Adventures of a Indian Wife 4

Pramila did know why suddenly her father-in-law changed his decision. Only a few days ago he did not want Pramila to visit her best friend Neelum, fearing that it risked the f****y honour. And now he himself had literally pushed her to go there.

So that fine-morning Pramila was sitting in Neelum's bedroom and listening to her sexual adventures with hubby and his friend.

"How did it start?" Pramila wanted to know.

Neelum was willing to tell, hoping that the truth would also make Pramila free.

In the adjacent room, Neelum's husband Rasheed and his friend Nasir were waiting.

"You bitch – are you making stories or is it true?" Pramila asked looking at the pretty and innocent-looking face of her friend, who was exactly her age – Twenty-three.

"Of course, you know I don't lie," said Neelum laughing showing her pearl-like white teeth and tossing her raven colour shoulder-long hair toward the back.

Neelum was slightly heavier than her friend, but looked perfect with her five feet seven inch height.

"It's true. On our wedding night, Rasheed did not come alone into the room, but was accompanied by his best friend Nasir. I thought Nasir was there was just on a courtesy call and would go, but luckily I was wrong," Neelum said.

"I can't believe this" Pramila said.

"You have to. Rasheed explained me for an hour that ours will be a totally different marriage. He wanted me to be a bold woman, ready to experience anything. He wanted his friend in our marriage, telling me Nasir too had allowed him to share the women of his house."

"I was in tears – cursing my luck, but by that time Nasir had slowly started stroking my shoulders to calm my nerves."

"You will be having two men to love you, take care of you rather than one. You don't realize how lucky you are," Nasir told me.

"And you will be free... free. Hardly any husband here gives this kind of freedom to his wife," Rasheed said.

Neelum, who by that time had spread herself out on the bed with a big pillow under her head, was carefully eyeing the reaction of her best friend as she told her that how the two men took pains to relax her, calm her nerves. How they both took turns to tell that each of them will love her, care for her and support her through thick and thin without even an iota of jealousy between them.

"Honestly I was lost... I didn't know what was happening to me, but it seemed my body was melting under the hands of their loving strokes. I knew what was coming. There was a tussle in my mind and my body. But the sensations running in my body seemed to overcome me," said Neelum whose voice was becoming softer and softer as she was speaking in a dream.

Pramila listened in a mesmerized manner.

"I myself opened the buttons of my bridal shirt, asked Rasheed to remove my gharrara (loose bridal lower) and then Nasir my shirt. They both took turns to suck my nipples, kiss my tummy, my virgin cunt as I lay stark naked in front of them with full lights on."

"Who got your cherry?" asked Pramila.

"The privilege and honour went to the friend – Nasir... Pramila you have not met my men. They are so handsome, so cultivated, so descent. They know how to please a woman. Yes Nasir took my virginity as my husband watched. Nasir, whose body is so firm – who can pound you on and on so that you hit one climax after another."

Pramila was beginning to feel horny – and remembering and cursing her first wedding nigh when Narendra fumbled with her clothes, knocking her down in a rough manner, and then spitting her load within seconds.

"Then Rasheed made love to me like a true lover – in such a gentle, calm manner that I was in 7th heaven," Neelum said.

"That's how it all started. And believe me it is great fun. Nasir's s****r and s****r-in-law along with one of his uncles also joined in our fun several times. But we three are permanent partners."

"And now you want me to join your gang?" Pramila asked biting her lips.

"Our growing f****y or club you can say," Neelum said stroking the cheek of her friend lovingly. "My both studs are dying to fuck you."

"If I oblige your studs ... will you return the favour?"

"You too have stallions?" Neelum asked.

Pramila just smiled. "Your house your story. My story at my place."

"You whore. I don't believe you," Neelum said laughing as she jumped out of the bed.

"Come let's not waste time. I think you will be tasting two dicks together for the first time in your life."

"If you insist my dear!"

"The pleasure is mine," replied Neelum.

"Wait for a moment. Listen let me tackle these two strangers alone for a while. Your hungry cunt can join us a bit later," Pramila said brushing her lips to her friend's lips as she stroked her one breast.

"Wow. I am impressed by your style and confidence. I was thinking we three had to really work hard to put some light in your thick brain and meat in your cunt."

Pramila just laughed wickedly with a twinkle in eyes. "You just wait," she said straightening her long white cotton shirt and shalwar (baggy trousers) and dr****g the black duppata (big scarf) around her head and chest.

"Are you going there to offer prayers?" Neelum said pushing her toward the door.

"No – to get myself worshipped."


The two men saw her floating in their room where they were trying to kill time watching old songs on the television. The air-conditioned room had a five-seat sofa set, along with a huge double bed.

"hi (Blessings on you) Rasheed bahai (b*****r). hello Nasir saheb," Pramila said softly taking seat on the single seat sofa. She was tightly holding her duppata, which was concealing her treasurers, but at the same time enhancing her beauty.

"Hi" they both replied in unison unsure where the matters stand.

"Neelum was taking bath – so I thought let's chat with you."

"Oh she always take long baths," said Rasheed thinking that his wife had provided them opportunity to seduce this lovely woman.

Rasheed was around 30 year old – tall, fair and with an athletic physic. Nasir, who was also the same age, was slightly short, dark and broad-chest.

Pramila observed the two men with interest – keen interest, weighing her options and thinking of her moves.

The men were impressed by her charming looks.

"You are much more beautiful than your pictures," said Rasheed looking straight into her eyes. Nasir shook his head in affirmation. "Yes – I can vouch for this statement. Narendra is really a lucky man."

Pramila laughed. "Don't make fun of me. I am just an ordinary woman."

"I beg to disagree with you. I hope Narendra is taking good care of you" Nasir said.

"Oh he is a wonderful husband. Very caring," Pramila said with a straight face.

"Is he? Strange. I thought otherwise," said Rasheed.

What made you think he is not," Pramila said

Nasir was really getting desperate with all this social talk. He wanted to get to the point – at once. "I think Neelum must have told you about us," he said cutting Rasheed who was about to respond to Pramila's question.

"About what," Pramila played innocent.

Nasir just laughed. "About three of us. And that offer, which was made to you when I was licking Neelum's cunt. Don't say you don't know."

"Oh that – I know. But I don't think it is a good idea. Rasheed bahai your friend really seems greedy. He should thank his stars for getting into Neelum's shalwar."

Rasheed laughed. "Don't blame him. He is really hot for you."

"That I know. But I don't want him – at least for now."

Nasir's colour turned crimson. "Yes you want the 12 stroke Narendra," he hissed.

Pramila got up. "You should show some better manners Nasir saheb," she said politely.

Nasir threw himself on the sofa. Rasheed just smiled at seeing his friend's frustration as Pramila moved toward him.

"Oh you want this bahai first," Nasir said sarcastically.

Pramila did not reply, as she removed her dupata. "Tell him just watch and not dare touch me," she said embracing Rasheed into a passionate bear hug.

Neelum was watching all this from the crack of a curtain – assessing when to make her entry. By all means it appeared that her friend wanted to frustrate Nasir and leave him for her.

She saw her husband moving her tongue over the neck and face of her friend, who was enjoying herself with eyes closed. Then she saw them collapsing on the bed.

"First kiss every part of my body ... yes start from my feet," Pramila said fondling with the hair of Rasheed.

Pramila was breathing heavily. Her shirt had been removed. So was her shalwar. The mascular figure of Rasheed was nibbling her tits like a hungry man as Nasir watched with an erect cock from a distance of few feet.

Pramila arched her back as Rasheed's fingers played with her pussy, which was dripping with her love juices. "Yes Rasheed bahai lick me, kiss me, fuck me," said Pramila holding his steel-like throbbing cock in her soft hand.

Rasheed was enjoying every bite and kiss of her body. The girl was simply terrific. A sex bomb ready to explode. Her milky gleaming body was twitching in ecstasy. Her face was glowing with pleasure.

Nasir was rubbing his balls and dick as he watched. Neelum, meanwhile, too had entered the room looking in daze at the man and woman in action.

Pramila was matching Rasheed's every move with her own -- licking him, kissing him, biting him, and shoving her nails in his back, hips, her finger in his ass-hole.

"It is time to fuck baby. Yes now put your lund (dick) inside me. FUCK ME. Fuck me hard, fast. Fuck me with all your might. Don't stop – just fuccck me," she hissed.

Rasheed inserted his cock inside her wet cunt with one mighty jerk and started moving feverishly. He knew he can not hold – hold for long. The muscles of Pramila's cunt were gripping his dick – tight very tight. He was about to cum, he started shooting his load inside that lovely pussy in less than a minute – leaving Pramila – hungry – craving for more.

As his dick limped. Nasir pushed Rasheed away trying to insert his cock inside the wet hole. But Pramila stopped him away. "First lick my cunt," she ordered him. And Nasir yielded, licking the wet, sperm filled cunt like a small puppy.

The scene was getting too much for Neelum, who by now shed all her clothes and jumped on the bed. She thirst one of her boobs inside her friend's mouth and asked her husband to lick her dripping cunt.

Pramila was now moaning hard. "Yes you deserve my cunt now – my puppy. Shove your dick inside me," She said pushing Neelum away. Pramila kissed Nasir and sucked his tongue. Nasir stuffed his organ into her hungry pussy and started pouncing her like a mad man.

Neelum and Rasheed stopped their action and just watched the two moving bodies.

"Yes my puppy, my doggy. Fuck me haard. I am your bitch now. Cum darling. I want you inside me. Conquer me forever. Fuck me as no one fucked me before."

Pramila's words were adding fuel to fire. Nasir was panting, but fucking. He fucked and panted as he came close to the climax. Pramila was also moving toward it ... and then they both exploded together – plunging each other's body in pleasure.

Then every one lay still in the room – panting – then caressing one another's body. Neelum French kissing her friend. Pramila sucking Nasir's cock -- Nasir licking one cunt after another -- Rasheed jumping on one woman after another. Pramila enjoying both cocks – Neelum sharing them with her...Those were happy moments. Those were joyous moments. Until it was time to go for Pramila – to return to the waiting arms of her old father-in-law after this enriching experience with the young-studs. She wished her intimate friends goodbye -- asking Neelum to someday join for fun at her house.

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