Shower Time - Part 2

By current request on my profile! ** Warning it contains watersports/pissing fetish**

I start to stir from our wonderful nap. It's still very bright outside so we haven't been asl**p all that long. It was still long enough though that I notice I've really got to pee. I start to move and suddenly am grabbed by you and kissed deeply. You thank me for our session earlier in the shower and I just smile. I try to get up again but you hold me close and purposely keep me there. I mention that you best not squeeze too hard because I really need to pee. You just laugh slightly and smile.

We lay close together for a few moments. My arm resting across your leg, my hand softly caressing your cock but not being too teasing about it. Your arm wrapped around my shoulder and my head resting on your arm. I'm very comfortable except that I still really have the urge to get up and pee. I mention this to you and the only response is that I didn't go that long ago and that I could hold it just a little longer. You really didn't want to let the moment end.

Suddenly I move my arm just a bit and by accident I press my elbow softly into a spot just above your cock. You jump a bit and I feel your tummy tense. I ask what is wrong and you just mention that I'm not the only one that needs to go but that you don't have to so urgently. I smile and apologize for it and rest my head back on your arm. I begin to drift off a bit as I find myself comfortable but then I feel you start to squirm a bit and I stir again. It's definitely been a lazy day and a much needed one.

I curl up tight against you and look up at you with a smile. I move my hand back down to your cock and start to rub it softly again. I notice though that this time there is just a bit of wetness at the tip of your cock. I can't remember you getting hard at all and look at you with that questioned looked. You just shrug your shoulders. I again smile and just keep softly caressing your cock. You do start to twitch a bit from my touch and even start to get slightly hard.

I moan softly as I feel you throb again and move myself onto my elbow. Softly pressing on your lower tummy again to get myself up. As I do so, you winch a bit. I remember what you told me earlier and figured that well your already getting hard so I might as well help you get your mind off of it. I pull the sheet that is covering us and "hide" myself under it. You moan softly as I flick the tip of your cock with my tongue. I feel you throb and notice that the bit of wetness that I felt earlier didn't taste like cum or precum and realize that you have lost a few drops yourself at some point. I don't mind the taste at all and suddenly take the entire head of your cock and bit more into my mouth. You moan out and place your hand on my back as I suck softly.

I move just slightly to grab your cock with my hand but as I do so I again press into your lower tummy and this time you gasp and almost shout out that was too much as a warning. I only think of it as though your going to fuck my mouth again as you've done so many times before and brace myself for you to grab me and take me. But this time I was wrong. You pull the sheet off of us and do indeed try to grab me but to get me to move from your cock before you let go. I resist it because I don't know what is about to happen.

Suddenly you grunt and tell me your so very sorry as you again try to pull back from me. I still wonder why but in moments I find out. You almost go completely stiff and suddenly my mouth is filled with a spurt. I didn't think you were anywhere being close to cumming and in split seconds I realize your not but instead have actually lose a spurt of piss into my mouth! You look down at me very worried because you weren't sure if you lost it totally or not and I just look up at you lovingly with your cock in my mouth, a small trickle of wetness dripping down your cock and me swallowing.

I pull your cock from my mouth and again you apologize. This time I tell you not to worry about it and that I actually liked it. I even brought your hand down to my crotch for you to feel exactly how wet I got from the whole thing. With a moan as you touch my wetness, I move back down to your cock with my mouth. Licking and sucking but having such a problem getting your fully hard. I move into a better position for you to finger me while I sucked on your cock. The whole time trying not to loose your hand touching me or your cock that is in my mouth. Doing so though had caused me to remember that I still had to go as well. I'm almost in place as you suddenly slide your finger into my wet slit. The timing of you doing this and the movement I made also caused me to loose a bit all over your hand. Although I feared you'd be upset, all I hear from you is a hard deep moan and a thrust of your cock into my mouth.

I figure you liked it and regain my control as I continued to suck on you. It seems that this holding, pleasing, loosing game that we're playing is turning you on to no extent and soon you're as hard as ever. You continue to fuck my mouth with your cock and my pussy with your fingers. I'm now dripping wet and about to climax all over your fingers. I can also sense that your about ready to explode in my mouth. I eagerly await it as you suddenly thrust your cock deep down my throat and your fingers deep into my pussy and let yourself go. You can feel my pussy milking your fingers and my mouth sucking your cock for all I'm worth as you cum. I eagerly swallow every drop that you give me.

I feel your cock start to loose it's hardness quite quickly after cumming and I suspect I know why. Suddenly you realize you've relaxed a bit too much and try to warn me again. With all of the activities going on, you have completely forgotten about having a dieing need to piss. I feel a gush in my mouth again and realize it isn't cum anymore. I moan around your cock as I press on your lower tummy in order to fuel the spurt you were giving me. You look at me in complete awe. I wanted to let you know that it was ok and that I was excited by it. I showed that by letting go myself while your fingers were still buried deep inside of my pussy.

I hear you moan as I do so with almost a gush of piss all over your hand and arm. All I feel is the need to fuck your fingers and try to regain control but I fear it is too late. I just can't control it anymore and stop the flood. I let go all over your hand and suddenly I feel you pull your fingers from me and get me somehow to move over your chest. Once there you place your fingers back into my cunt and continue fucking it. This in turn just gets me to release faster and harder but now all over your body and chest.... even splashing your face a bit.

I don't know if I should be turned on, embarrassed or cry but somehow I figure your enjoying it from the reacting of you reaching down and stroking your cock while the head is still in my mouth. I moan and as I do I spray you hard. I feel your cock jump and suddenly a moan from you tells me your gonna cum again... or at least I thought so. I release your cock from my mouth in hopes that I'll be sprayed this time but instead of receiving a face full of cum I end up getting sprayed by you piss instead. I jump at first but then find the feel and taste so wonderful that I just rest my head in more and let you spray me. I can hear you moan a small sorry that you can't control it anymore but I know in my mind that you aren't sorry at all and that your turned on beyond belief. You're almost totally hard and still pissing full f***e into my pretty little face. I even at times take your cock into my mouth while your still pissing just to take a taste and to let your stream hit my mouth while it was open.

God I'm so turned on and I noticed that I have finished myself but that your still in full stream. I moan as I place my mouth wrapped around your cock once more but this time I wrap my lips tight and start to drink you piss right from your hard cock. I know you can't have much left so I just drink it all down. Mmmm.. it's so nice and hot. It goes down quite easily. When you've finished and you can feel it, you start to stroke your cock fast and hard. I know you're now turned on beyond belief and will cum within moments. I keep my mouth wrapped around your cock and soon am rewarded with yet another hot dose of your cum right into my mouth... I suck and swallow every drop given!

I lay there for a moment before I realize it's getting a bit chilly and suggest we get up, dry off a bit and change the bedding. It's a good thing we use waterproof sheets anyhow because of our more sexual actives. We get up, change the bed, grab a quick shower and head off for an evening of something to eat and some more restful actives.
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3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
That was awesome. Thanks.