indian mom and black priest

The political condition between our country and our neighbors was boiling. Talks of an upcoming invasion filled the air. Our village was situated on the border of the two countries so the villagers were always waiting for any piece of news on the fragile peace between our two countries.

I was born to my dad and mom soon after they married. At the time of the story, I was five years old and I had no b*****rs or s****rs. I still remember my parents citing the cause of not having other c***dren to the bad economic and political situation of the country. We were a happy little f****y although my dad was a very stern man. I rarely remember seeing him laughing or smiling. He was strict with my mother although she was his first sweetheart in the village. Mom and dad didn’t continue their education but they knew the minimum to read and write. Their education was mainly administered by the local church and that was why my father had a great respect for the priests and the clergy in general.

Mom was always obedient to dad as was the norm in villages at that time. Whatever dad said was the right thing for mom. She never objected and I could always see the acceptance in her beautiful blue eyes. Mom was 30 years old back then, five years younger than dad. Her long blond hair flowed over her shoulders and her slender figure matched with her medium height. Mom was blessed with a pair of big breasts that were very hard to conceal and were complemented by a small firm ass.

On the other hand, my father worked in the fields all day and sold the vegetables and the meat from the cattle every few weeks to make a living. This work made him stay in good shape for his age. He was around 180 cm tall, which was considered tall in our village. All the people in the village knew that dad was a very strict man through his way of parenting me. When I was little, I used to be afraid of dad but I also admired him for his masculinity and his strength.

One sacred date for my parents and especially dad was every Sunday. We went to church to attend the mass and we never missed a mass in my youth. So we lead a pious life and even though we weren’t rich we were able to get by in our modest life in the village.

A few months after my fifth birthday I remember that a gas leak accident in the monastery lead to the tragic death of our elderly bishop in the village. I still remember that dad and mom were very upset as was the whole village. The priest that came after the late bishop needed a place to live for a few months until the monastery was restituted. Dad was the first man in the village to insist on welcoming the new priest in our house as we had an empty guest room. Dad said that the priest staying in our home would be a blessing for our f****y.

The rest of the village was a little apprehensive when they knew that the priest assigned to our village was from our neighboring country. In those political conditions, our people weren’t very sympathetic with the neighbors, but a priest was an exception and dad made sure that all of the village knew that fact.

The first time I saw the priest, Father Tyrone, my small mind was fascinated. Father Tyrone was a dark black man, around 190 cm tall, a hulk of a physique barely being covered by his large priest robe. Although he was about ten years younger than dad, my father respected all clergy. As soon as he arrived, dad ran to the door to greet him and kiss his black hand in reverence. Mom did the same. She approached the big black man, took his big hand and kissed it with her soft white lips.

The priest smiled at my parents as he blessed them.

“Thank you for accommodating me in your house” said the priest.

“It is our pleasure, father” replied my dad, and it was one of the rare times where I saw a smile on his face.

Dad didn’t allow mom to talk to men or to interact with them much but something weird happened a few weeks after the priest’s arrival.

One day, I arrived from school and I found dad and mom and many villagers in our living room waiting patiently. A few minutes later, a doctor came out telling them that the priest will be okay. It was a mild fever and he only needs to take medication and he will be out of bed in a few days.

After the doctor and the villagers left, dad and mom entered to check on Father Tyrone. He told them that his illness isn’t physical. The devil is trying to punish him for his good deeds in our city. He asked mom and dad and me to pray with him so he can get better. And of course we did that and I noticed dad piously praying for the young priest to get better.

The next day, dad went to the fields and mom stayed ( ) at home as usual. She suddenly heard the priest calling her name. As she rushed to the room, she was surprised in finding the black man shirtless. He gave her a flask of oil and told her she needed to help him to rub it all over his body as a shield against the illness inflected by the devil. Mom hesitated a little, especially as she saw the huge physique of the priest. Mom didn’t expect to find this musculature on a priest. His black biceps were rippled and the size of footballs. His chest was big, his shoulders wide and his abs were well defined. He was practically fat free and full of rippling muscles on his smooth black body. Mom has never touched a man other than dad, nonetheless touched him so she excused herself and ran from the room blushing.

When dad came back in the evening, the priest told him that mom wasn’t able to help him today in some of the chores that will help him heal spiritually and fen off the devil telling him the reason is that she didn’t want to be with him in the same room, omitting the fact that he wanted her to rub oil on his nude body.

Dad was furious, telling mom sternly that Father Tyrone is a man of God and we should do everything possible to help him or we will be damned by all the saints. Mom’s eyes filled with tears as she was being scolded by dad for the faithfulness she thought she was preserving. She obediently nodded her head and promised she will do anything the lovely priest would ask her in order for him to get better and serve the community.

The next day, mom heard the black man calling her name again. As she entered his room, she blushed seeing him lying on his bed with nothing but his underwear on.
Mom knew that she needed to fulfill her duty toward the church and the priest and rub the holy oil on the man’s body to fend off the evil spirits. As she entered she saw the black priest lying on the bed shirtless and in his boxers, opening his meaty thighs wide.

“Come my dear and help me fend off the evil spirits. Don’t you want me to be able to serve your town? How can I do it if these evil spirits are in my body?” asked the sneaky priest as he flexed his big steel-hard biceps.

Mom felt her face redden as she nodded and took the oil bottle.

“What do you want me to do, reverend?”

“As a first step this holy oil needs to be rubbed on my whole body by a lady from the village where the spirits got to me. That would be you. I need you to spill this oil and rub it on my body”

Mom took the bottle and began spilling the oil on the hard muscles of the black priest. Once a puddle of oil began streaming on the muscular abs, mom began rubbing the priest’s chest with her small manicured hands.

“Yes my dear. Continue. I can feel the spirits in unrest”

As mom covered the priest’s black body with oil, it began to shine like the bodies of bodybuilders in competition. The priest saw mom ogling his muscular body as she rubbed the oil on his overdeveloped pecs.

“I am a priest and a professional bodybuilder. I can fight bad people spiritually and physically” the priest told mom as he flexed his veiny arms and big pecs.

Mom didn’t respond but smiled shyly at the priest’s comments.

“I hope you will get back to form, Father for the sake of our village. It needs your blessing”

While talking, mom noticed that the boxers of the priest were about to get pierced as his cock enlarged and pointed upwards. As she saw it, mom was furious and wanted to leave the room.

“That is inappropriate father. You know I’m a married woman and you are a man of the church.”

“What are you talking about my c***d? The devils in my body are leaving through the dirty member in my male body. It is them that are making my babymaker up and so high. How dare you accuse me of filthy things?”

“I am sorry Father. I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

“Please leave now. I will talk to your husband when he comes back. I will tell him of your disrespect for a man of the church. Maybe your neighbors next door will accommodate me better.”

Mom was afraid that dad knows of her alleged mistake and if the priest goes to live at our neighbors’ house, dad will be furious. That is because of the long rivalry for the leadership of the town between dad and our neighbor.

“Forgive me, holy reverend. Please don’t tell my husband. I am sorry and more than happy and obliged to help you in your exorcism”

“You understand that many steps are needed for this thing to work. Are you ready to serve me in any way necessary?”

Mom found a way to escape dad’s wrath so she hurriedly accepted the devious priest’s request.

“You should come back tomorrow to continue the exorcism on the rest of my body”
As mom left the room, she began to think what are the remaining parts and what could the priest mean by other steps needed.
That night as the priest joined us for dinner, my macho father relinquished his place at the head of the table for the young stud.

“How are you today, respected father?” asked dad.

“Thanks to the immense help of your saint wife, I feel the devils inside me are at unrest and with her continuous help they should leave my body soon.”

“I am glad to hear that. And I assure you we will do anything to make you feel better, father”

“Thank you, my son. Your wife will be more than enough” said the young priest to my mature father.

If only my dad knew the undertone of the sneaky priest’s words…

The next day, as soon as my mother heard the priest call her, she hurried into his room to find him getting out of the shower and nothing on his body other than a towel.

“If you want I’ll come back later Padre” said my conservative mother.

“No need for that woman. Today we will exorcise the demons through the dirty opening of my body, through my cock”

Saying that, mom was shocked to witness the huge priest in his naked glory. As the towel hit the ground, mom’ jaw was about to follow. Her eyes blazed through the priest’s chiseled black body devouring the sculpted muscles until they reached the organs between his legs. Mom’s eyes were focused on the young priest’s ebony cock. Flaccid, his cock nearly reached his lower thigh with a girth that reminded mom of a bottle of beer.

“Come closer dear. It won’t bite” said the priest smiling mischievously.

As if drawn to it, the mother approached the hulking towering stud and slowly reached his thick chocolate cock with the hand where she wore her wedding ring.

As the ring given by dad touched the man’s dirty cock, a shiver crossed his body allowing him to flex his big muscles and mom to sense a weird wetness in her pussy.

Without telling her what to do, mom began rubbing the huge shaft up and down with one hand at first. As the cock began to stiffen and lengthen, she was obliged to hold it with both hands. The mother couldn’t believe how heavy the priest’s member was.

“How can he hold it all day long always like that? I bet he can lift weights with his penis” mom didn’t know why this thought crossed her mind.

Suddenly she was awakened from her stupor by the laugh of the arrogant priest.

“I know you are a woman and you can’t resist the temptations of the flesh but the exorcism won’t happen without the oil”.

As he poured oil on mom’s hands and his cock, the friction was gone and mom’s hands slipped on the rigid black pole that nearly poked at her saree under her breasts.

“Faster slut. Masturbate my fuckin dong faster you dumb indian slut”

Mom was struck at these words but she was afraid of the tone of the black muscleman so she obeyed and began milking the cock faster. Ten minutes later, mom’s hands began to hurt. As she was about to stop she felt a surge in the blg cock that turned it hot as hell. As she felt the cock burning her dainty hands, she witnessed the slit of the black cock open and the priest bellowed as his big leathery balls spewed forth shot after shot of thick dense cum in the air.

The mother was taken by surprise as the wads of cum stained her pallu and her whole saree and even splattered over her face.

“I’m sorry my dear for the dirty talk. It was the demons speaking as they were being evacuated from my muscular strong body.”

Mom was in shock, her face stained with this strange man’s baby juice. She ran from the room and locked herself in her bedroom waiting for dad to come back.A few hours later, the father came back and the mother had changed her saree and washed her pallu. As she descended the stairs she was greeted by dad in a gentle sorry way. As she sat, she was told that the priest told dad that when the demons left his body they inhabited her and now she was in need of an exorcism.
At that time, people were naïve and especially dad who was very attached to the teachings of the clergy, he believed anything from a religious man, no matter how farfetched it seemed.

The sneaky priest began to tell mom and dad that if the demons stay inside her the might kill her. Dad wasn’t happy about the situation and it seemed that he wanted to blame the priest for what is happening to his wife. When the priest told dad that he had a way of making mom better, dad didn’t argue and didn’t allow mom to even tell her side of the story. He gave his order to mom that she will stay with the pious priest as much as needed for the spirits to go away and for her to become better.

As he kissed mom on the cheek, dad had no idea that the priest’s semen was in the play and that it will play a much greater part in mom’s alleged exorcism.

The next day mom entered the priest’s room to find him totally naked. As she has seen and touched and milked his giant member before, it was easier for her to be at ease with this naked man in the room, especially that she was there to be cleansed as the priest convinced her and dad of.

“As you know my dear when my thick semen flew yesterday and landed on your beautiful face and saree, the demons entered your body. The only way for them to escape is through a sexual cavity.”

“What do you mean respected reverend?” asked the naïve mother.

“It means we’ll have to shake the inside walls of your womb and make the demons go out with your body fluids.”

“And how are you going to do that?” asked mom as she watched the giant head of the cock rising from the uncut shaft and glooming at her in lust.

“Wee of course with my holy male member. It is the only way”

Hearing this, mom defensely put her hands on the front of her saree in front of her pussy and told him that this is not right. She can’t cheat on dad and she ran away crying.

The priest wasn’t about to let her go easily. That night as she slept he put some laxative in the cup of milk she kept in the fridge. Next day, mom heated it and drank it and began vomiting and having stomach pain in a few hours.

“I told you the demons are beginning to work inside you. If you don’t do as I say you could die.”

Dad was worried standing next to her and giving her medicine. He told my mother sternly that she should let the priest exorcise the demons or else he will oblige her to do that. Mom was in a daze not knowing if she should tell dad what is the treatment the priest is offering or whether to accept the fucking that dad is inadvertently pushing her towards.
“I feel better now” said mom as the medicine began to have effect.

“Then we should begin the treatment while the devils are asl**p” said the priest eyeing mom from head to toe. Dad agreed blindly and lead them to the master bedroom like the holy priest asked.

“Please don’t come in and disturb us no matter what you hear” the black man told dad as he led mom by the hand to the bedroom.

“I advise you to take your son and leave for a few hours if you like”

Dad was a macho man that always stood by mom and told the priest that he won’t leave her in this situation.

“Suit yourself but you may hear sounds of your wife you won’t like. I will lock the door to keep the demons inside”

What amazes me is how naïve was dad at that time believing in demons and locking them in rooms through doors.

As he took mother’s hand, he began disrobing and asked her to take off her saree and her petticoat and get ready for the exorcism.

A few minutes later, the fairy mother and the black muscular stud were completely naked in my parents’ bedroom. If someone saw them in that state they would assume that the priest is the husband and mom is his wife. And who sees his erect thick torpedo would be assured that mom was going to be in pain and pleasure once he uses his male member on her female organs.

As he lied on the bed, his hands behind his head, his large biceps visibly muscled and his thighs wide apart, he told mom that he is sensing the demons about to go on again and he needs to stab them now.

Urging her to get on the bed, my poor mother complied. She felt her juices beginning to flow which was a natural reaction for a woman watching a man like Father Tyrone with all his muscles and his big cock and balls fully erect.

“Lower yourself so I can stab the demons in your womb” instructed her the lusty priest.

Holding the black monster in her hand, mom squatted above it and lowered herself. As soon as the black member touched the lips of her tight small vagina, the shiver and electricity crossing her body made her knees weak obliging her to get fully and fastly impaled in the black cock.

We heard the scream outside and dad told me the damn demons must be fighting back. If only he knew that the real demon was inside mom right now plowing her harshly.
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