The English Teacher 3


The sun, that had been in Mr. khan’s eyes just seconds ago, was shaded by a figure with long wavy locks.
“Hey there, Mr. khan.” The figure straddled him on the lawn chair, and then moved his Forbes magazine out of the way. He recognized her immediately, and the easy smile on her face was all too familiar.
“kavita? What do you want?” His eyes darkened to an intense blue and he ran his gaze over the two little metallic bronze triangles that covered her breasts.
She laughed as she followed his gaze and then leaned forward to press her mouth against his. “I want you and me to be naked in the next three minutes.”
For a second he did not resist, but then drew away and held her at a distance by the waist. “Let me rephrase, since you always seem to take things literally. I meant, what are you doing here?”
“You’re massaging my waist with your thumb,” she replied flatly, and pointed out that he had been u*********sly rubbing his thumb against her skin as he held her away. He grinned, blue eyes crinkling, and stopped. “And to answer your question, it’s been one week of summer break and I’m already bored to death, so I came to visit you.”
“Such innocence.”
“Well,” she said, bouncing over his hips so that her breast moved strategically. “I can’t exactly claim innocence anymore, can I, thanks to you.”
He rolled his eyes. “I sincerely doubt that I was the one who took that away from you.”
“No, you’re right.” She grinned, pressed a cold palm on his navel, and slowly her hand moved downward to the spot where her waist and his joined so closely. “What if I promise not to scream? Can we do this outside?”
She used her other hand to move his hands under the strings of her bronze bikini bottom. He watched her all the while, and she felt movement in his swim trunks. “I don’t recall having agreed to anything yet.”
She moved his hips back and forth twice, slowly, and then moved the palm she held on his navel up to his chest. Leaning forward, she sealed his mouth over his, looked into his eyes, and whispered, “I think your body claims otherwise, Mr. khan.” And then she moved her hips forward and let out a soft moan near his ear.
He didn’t seem to breathe. “I have neighbors, you know.”
“Are they young?” she asked, arching her back.
“Very old.”
“Good.” She was near his lips once more. “I think they deserve a little treat.”
“I’ve never been good at sharing.”
His hands went behind her neck to undo the clasp of her halter top bikini. Her top flopped down to reveal two very aware mounds of soft flesh, and she arranged her hair and wiggled a little to tempt him. Then she arched her back and felt him enclose cold hands over her bare breasts. As a hot mouth enclosed her left nipple, his right hand traveled down her waist and began to work at the knot that held her bikini bottom together. She felt his defined muscles and lifted his face gently to press her lips against his in a closed-lip kiss. Then she whispered, “I want to feel your penis inside of me.”
When he groaned, she felt a certain part of his swim trunks bulge. “That I can do.”
“But on one condition.” And she removed his hands from her body.
He looked at her, eyes wary. “What?”
“You have to fuck me in the swimming pool.” His eyes lifted in amusement as she worked at the knot on his swim trunks. She swung her legs off him and tugged him up by the loose strings. It was four steps to the heated swimming pool, and there, by the pool stairs, she dropped all her clothes. Then she entered the water like a goddess—hips swaying, golden hair bouncing.
Once in the water, she opened her legs in a breast stroke, spun around in the water, and then stood up, naked body dripping wet. When she saw that he wasn’t following in after her, she stepped back out of the pool, pressed breasts against his body, and stripped him of his trunks. His erection stood thickly at attention, hot against the cold of her navel. “Must I do everything?” she teased, and then held him hand and pulled him into the water.
She sat him down on the stairs and hovered over him as he muttered, “Why don’t we have sex like normal people? Like on a bed, for instance? You make me work so hard—”
He stopped short, because in that instant, she grabbed his shoulders and lowered herself onto him, her big breasts within reach of his mouth. She had taken him all at once, and then d****d her body over his. He could feel her clenching her muscles around his penis, and moaned with pleasure.
“That’s what I thought,” she whispered, and still pressed flush against his chest, started to move slowly up and down.
“You’re just as tight as the first time.” He grabbed her waist and stood up so they were ankle deep in water, her legs around his waist, and started to descend into the pool. He moved her hips for greater friction, and she whimpered a little into his ear.
“Why do you have to be so big?” she said, and cried out when he answered with only a hard thrust deeper into her.
“You don’t like it?” he teased, nibbling at her neck. For the moment he had stopped trying to please her, and took her breast into his mouth. “I’ll stop, if you don’t like it.”
She laughed, used her legs to push herself up off his penis, and thrust down again and again, panting as he sucked incessantly at her nipple. Her big C cup breasts bounced with each movement and he had trouble catching it, so he bit down on her nipple and she arched back with pleasure, moaning as his tongue moved around each perfect mound. “Fuck me, Mr. khan. Just fuck me.” She leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “Make me scream so loud the neighbors will want to peek down into your yard and see what’s wrong.”
“And let them see me have sex with a student of mine?”
“I’m not your student anymore, Mr. khan,” she argued with a breathless laugh. “Technically you’re fucking a former student of yours.” She propped herself up onto the pool deck with her elbows as he took her from behind. As she glanced up, she could see the neighbor’s window blinds shift slightly. She bent forward and moaned with unrepressed pleasure before she could speak. “Just as an FYI, Mr. khan—mmm, oh god, yes—you’d perform well, because we’ve got ourselves an audience.” Mr. khan froze, his eyes shooting up towards the window in a mix of shock and horror. kavita sighed, picked herself off of him delicately, pressed her lips against his in a closed-mouth kiss. “I suppose this means until next time, hmm, Mr. khan?”
She smiled at him, gave one last glance at the window in the house next door, and headed towards the pool stairs.
“Just a second,” he said, following her. He held onto her arm, his member still thoroughly aroused, and dragged her to him by the waist. “You expect that you can just seduce me and walk away? Why do you always walk away?” The sides of her lips were lifted in a mid-smile, and she was just about to say something, but he slammed her against the brick retaining wall and thrust his penis into her. She gasped, holding onto his tanned and broad shoulders for her life as he thrust in and out, supporting her weight with the help of the wall. It was earth shattering, what he did to her, and she barely had the time to breathe, let alone moan. She orgasmed again and again, each more violent than the next, and each accompanied by a near-primal scream of pleasure.
He panted, sweat beading from his forehead. She held his lips in a kiss all the while, pulling back only to arrange herself closer to his chest and pant helplessly into it. They moved in a pace that matched their pulse, heavy moans echoing around the poolside. She held his gaze as he gave one final thrust and came inside of her. When the deed was done, he did not relax like she expected him to, but held her up by the wall and deepened their kiss, of which she, naturally, smiled into.
“There we go,” she said with a laugh as she reached a warm hand down to his navel. “I always knew you weren’t a prude, but I didn’t know you were something like Adonis with sex. If I knew all it took was an old neighbor and a skimpy bikini to do it, I would have stripped down in front of old Principal Drover for you ages ago.”
He laughed, still breathless, as she pressed her lips against his once more. He opened his mouth to her, and her tongue slipped inside to dance alongside his.
“Oh God,” she said finally, adjusting herself on the wall, “I don’t know if I can walk anymore. Didn’t I say you were big? Are you crazy, fucking me like that?” Her fingers slipped up his muscular back as she said it, and drew him closer. “I have work, you know. A college to pay for.”
He scoffed, and her perfect green eyes widened in mock disbelief. “I distinctly remember someone saying, ‘Faster!’ as nails were being dragged ruthlessly across my back, so excuse me for accidentally manhandling you.”
Her lips came onto his again in apology, and she slipped down from the wall and onto the ground. He shook out his arms, muscles aching from the workout, and watched her as she sauntered over to where her clothes lay. Slowly, almost teasingly, she pulled on each item of skimpy clothing, covering up her beautiful breasts in little metallic triangles. Then she took up one of his white button-down shirts and masked her perfect figure. “I have to get back to work, but who knew I could get so much done in a little one-hour break?” Then she glanced up to the window next door, and gave a little wave and smile.
Mr. khan watched her as she left the poolside, still completely naked and in confusion, and wondered what the neighbors thought of him now.

There was a stranger sitting in her Mustang—a man, she could tell, but features hidden by shade. kavita pulled together her shirt in an attempt at discretion, and then unlatched the pepper spray connected to her car-keys. For a second she considered heading back to Mr. khan’s house to call the police, but once his smiling face peeked out from the lowered passenger window, she relaxed slightly.

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