Shower Time - Part 1

A little something that I wrote. ** Warning it contains watersports/pissing fetish*

It's been a lazy Saturday. We have spent most of the morning sl**ping in after a very long week. After I've made a very late breakfast for the both of us, you decide that you should at least get a shower. It is very warm outside and I offer to join you so I could get a chance to cool off as well as get some extra time with you. You agree and we head downstairs to the bigger of the two showers.

As usual we're both not wearing much, after all what is the need if there isn't anyone else around. You start the shower and test it with your hand to make sure it is a bit on the cool side but that it's still comfortable to stand under without catching a chill. I walk up behind you as you are bent over the bathtub and lightly grab your wonderfully full feeling balls with my hand and gently start to rub them. You moan softly but urge me to stop, for what reason I'm unsure. You motion to me that the shower is ready and that you will join me in a moment but first you needed to pee very badly after feeling the cool water. I make a fuss that it'll only take a couple of minutes to grab a shower and ask you to join me now before and just get it over with. You hesitate but join me anyways.

The water is cool but nice, especially with the warmth of the weather. Your body feels strong and smooth under my touch as I begin to soap you up. I just love how you feel against me when we're both have a nice layer of body wash on. As usual I start from your legs and start to slowly work my way up, being careful that I get in every little place as I do. I've knelt down in front of you in order to reach the lowest places first. You moan softly again as I start to massage your legs or at least I believe that to be the reason. I am more then taking my time with washing you, our showers together have got to be one of my more favored thing to do together. Suddenly I have this feeling that the water for some reason was getting a bit warmer then normal and I look up at you only to be caught in a long, hard stream of your piss. I jump back startled and with that you also startle causing your stream to die. I lick my lips as I catch my breath and realize you did hit my face quite directly. At first I am not sure what to think but then go through it in my mind and realize that it really isn't all that bad. In fact I think it's rather hot and with that I look up at you with a reassuring look and a sexy whisper of, "are you going to share anymore of that with me?". With that offer I leaned back against the bathtub and started to finger my pussy hard. I was already wet from just feeling your wet body against me and even more now with what has happened.

You look down at me with much question in your eyes and then ask me if I'm sure I really want you to do more. I only respond by opening my mouth wide with a look of sure and utter want in my eyes. As I do, you respond exactly how I was hoping you would and start to let your stream go again. First starting at where my hand is, splashing over it and my pussy. I continue to play, rubbing your piss in as you start to direct yourself over my body, moving upward ever so slowly. I figure that if you had just completely lost control before that you must have quite a bit saved up and just leaned back a bit more and let you do as you wished with it. Still offering a very open mouth, you aim right for it. Filling it completely before I let it splash back out all over me.
I lean forward and to your complete surprise, I take your cock into my mouth. You gasp and moan my name as I do. You can't believe that I'm doing this even though your still in the middle of pissing but your loving every minute of it. Only a moment passes before you've filled my mouth and I've started to let it dribble from mouth. Before you have completely finished though, I have slid your cock from my mouth and begged you to see if you can stop the flow again because I have a much better idea for the rest. As requested you manage only barely to stop the flow but you warn me you wouldn't be able to stop it for long.

I get up from sitting in the bathtub, turn around and bend over in front of you. I ask you since your hard anyways if you'd be willing to slide into me for a quick fuck. In the back of my mind I was planning to use the last of this "round" of piss back in the bedroom where I could properly spread my legs so you could hit my nice wet pussy better. You are more then willing to fulfill my request and slide into my tight little slit. I hear you moan again. I start to move back and forth along your cock. Before I really start to get wild on you though, you grab my hips and warn me that you really can't hold it anymore. You however said this a bit too late as I already feel losing it. Before I know it your filling my pussy with your golden cum. Feeling it so hot and so deep inside me. You very quickly fill my pussy to capacity and we both can feel it dripping out of me at quite a rate. You start to pull back a bit but with that movement I push back, almost forcing you to thrust your hips back at me.

You have finally given into the idea that I'm truely turned on by this play and figure you'll have a little fun with what you have left. You pull from me slightly while holding my hips to make sure I didn't move back on you. You grab your cock and start to spray my ass and my back with the last few squirts. I moan and almost cum with that alone.

Finally with the last few drips of your piss left against my now soaked body, you thrust yourself very quickly back into my hot little cunt. You hear me moan and feel me contract around your cock as though it were in a vise of some sort. You've pushed me over my edge, making me climax hard around your cock. I almost wither against you but feel you start to fuck me. Between our unexpected piss playing and me climaxing around your cock, you too are on the edge.

You grab my hips and slam your cock into me hard and deep. I hear you whisper to me that you are going to give me just a hard quick fuck because of how close you are. I only response is to thrust back against you as you come forward again. Only a few strokes of this though and you are already digging into my skin. I can feel your cock filling me so completely. Suddenly I hear you grunt loudly, almost screaming. I can feel your cock throbbing deep inside of me. Only a moment later and I feel your cum fill me. As in most cases when we get this hot together, I climax myself again just from the feeling of your hot cum.

After a few moments to gain our strength, we come out of our little fantasy and back to reality. We're back under our cool shower but not soaped up anymore. You suggest, with a heavy breath, that we should finish up and go lay down. For some reason I completely agree with you, the fact of my legs feeling like jelly might not have anything to do with it.

This time we just finish ourselves up and rinse off. So tired from our playtime we just go into the bedroom, lay down, cuddle up and drift off in each other's arms.
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3 years ago
Great story, please tell us more!
3 years ago
Very hot, love golden showers. xx
3 years ago
would of loved doing that with you and then having you sit on my face and given me a golden creampie , very sexy experience
3 years ago
Thanks for the nice story! See it happening before my eyes! Well done!