s penis started shrinking but was still huge.

After a few minutes both of them separated and she took a few tissues from the drawers and wiped their bodies, wall and the headboard. She then proceeded to wipe hanging but still massive dick of Fred clean. After wiping it she lifted it up to her lips and gave a kiss on its head and said “Thank you” to it.

Fred: So lovely how was this fuck session?

Kamini: It was out of this world. My cunt is pulsating even now. I cannot forget the sensations of your massive organ.

Fred: I wish you had tried it earlier. Can we have one more shot?

Kamini: Not today, maybe some other day.

Fred: Sure!

Kamini: Yes, sure!

Fred: I need to thank you for allowing me to have sex with you. I had been fantasising about having sex with an Indian lady. I was lucky to have it with one of the most beautiful and sexy lady.

Kamini: Really!

Fred: You bet!

Fred wore back his clothes but my wife was still naked. She told Fred to leave but he was hesitant to leave. Kamini then promised him that they will play this game again before leaving for India. At this promise Fred left. She was still naked when she went to the door to send him out. She closed the door as Fred left and returned to the bedroom. I had come out of the cupboard in the meantime and was sitting naked on the bed. As soon as she came in she threw herself on the bed and laid on her back with legs wide open. I surveyed her from head to toe. I could see dried up little specks of semen in her hair, near her right eye, between her nose and lip. I could also see much bigger still drying patches of semen between her breasts and on her right thigh. Her big breasts had red bite marks all over them.

Then I shifted my attention to her cunt. The sight of it told the story of the pounding it got at the hands Fred’s massive organ. It was swollen and red.

Kamini herself had the looks of a thoroughly well fucked and sexually fully satisfied woman on her face. During this time neither of us spoke a word.

The sight of her lying exhausted after getting fucked by a huge penis made me hot as hell and I immediately climbed on top of her and started fucking her. Kamini’s cunt felt hot like an oven and was very, very wet and slippery. However, I realised that my dick was not feeling any friction. Though her cunt lips were closed she was still very loose inside! This reminded me of the recent fucking Kamini has had and I ejaculated immediately.

We lay in each other’s arms kissing and drifted off to sl**p. After about an hour we woke up and talked about the whole episode.

I: So, honey after three years you have fulfilled my fantasy, how was it?

Kamini: It was beyond my expectations. I never thought I could be so uninhibited with another man. My cunt is still pulsating and I am feeling strange sensations in my body. I am still aroused.

I: I too came several times inside the cupboard!

Kamini: I forgot the count of orgasms I had. Once my mind was in it, I was getting continuous orgasms. Such was the effect of that huge dick.

I: Tell me how it felt inside you cunt.

Kamini: Well initially it hurt a little and I wondered if I could accommodate such a massive dick but once I was wet I had no problem. It reached farther than anything ever has gone. When he entered me from behind I felt as if his dick has entered my tummy. And when I rode him it felt as if the monster was stuck in my throat. It was incredible.

We had another round of wild sex after this conversation.

Fred talked to my wife a few more times to have sex but she will make an excuse and avoided him. He did not know that I have seen all the action and it was prearranged.

At the time of returning to India, Fred dropped us at the airport. Before leaving the airport he told us that he was sad that we were leaving his country. He wished us all the best. Then he turned towards Kamini and told her with a glint in his eyes: Madam, I hope you will never forget me!

Why she, even I can never forget him!

Now we are back in India and still remember this incident and we feel as if it took place only yesterday. It changed our sex lives for the good. Yes, Kamini’s cunt regained its original size three days after that monster fuck and I started feeling the usual friction again! This incident works like an aphrodisiac for us.
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