first time oral bi threesome (mmf)

Following on from my last true story about my bi experiences,there is one more bi experience that i would like to share, that i cant any where else.

I have accepted that i am orally bi if the situation arises but i am generally straight and prefer women. I am 5 ft 9, athletic build and a 7 inch uncut cock.

Last summer i was invited to a friends stag do on the south coast, i agreed to book once i had my job security confirmed. Once booked i was in a small B&B a couple miles from my friends and i had also driven up separately. This would mean that i would be free on the sunday after the stag do (no shared drives home etc).

The night before the stag do i completed an internet search for strip clubs etc for the stag and came upon a naturist/swinger spa that did not require membership and you could simply pay on the door. It sounded interesting, so i made a note of the address, just in case.

After a drink fueled night out, i returned back to the B&B and woke the next morning with a hangover. I had breakfast, a walk along the beach and back. I would be over the limit to drive. I remembered the spa would open at 1 pm, so i thought why not and got a taxi there.

The spa was situated next to a convenience store which had people outside and the nerves got hold of me, so i walked down the road to build up courage to go into one of these places. I walked back and the people had gone from outside the shop and i entered the spa. I paid the £20 and had the rules explained to me (no touching no means no and if a door is shut do not go in).

I was buzzed into the locker room and stripped down, locked my clothes away and got a towel. I then entered the venue which was quiet, had a shower and then jumped in the jacuzi. There was a guy in the jacuzi, who i had a polite chat with, who said that it can be hot and miss here and enjoy the facilities without expectation of getting anything. A couple in the 60s got in he jacuzi, followed by 4 men. The couple got out and left (must be intimidating with blokes following you around).

I got out of the jacuzzi and went up stairs and there was a viewing room, 2 private rooms and a large room with 3 double beds and a large screen playing porn on the wall. There were a couple of guys watching the porn and then i heard a couple come up the stairs and enter the viewing room. I went to the viewing room glass and saw the couple who were in there 40s fucking each other in different positions and the woman looking up watching the guys watching her. The couple then got up and went down stairs after their show of exhibitionism. I went back to the large room and watched the porn with now 8 guys, with towels covering their cocks.

I was thinking of heading home, i had seen some action and it did not look like anything else would happen. Then just as i was about to leave the 40s couple came up and sat on the centre king size bed and started watching the porn. I looked around at them and she was wanking him off and he was fingering her whilst they watched the porn. I started watching them with the other guys instead of the porn. he guy in the couple then slid his cock into the woman whilst they were laying on their sides and they started to slowly fuck. This seemed to be a signal and one of the guys sat on the bed next to her and she started to stroke his cock, another guys joined from the other side and she started wanking his cock. another guy then squeezed in and started having his cock sucked.

All the guys towels were off and they were wanking to the show, here i was watching a woman wank 2 guys suck one guy whilst be fucked ny her partner. It was hot, i was keen to be involved and sat on the bed and started kissing her stomach and then down to her pussy. I then slowly started to lick her clit as she was being fucked, watching his thick 8 inch cut cock slide in and out of her. The cock slipped out and briefly my tongue touched the tip of the cock. This happened again, this was not an accident, but a test i realised to see if i was bi, i again licked the clit and cock tip acting as if it was an accident as well. The guy then got up and invited me into a private room with his wife.

They introduced them selves as Dave and Sue, i was not sure what to do or how to proceed, this was my first threesome and a chance to fulfil my ultimate bi fantasy. Dave was about the same height and build as me with a bigger cock than me and Sue was 5 foot 2 sexy chubby lady with short dark hair.

I laid down by Sue and started to kiss her whilst i played with her clit, slowly rubbing it and turning her on. I then felt Daves hand on my cock followed by his wet lips, Dave was sucking me from a semi to very hard, expertly rolling his tongue over my sensitive cock head, i groaned with pleasure,all the while passionately kissing Sue and rubbing her clit.

Dave then moved up the bed (probably did not want me to cum to soon)and put his cock between me and Sues kissing mouths, we french kissed over the cock head and then i kissed down Daves shaft as Sue sucked and licked his cock head, i kissed daves balls and then ran my tongue up his thick shaft and kissed sue at the top of his cock. I then slowly went down on Dave, taking his cock as far as i could in my mouth and back up again, swirling my tongue around his cock head. Sue said that she gets really turned on wet by watching guys suck each other. I was enjoying living out my fantasy.

I then slid my cock into Sue and fucked her in the missionary position, sucking and kissing Daves cock with Sue as i pumped into her. Dave then swapped with me and fucked Sue whilst sucking my cock and Sue was breathing heavily and groaned loudly as she orgasmed. The Vinyl covered bed we were on was wet with Sue's juices and our sweat.

I asked if i could be the bottom of a 69 while Dave fucks Sue, which was answered with Sue sitting on my face and starting to suck my cock. I licked her wet pussy and clit. Then Dave entered her and i could see his hard cock pump slowly into her as i licked her clit. Every now and then he would pul his penis out and slide it into my mouth and i would taste her juices from Daves cock. Dave would then slide his cock back in and i would go back to licking the clit. Sue was groaning with pleasure and orgasmed releasing more juices that brushed my mouth and run down the inside of her legs. Sue climbed off me and watched as David sucked my cock and then proceed to wank me off, breathing heavily i said i was going to cum, and Dave wanked me quickly and i shot my cum so hard that it travelled at least 4 foot onto the bed beside me. Dave wanked me until i wnet soft.

We then proceeded to clean up the sexy mess we had made and showered, with my last word being thank you to them.

Wow my ultimate fantasy was achieved.

Thanks for reading my experience.

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9 days ago
2 years ago
Wow! I love that idea - being under a woman while a cock slides into her. The view! The taste! The smell of spunk and cunt juice in my nostrils. Lucky you, fucking on vinyl sheets too
2 years ago
great fun adventure - thanks for sharing
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing...although I am insanely jealous now, LOL.
3 years ago
Way HOT! Jealous.
3 years ago
damn that was hott!!
3 years ago
great story thanks
3 years ago
Ex-wife and I expierenced the 69 position mentioned here many times with a friend named Tim with a 10" cock
3 years ago
Very hot story. Wish I was there.
3 years ago
wow I wish
3 years ago
i'd love to experience the same thing. jealous
3 years ago
My fantasy is to be in that exact same situation. Wish I could find a spa like that around my house. Great story.
3 years ago
That was fun bath houses and spas are the best thanks
3 years ago
Very HOT story, so damn sexy. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
outstanding hope to that myself sometime
3 years ago