the couple who schooled me

I had to of been about 20 back then, a girl I had kind of hung out with would always tease me about my breasts and how she wished hers were have the size of mine. We would go drink and she would pull stupid stuff like squeeze them or poke at all the time. Even sometimes squeezing my ass. Ill admit I fooled around with women and even went all the way into straight female sex before however her being a friend I didnt see it like that. One night after heavy drinking neither of us were capable to drive so she called her boyfriend. He came shortly after and she said was it cool if I just crashed on her couch and they would take me in the morning to get my car. I said fine but really just wanted to go home. After we got to their house she poured us a glass of wine which I refused, but she said "its ok taste this!" and put her mouth on mine and slowly licked around my lips and then caressing my tongue with hers. Ok this got me turned on! She asked if I was into role play but said I never really tried. She said how about you pretend to be the bitch next door fucking my boyfriend and I catch you but reverse it on you two. I thught it sounded fun but kin of crazy. But again you only live once. So how do I start she said and at that dmoment her boyfriend pulled my shirt over my head and had my bra unsnapped in id say under 10 seconds. He licked and massaged my,tits til my clit was swollen. Pulling down my panties my friend walks into the room and says "WHAT THE FUCK YOU TWO THINK YOU'Re DOING? I was shocked cause I thought this was suppose to happen. She says Its bitches like you who take all our good men. You want him that bad here suck his cock, and pulled his Dick out with one hand and d pushed my face towards it with,her other hand. Continuous she yelled suck it harder,faster dirty slut and would even slap my bare ass. Then as he layed back on his recliner she said now watch how its done and climbed on top his Dick and rode him reverse cow girl insisting I watch her while rubbed her clit. I was alil to shy to rub my own but was very wet at this point. She climbed off and f***ed me to suck all her juices of his cock and it was my turn to ride. I got on cowgirl and he pulled my head down to his while licked my neck and I could feel her licking and massaging my ass while she rubbed his balls. I spanked many times as well and called a whore,slut,bitch you name it. She said get off so she could taste me and sucked on him, licking her lips she said yummy. She instructed me to lay on the floor while she started eating my pussy. He was inside her doggystyle. Not really wanting to watch I just closed my eyes. I did orgasim after that and she said switch me. So I did, I was licking her clit while her boyfriend was fucking me super hard then he came inside,me. She got super pissed but told me to not move. She slid under me and with a finger and her tongue sucked all his cum out of pussy. After that I laid on the couch and in the morning she took me to my car and we never talked about that night
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Thank you ; )
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excellent! would love to hear more....