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Hi! My name is Andrew! I’m a 5.4 feet tall, with some cute beer belly, crew cut light brown haired guy, blue eyes. My friends say I have a big noseJ but it’s not that I should worry about! Men of my f****y have always been stocky, and thickset. So a big nose and stocky figure are not a trouble! I’m working in a Western City College as a tutor of English Literature. I teach student best masterpieces of Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, and so I am in my whole best! I have plenty of students, most of them I don’t even know by names, but some of them are very gifted and persevering. Tammy is one of them. Actually, she is my best student, and I’m very proud to teach such a good hard studying and zealous student as her. Well, now let me tell you about one crucial thing that changed my life. Once, Tammy was writing a term project on English classicism, so she asked me for help. She called me suggesting that we meet for an easy drink and solve her troubles. Naturally, I agreed. She suggested a gay bar near her home and we agreed to meet at 7pm. I know one interesting thing about her. Tammy is a lesbian who is in a relationship with a beautiful, tall, sexy woman. Jodi is her name. She is quite masculine in her manner, but yet she is well built and very sexy.

When I entered the dimly lit small bar, Tammy was already there and was talking to some of her friends. She introduced me to them and I bought some drinks for the group. Tory, one of Tammy’s friends was a very attractive, tall, light colored girl, sun tanned and slim legged. She had a sexy, almost charming voice, which intrigued me. She was very feminine and tender, and had a nice, but small boobs and a tight ass. In her heels she was taller than me and I liked her sharp eyes looking down at me. Then she told me about her problem, and we discussed the matter. In the end, I told her I would give her some books on the topic, and we would sort things out. After a couple of drinks and some laughter and fun, Tammy had to leave, but I decided to stay and continue my conversation with Tory. Tammy did not say anything to me about Tory. She certainly knew that Tory a tranny, but didn’t say anything. It was not until out first affairs when I found out that she was a shemale! But at that moment I had no idea who was standing by my side. May be she thought I knew or perhaps she hoped I would figure out. Whatever, I had no idea about her true sex and, in fact, never care it.

Tory and I got to telling jokes and laughing, soon we hugged and kissed a bit and were having a gorgeous time together. Around 9 pm she suggested we go to her apartment, and proceed having drinks at hers. I thought that sounded great. The thought of getting on with this beautiful girl was just exciting me.

Tory’s apartment was a small, only one bedroom unit, not far from the bar, so we drove in her car leaving my Nissan Premiera at the bar. Before we pulled over her house, we kissed again and now it was long and so passionate. I felt her tits gently. She didn’t object to my advances, so I guessed that things were getting right.

I found some CD’s on her table and put them on. She appeared to like soft and nice music. It sounded very exciting. I did not recognize the artists and had never heard of them, but I liked the rhythm. We opened a couple of beers and began kissing again shortly after that. After a few moments of caressing her boobs, she put her hand down on my now growing hard-on. She smiled and said: “Oh, God, Andrew! You are hard already.” At that point I reached my hand under her dress and let my hand ride up to the pussy that I expected to find. You can imagine the shocked look on my face, when I discovered (!!!!!) that Tory had a large, hard cock hidden under her silky panties! Damn! Hell! That was something!

I looked into her eyes with shock on my face and she said: “You didn’t expect that, did you?” I couldn’t say a word! She asked me again: “Have you ever had fun with girls with surprise?” I just shock my head. “Well, you are in for good fun” she smiled rubbing my crotch. At that point my mind rushed over what to do. My car was at the bar and I was hot, hard and ready to have sex. I felt flushed at the thought of what she would do with that big cock. Guessing my thoughts she questioned: “Would you like to take a closer look at it?” I said, yes, I would. She began unzipping my pants and suggested getting naked. I said nothing but soon we were naked and I was standing next to her. She was several inches taller than me.

I have always enjoyed having some bdsm session and loved being dominated by strong sexy women. Now, it appeared as I whished, I was about to be dominated by a purely beautiful shemale! While she stoked my cock she remarked: “God, you don’t have a very large cock, do you?” I admitted that coz it was true. Actually, I had a 4.7 inches long meat, however I never cared about that. Now the shame and embarrassment of my small sized cock made me feel very submissive. She finally said: “Andrew, have a look at what a cock is supposed to look like!” She pulled my hand down to feel it and I received an electric shock when I touched it. She was at least 8 inches long and much thicker than mine.

She was indeed a woman in all sides, except that. She asked me: “Have you ever sucked a cock before, darling?” I said that I haven’t. But it was something I had often fantasized about, but never experienced. “Well, Andrew, you are about to have your first cock”. Fear filled me as I realized that there was no turning back now, and that I was considered to begin what I had fantasized for so long! Tory pulled my head down to her massive erection and said that she needed me to suck on her shaft. Soon it was in my mouth, as deep as my throat could take it. And I was sucking on it hungrily. It felt good and I liked the taste. I should say that the thought of what I was doing was very exciting.

We had not put a condom on and I was nervous about her cumming in my mouth. But soon, she pulled me up and pushed me down on the couch on my back. She pulled my legs up over her shoulders and put her cock at the door to my ass. “Now, my good white slut, you are going to get fucked!” I just moaned. She guided it in slowly at first, and soon she was all the way in my ass. She pulled back, then lid in. Then she began fucking my ass. I was moving up and down, on fire with passion and soon shot a load all over my crotch. My cum splashed onto her breast and cock. She pulled out and said: “All right, you slut, lick your cum off my cock! I knew you would cum fast. All you white guys with tiny cocks do that!” Soon, she was back on top of me, only this time she was sitting on my chest. She put her cock to my lips and said: “Suck it, slut!”

This time she shot a huge load down my throat. I was amazed at how good it felt. It was warm, salty and thick. I swallowed it all. She jerked off, draining her balls and directing more cum down my throat. Then she said: “So good! You will be my white slut slave from now!” Suddenly I realized that I now was her slave. I would have to do what she wanted, when she wanted it. I had no choice. She might tell Tammy and she would tell my wife and I would be in real trouble. So, here I am, 3 years later, still serving my beautiful tranny. I love her and will do whatever she wants. I love being her slut slave.

For other white guys with small dicks who cannot satisfy a woman, I suggest they should find some big cocks to serve their wife. They can sit on the couch and watch their wives getting fucked. Or become a good cocksucker, like I do.
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fantastic made me cum all over myself
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good could use some more detail