Adventures of Anita and Seema - a dentist's a

After the African trip me and Seema had to return home. It was a fun loving and a amazing trip. But it was back to work again at home.

We got home and were tired from the trip so called it a night as we had to head off to work the next day. In the morning I woke up to find my husband was already off to work, I took a shower and heard the door bell ring. I went downstairs to get the door and peeked out of door to find Seema's husband at the door. "oh, hey wasn't expecting you so early? How are you? Come in!" , and he smiled and said, "I'm good, heard you girls had a good holiday?", and walked into the house. He looked at me from top to bottom, I was in a bathrobe thigh length and wet hair. "just had a shower!" and he just smiled and said, "you left that in Seema's bag", and handed over a bag to me. "oh thanks, so what were you Gus upto?" I asked him, "naah, nothing great, just work, what did you guys do?", he couldn't possibly imagine the wildness but obviously I didn't want to say that, "well we had safaris and club nights and all, it was great", and I caught him again checking me out. "you seem to be staring at me, missed me did you?" and I stood in front of him. He held my waist and undid the robe and said, "I missed that", I knew why he was there so I told him, "I would love it but honestly I'm really late for a dentist appointment and I'm sure you don't wana rush this?" and he just smiled and I went close to him and took his hand and rubbed it on my boobs and said, "I promise we will do it soon", and ran upstairs. He smiled and I heard the main door close. I got dressed into a white shirt, with a deep neck and tight knee length skirt with a slit half way through the thigh. I tied my hair up and wore my reading glasses and walked out to my car. I drove down to the dentist. It was not so busy as I already had an appointment I walked in to the clinic and was taken in straight away. "hey doc, how you been?", he turned around and said, "great, how was your holiday?", "good very very good", my dentist was in his mid 40's but very attractive and had a decent physic.

"Come sit, and put on this aprin" and he put on his mask, he bent forward and looked down my deep neck shirt, "nice, you have been taking care of your teeth", and I smiled. "it looks fine I don't think you need anything, would you like some coffee?" and I got up, "yea sounds good" and he ordered two coffees and we got indulged in our chat. The coffee was brought in by the nurse and she walked out. Just as I was about to pick up the cup, it was extemely hot it slipped and I jerked with the heat and it spilt on my shirt, it was so hot I dropped the cup and just quickly as a impulse took of my shirt not realizing I was with the doctor. He kept looking at me while I cleaned up and said, "Anita you're in good shape I must say", I smiled at him and said, "oh thanks for the compliment" and I turned aroud to see a little bulge on his pants, and it was time to tease. I turned around and gave him a good look of my ass. Standing topless with a bra and a skirt must have given him a bigger bulge. I turned around and looked at his bulge while he stared at my 36c boobs, and to catch him off gaurd, "you want some help with that?" and I looked at his bulge again and he shook his leg to cover it, "hey don't worry it looks great from here, you mind if I take a closer look", and he just nodded and I walked up to him and asked him to undo his pants and I was shocked at the size of his dick, it was thick and must be almost 10" long. "now that's interesting" and tried to take the whole thing in my mouth, "oooh fuck Anita you suck well", and I just didn't bother responding as I knew I wanted his dick too. I kept sucking it for a while running my toungue up and down his dick, i could even taste a little of his cum. I was almost gaging at some points but it was thick and amazing. I could hear him moan while i sucked on it for a good 10mins when he started to pull me up and kissed me and while kissing me he ran his hands on my waist and in one shot undid my bra clip, "hey that was quick?" and he just smiled and said, "I wana see the whole thing, you're a good tease honey", and he just took off my bra and threw it away and bent forward to suck on my boobs like a hungry a****l. He would lick and suck and slowly bite my nipple. It was really turning me on, "ooh yea doc, that feels good please suck it" and he didn't need anymore persuation he kept sucking on my boobs and with the other hand would fondle the other boob, it was making me wet and i was getting desperate for his thick dick in my pussy and I pushed him off and un did my skirt and removed my thong to reveal my shaven pussy. I dropped my clothes and i could see him get harder and hotter. As I was just about to sit on his dick he caught my waist firmly and pushed me on the treatment chair and said, "honey I wana taste a little of this Indian pussy of yours", and he dug his face into my shaven pussy, "aaaah fuck doc, lick it doc, please don't stop, aaaah yea doc please mmmmm" and my wetness was growing and I knew he was enjoying my pussy juices.

He suddenly stopped and removed his pants and shirt, raised my leg and dug his thick dick straight into my pussy and I let out a huge moan, "aaaah fuck doc you're big" and he just smiled an said, "you like that? Huh?", "ooh fuck yea I love it", and he bent forward to bite and suck my boobs and he left a mark on the bottom of my right boob, "ooh fuck doc, what am I gonna tell my husband?" and he stopped and stared at me, " you're married?", and I looked at him and said, "do you really care?, you just wana fuck me, fuck a married women, I'm actually cheating on my husband, and I love your dick deep in my pussy why don't you just make the most of it?", and he started stroking me again and said, "so you been cheating alot huh? Then I wana make sure i make good use of this pussy", and this time his strokes became harder and harder and with every moan I bit my lips and said, "yea baby harder, deeper", I had become a whore that was getting fucked by anyone, and I was loving it, I had become so addicted to dicks that it was not possible to get off it. I was worse before marraige but that will be another story but now I had become too desperate for his dick, and was coming closer to my first orgasam, "doc I'm gonna cum on your fat dick aaaaah fuck I'm cuming" and he started fucking me harder and said, "you're husband doesn't know what a cheating bitch you are does he?" and I replied, "no aah and I don't want him to know, aaah but anytime you wana have this pussy I will be ready for it, aaah your dick really gives you the aaaah brownie points", and I came on his dick, I could feel the gush inside me and he took his dick out and turned me over on the treatment chair and started fucking me again from the back. I could feel his balls slapping my ass and he knew i was loving it with my moans asking for more. I knew my husband doesn't care if I fuck anyone as long as he gets Seema's pussy but doc's dick was really bringing me close to the second orgasam, "doc I'm cuming again, shit aaah fuck harder yea. . Fuck harder" and he was pounding on my pussy and said, "you have an amazing ass and I wana cream you're pussy", " oh you aaa better cum aaa inside me aaaa I want all that cum inside me" and he just couldn't stop himself and shot load after load in my pussy and I was so shaken by his thick cream in my pussy and he was holding my hips tight and still pumping my pussy till he was drained every bit of cum inside me. He removed his flacid dick out and sat on the chair to catch a breath and I lay on the treatment chair. "doc, I hope you haven't finsihed cuz I am not done with that dick of yours", he just smiled and said, "honey I'm still not done with that tight pussy of yours, why don't you come over and give me a clean up", I knelt in front of him and licked his oozing cum and wiped it clean and while holding his dick I could feel it getting harder. It was time for round two. We both stood up and locked ourselves in a passionate kiss and after a minute of kissing he held my thigh up his waist and picked me to push me agaist the wall. He was running his tounge on my boobs and I was feeling used and was loving the feeling. I wanted to get used more so I asked, " can I have that dick inside me again?" and he smiled, "craving for it? I don't get a lot of customers like you, so let me make the most of it?", "please doc I wana be used, fuck me like a whore, treat me like one, please doc" and kissed him again. He raised both my legs and stuck his dick into my pussy and I wrapped my legs around, he started stroking me, when he again picked me and dropped me on his table and started to fuck me. This time he was not soft or slow, he was rough and dirty, he kept fucking me from the top, and pounding his dick like a a****l, "you like that huh? You wana be used right, watch this!" and he was pumping my pussy, I was barely able to hold on to my orgasam and I came again, "fuuck I'm cuming again you're really making me cum", I grabbed the table and was holding on to it as his thurst were becoming harder. He removed his dick and I positioned myself on top of him again. I needed that dick inside me and I just took it all in, I bent forward to have my arms on his chest and he was fondling my boobs and I started to fuck him again. It was my turn to fuck him
and I was doing it. I was bouncing on his dick and was holding his hands to rub on my boobs, I was getting used by a old doctor but it felt good. I was bouncing on his dick like a whore and he was lying there enjoying my slim body on top of him. "honey I think you gonna make me cum", and I smiled and said, "I want that cum inside me", and suddenly he grunted and shot load after load into my pussy with pressure my head just tilted back and I was loving that f***e inside me, he Kept pumping and I felt it was never ending, the warm cum was oozing put on his dick and outside my pussy. I got up he just lay on the table. I got up to lay on the tereatment chair, sweat was runnig down my body and cum was oozing out of my pussy.

"you know doc, I have friend who likes this kind of treatment, you mind meeting her?" and he smiled and said, "she like you?", and I took out my phone from my bag and called Seema, "hello, oh hey listen I'm at the dentist and he is really good I think you should come over" and she replied saying she would be there in 10mins as she was close by. While I lay on the treatment chair doc was gettting hard again staring at my naked body, he got on top of me and started kissing me and suddenly we heared a knock on the door, "hey it's me Seema, can I come in?" and I just shouted, "yeaa please" and she opened the door to find the doc on top me. She quickly closed the door behind her. She was wearing a blue loose shirt and a black loose skirt. She walked up to me and said, "I thought you had finished", and she kissed me and watching us kiss doc's dick was getting harder. "doc you wana see what she got? Before I could do anything the doctor reached out to Seema and kissed her passionatley, I was just dumbstruck, they broke kiss and Seema said, "I'm very well known to him, I come here everymonth for a goood clean up", and she smiled and leaned forward to kiss me. Doctor was standing next to the treatment chair and started to undo Seema's clothes. Seema helped him to remove her shirt and skirt and he made Seema lean on top of me and started to pump her and with one hand started fingering me as well. He was really pumping and Seema was just moaning and asking for more and doc grunted "this feels great" and kept fucking Seema, "shit I wana cum doc you wana fill me up", he replied by pumping her harder and they both came together and he shot load after load in her pussy, "ooh fuck yaaaaaa ooooo fuck doc you're good" and he pumped the last drop inside Seema and she shevered I stood up and Seema sat on the chair with cum oozing out of her pussy. "thanks doc, that was amazing" and I kissed him. "now I know why Seema comes here so often, it was great" and we stood up to kiss him simultanously.

We all got dressed, and kissed the doc good bye and left the clinic. Near the car I said, "thanks babe it felt good" She just smiled and said, "anytime, oh by the way you're husband was over for a little fuck" I grined and said, "yours too but I told him a little later" and we broke into a laugh. "you know we should all do it together to break the ice, I think both our husbands would be fine", she leaned on my boot and said, "hmm. . . Sounds good why don't we have a husband swapping tonight?" we laughed and thought of a plan.

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Hey Cute. This is a great story it really got me hard. I can't wait until the next one..... Thanks M