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I was in my mid thirties, divorced and had a 20 year- old daughter and an 18- year old son. Struggling to make ends meet, I prostituted myself out sometimes to pay the bills. With only a high school degree I managed a corner market store. Living in a mostly black subdivision of town, the few men I slept with were mostly black. Not low life but working type men who wanted to rut with a sexy female. It seemed that they enjoyed dominating a young indian hindu woman and got off ramming their black cocks in me.

I tried to shield my son and daughter from this ugly part of my life and was successful until I had to have surgery on my right breast. My medical insurance was a joke and only paid for a third of the cost.

The bills really piled up and loss of job income really hurt since I was out of work for two weeks. It was late summer and my daughter would be back at college in two weeks. I needed money to buy school clothes and supplies. My son was going to live with his dad for the next year and would be leaving soon.

I called one of the black men that I had slept with. He was a fitness instructor at a local gym. henry made most of his money dealing d**gs and only used his job as a front. He had a lot of connections and was feared by many in the community. He furnished me with cocaine for my addiction and I gave sex in return. I told him that I needed to borrow some money to pay my medical, rent and utilities. He said that he would stop by after work.

He was a bit late but arrived at around 9 PM. My daughter, deepika, went to the door and let him in.

"Hello girl," he said as he entered the apartment. henry, 38 years old, was as black of a man as could be. Six foot three and thin but muscular. I had always thought he was so damn sexy because of his charcoal black skin and rippling muscles.

He came over and hugged me but never taking his eyes off of deepika. "I've only met your daughter a couple of times, she is a darling. How old is she?"

"deepika just turned 20. She is in junior college and is an honors student," I replied.

My daughter was very pretty. She was only 5'2" tall and had two good shape round and turquoise eyes. Her breasts had really began to blossom and she had a curvy bottom. Thinking this to myself I begin wondering about henry's infatuation with her. He kept looking at her and I alarmingly begin to think that he was aroused.

deepika walked over and asked henry about his watch. henry had a gold Rolex on his wrist and she thought it was so cool. She had a love for shiny jewelry, especially watches. Her father had a Rolex and perhaps that is where she began liking them. Made me wonder if perhaps her father fondled her at a young age. Damn, what am I thinking.

"henry, let me get my daughter and son to their rooms and then we can talk."

I returned to the living room and sat down with henry. 'I need money desperately. Could you loan me at least three thousand dollars, henry? I am so in debt from my surgery and other bills. You can have me sexually as much as you want ... I'll do anything. Please."

"Anything is a wide perimeter, girl. But, since you asked, there is one thing that would convince me to loan you money. Perhaps even give it to you free and clear," henry replied.

What henry? Just name the terms, please ... I responded.

"Your daughter deepika. I want that young girl badly. I want to take her to bed and have that pretty morsel lying against my black body with my cock inside her tight cunt. I will be gentle and she will soon enjoy pleasures she has not known before," henry adamantly stated.

."Oh please, not that henry. She is only 20 and she is still a virgin. I could never forgive myself. You are so big and she is so small. It would be terrifying to her." It horrified me that he wanted my daughter.

"Those are the terms. You must certainly know that I could bust in here and take her without your approval if I wanted to. She needs your support and you can make her ready if you do it the right way. I'm leaving now. You think about it for a couple of days and call me by Friday," henry stated as he walked out the door.

I was an emotional wreck the next two days and also out of d**gs. That was the turning point where I made shamefully made the decision to consider giving my daughter to him. When she came home from part time summer job on Friday, I asked deepika if she liked henry. She replied that for a black man, he was good looking and she certainly liked that shiny watch he wore.

"Mom, I know that you and him have sex. One time late at night when you thought I was asl**p, I quietly opened my bedroom door and sneaked into the hallway. I could hear you moaning and the bed squeaking. I slightly opened your bedroom door and watched him on top of you. His black buttocks was going up and down and your legs were wrapped around him. I had this strange sensation watching him on top of you. It excited me and I nervously played with myself until I got a dizzy feeling."

"Honey, I'm sorry that you had to witness that. It must have been scary for you at such an early age," I shockingly replied.

"Don't be sorry mom. I know about sex from other girls in high school and college that are doing it. I was just glad that you were enjoying it. You work so hard to take care of my b*****r and me. Besides, it was exciting to me."

It took a bit of courage but I popped the question. "Honey, henry likes you a lot. What if I invited him over for the evening? You could get to know him better and I'm sure he would like to give you and me some hugs. Would you like that?

"Yes mom, can we play some cards or other games?" she replied.

"Sure, I'm sure that henry will do whatever makes you happy," I sheepishly replied.

I was dumb struck at what my daughter admitted to me but it opened the opportunity to perhaps do what I never thought I would do ... let henry have his way with her. I called henry and asked him to come over Saturday afternoon.

Saturday came and my son went over to his friend's house for the night. I made some brownies with some pot in them. I enjoyed them anyway but I also thought they would help deepika to relax. Shamefully, I begin to get excited about my young daughter being with a black man. Perhaps jealous also. I had instructed my daughter to wear her nice checkered knee skirt along with a low cut blouse. She thought that was sexy. I agreed.

henry arrived at around six and I invited him to sit on the couch next to deepika. I served the brownies along with some tea. deepika asked henry if she could touch his watch and henry replied most certainly. I suddenly realized that I was out of ice and milk and told the two of them that I had to go to the store and the laundry. They nodded approval and I left. All of the time wondering just what would transpire while I was gone.

henry wasted little time and moved closer to deepika. He placed his arm around her shoulder while she played with his watch. She could not believe the contrast in their skin color. henry was so black in contrast to her indian hindu skin. It gave her goose bumps just touching him. henry made friendly conversation for about ten minutes as he nudged her closer to him. The brownies were taking effect on her and she was becoming a bit high.

With his left arm around her shoulder, his hand crept lower to her blouse and a few black fingers were near her breast. deepika was steady talking, showing her yearbook to him and giggling. henry slowly placed his right hand on her knee slightly rubbing it. deepika rubbed his Rolex as his hand moved closer around her breast.

"Do you have a boyfriend," henry inquired. "Sort of but don't tell mom," she whispered.

"deepika, you are a very pretty young lady with a nice figure," as his hand patted her on her breast.

"Mr. henry, I don't think it is proper for you to touch my breast. I've never had a man do that. It feels good, especially with that gold watch on your wrist. My mother would not approve. Please, don't do that," deepika requested.

"Your mother knows that I like you. Are you nervous being with me," henry asked.

"A little bit sir. Mom asked me to entertain you but I feel helpless being with a black man so much older than me. I thought that we were going to play some games or cards."

"deepika, just look into my eyes and feel my body next to you ... You are a budding young lady and you need to experience the joys of womanhood. Here, give me a big hug," henry softly spoke

She was becoming excited in a way she had never known. She blushed as he hugged her. henry turned and placed his lips on her small mouth and pressed his tongue into her mouth. It shocked her but she didn't resist. He glided his hand up her skirt and his fingers touched her above her knees. His left Rolex adorned wrist began massaging her young indian hindu breast. deepika wiggled in his clutch. Somewhat afraid but exciting feelings were roaming through her young body. Then, his two fingers pressed into her vagina as her bodily fluids lubricated her. This big black man now had her in his clutches.

"Please don't do that. My mother would not approve. It feels so good but it is so wrong," deepika whispered.

She felt helpless and yet her loins were on fire from his touching her. Almost hypnotized, she was lowering her guard. "What if mom comes in the door?"

henry pulled out his cell phone and called her mother. "How long before you return "Her mother said she would be gone for perhaps an hour and asked if deepika was okay. "She is fine, take your time. henry replied

henry hung up the phone and again pulled deepika to him. His hand back under her skirt and arm around her shoulder.

She was shivering from an invasion of her body with black arms all over her. As she placed her hand in his lap, she felt his hard cock. "Oh my gosh, I did not mean to do that, please don't take that the wrong way," she pleaded.

"Is that the first time you touched a man's private? henry whispered in her ear. He held her wrist and pressed her hand firmly on his hard cock. deepika became curiously excited but also very nervous where this was going.

It was then that henry unzipped his pants and let his hard black cock reveal itself. Throbbing and almost hard, his 9 inch block cock made it's presence.

deepika was reeling from this experience and then to see this black cock sticking up was overwhelming.

"Go ahead little girl and touch it. Won't hurt you.: henry said.

deepika placed her small indian hindu hand on his black cock and was amazed as to the size and blackness to it.

As henry kept kissing her, deepika, losing control of her senses, began stroking his black manhood. It became harder and to the point that henry realized that it was time to impale this young indian hindu girl.

deepika couldn't believe that she was becoming submissive with one black hand fondling her breast, black fingers inside of her vagina, kissing him while holding on to his black shaft. It was awesome. She trembled as he pressed her closer.

Then this big black man gently pushed her to the couch on her side. She felt her skirt being pulled down. Her panties were wet but henry pulled them off. As he removed his pants he whispered into her ear. "Girl, I'm going to make a woman out of you, just relax."

deepika was nervous. She wished that her mother could be there with her for support. She gazed at the large naked black man lying on his side while cuddling her. He then pulled her left leg up as he fingered her vagina. It was moist and he directed his throbbing black cock to her entrance.

henry slowly pressed his black cock head into her vagina. deepika felt pain and yelped. "Shiii girl ... don't make any sounds ... just relax and let my manhood enter your body. I'll be gentle. See there, it will be feeling good in no time."

She was slowly becoming impaled on a big black cock. She had never witnessed this type of pain or pleasure. His black cock had opened her up and within minutes inch by inch slowly pressed into her. An orgasm shot through her. She was only 20 years old and being surrendered to a black man. His black lips held her mouth captive as her arms were to her side being held by two muscular black arms. She was now completely submissive.

Meantime, her mother was taking her time during her trip to the store She was afraid of what she would come home to. She knew that by this time that her young daughter was probably being black fucked. Mom then decided to stop at a local bar for a few drinks. She felt guilty. She wouldn't admit to herself that what she had done was very wrong.

Back at the apartment, deepika was being filled with black cock. Her black invader almost had almost 6 inches of throbbing black cock in her by now. She was groaning but the pain was decreasing.

All of a sudden ... she pleaded with the henry not to cum in here. "Please, please ... don't cum in me.' henry had other ideas. He wanted to fill her young belly with his African seed Another inch pressed in he began to stroke her. Rolling over on top, he pressed more into her young indian hindu vagina. Her small legs begin shaking as another orgasm shot through her. henry's black arms were around her small back and holding her captive to his blackness. Now his black cock was actually pulling her bottom up from the couch as it completely filled her. deepika's mouth was wide open and her turquoise eyes were in tears. henry's sweat poured on her.

henry could hold it no longer. His black cock erupted, sending ounces of African seed into her belly. deepika's body shook with an orgasm at the same time. Her eyes were wide but in a gaze. She was full of black dick and cum. This black man was sucking on her small mouth the whole time. Her small legs released themselves from his buttocks and fell to the couch. henry continued to stroke her as her head bobbled up and down.

It was the best fuck of henry's life. Here a young indian hindu girl had been put to his black cock and deflowered. He watched her lay motionless on the couch as he struggled up. His black cock was still dribbling as he saw his cum oozng out of her small vagina. He was not finished yet. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed.

About that time, her mother was entering the door.

She was almost d***k and wobbled over to a chair. "henry, how is my young darling doing?'

"She is just fine. And, a woman at the age of 20. I've never had such pleasure with sex as I had with her. I gave her just about all the black dick a young female could take. After resting, I'm going to have her again. Why don't you do a few lines of coke I have here and watch me do her again. You will certainly get off watching me fuck her," henry proudly remarked.

Mom was already high but did the lines of coke anyway.

henry called on his cell phone and contacted a friend of his. "I have a buddy of mine that is coming over and he is a stud. Let's make this a f****y affair. You can get fucked at the same time your daughter is,"henry quipped.

Within 30 minutes his friend showed up. He was also very black and even taller than henry. After a couple of drinks and snorts, henry/s black friend led her mother into the bedroom. After stripping off their clothes he laid her on the bed. Within only a minute or two he had his black dick grinding in me.

henry came in and awoke deepika. She heard her mother being fucked in the other bedroom. henry sat down on Tammy's bed and held her head. His black cock was almost hard again and he guided he head to his dick head.

"Please, don't make me suck you,"deepika pleaded.

"You will enjoy it. Open those small pretty lips," henry demanded.

deepika nervously took hold of his black manhood and looked up at him as she placed her mouth on his black cock. Her mother could see through her open door into her bedroom. She tilted her head and watched her young daughter begin sucking on henry's black cock. Her small head bobbled up and down as she sucked and swallowed his black tool. henry's hands were on her head not letting her escape. deepika's eyes were again wide and still looking up at her black captor.

"Oh girl, that feels so good. Your mouth is as pretty as your face is. Don't worry, I'm not going to cum in your mouth. I'm saving it for your bottom. I want it there," henry eagerly expressed.

Meanwhile, mom was getting a 10 inch black cock rammed into her. She was making all kinds of sounds as she had her legs wrapped around is black torso. Her head was bouncing up and down as he relentlessly humped her. This was one black bull.

henry finally released deepika's head and reached down to pick her up. He raised her to his waist as he guided his hard black cock to her entrance. deepika instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders for support. She then felt his cock head enter her. It was less painful than before but still noticeable. henry's black arms held her back as he began to press more of his cock into her.

Even though her mother was in orgasmic joy, she couldn't take her eyes off of her daughter impaled on henry's black manhood. Watching her young daughter being blacked was now a turn on. She watched her daughter wiggle as henry was loosening his hold on her Gravity pulled her bottom down on more of his black cock. His black meat was stretching her small vagina. deepika was panting as her young loins were being filled. Her good shape round were flapping around as her head tossed. As henry pressed all but a couple of inches into her, Her small body began to shake. henry could not hold it any longer as he began spewing his jism into her body. She was in orgasmic joy.

Her small frail arms dropped from his black shoulders and dangled on her sides. The big black man clutched her small indian hindu body releasing all his cum in her. henry then walked around the bedroom with her still impaled on his black cock ... as if to show a trophy ... deepika was motionless. Her small vagina had been filled by a very big black man. His cum was dripping from her ankles.

henry told her mom that he was taking her home for the weekend. Although she objected, henry made it clear that her daughter would be his for another night. deepika showered, dressed and was led out of the house by henry.

deepika did not return on Sunday. henry called and said that she would be with him and his roommate the rest of the week. It had became clear that it was inevitable she would be black seeded. deepika would have a big black dick in her for many days in the future.
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