The wrong bus, Part 2

This is part two of the story. Please remember I did not write this story I love it so much that I want to post it and share it with the rest of you. If you want to show some appreciation please give it to the original author her email is at the bottom of the story.

The wrong bus, Part 2
By Sissy Trisha

I woke up with my alarm ringing in my ear and jumped out of bed realizing
I was still wearing my bra and panties from yesterday. Suddenly the
entire day flashed back in my head, being caught by Master Harold and
blackmailed into being his sissy slut at his house. The humiliating ride
home on the bus with his dried cum on my face.

I only vaguely remember getting home and collapsing into bed to tired to
do anything else. I strip out of my lingerie and toss it on the floor and
head off to get ready for work. I have the water turned up particularly
hot scrubbing his cum off my face and trying to get clean again. Finally
I dry off and shave and head to my dressers to get clothes for the day.
Opening my underwear drawer I suddenly remember that he told me I had to
wear a bra and panty all the time from now on. I decide that I had better
be safe and wear them for now until I know if this guy is for real or if
hopefully I will never hear from him again. I select a set of light blue
satin hipsters and a matching Victoria's secret lace bra. I than remember
his command that I throw out all my boy underwear as I pick up my
panties. I figure he will never know if I do or not and decide to just
leave them.

Work goes by pretty normally the usual pointless meetings and emails
keeping me busy for the day. I have worn lingerie to work several times
in the past but today it seems even more exciting than ever before. It
occurs to me that it is because I don't have a choice but to wear it, I
have been commanded to wear it by my Master. That thought excites me
before I push it out of my mind.

I look up and it is 4pm, thank goodness the workday is almost over and I
will be headed home soon. My phone rings and I answer it with out even

"You are one stupid little cunt, aren't you? You can't even follow a
simple instruction can you! You obviously need more training than I

I glance at the display and notice the incoming number is my home number!
Holy shit Master Harold is calling me from my house! I sit there stunned
into silence not knowing what to say or do.

After a brief pause Master Harold's voice comes out of my phone, "Well
answer me slut!"

"I am sorry Sir, for whatever it is I am sorry." My voice trembled over
the phone.

"You will be. I told you to get rid of all of your boy underwear didn't

"Yes Sir you did, I am sorry I was running.."

"Shut up bitch, I don't ever want to hear excuses out of your mouth.
Since you obviously didn't believe I would find out or truly believe that
you are my property, our plans for tonight have changed. I will be by
your office in 30 minutes you better have your pantied ass standing
outside waiting for me or it will only be worse for you and you better be
wearing your panties and bra or god help you."

I didn't get a chance to respond as he hung up the phone.

Fuck, what am I going to do now, how did he get into my house! He is
obviously not going to go away and I am in deeper shit than I thought.
Disturbingly I noticed that my cock had hardened inside my panties during
the last few minutes. I decided that I had to go along with this nut job
for the time being until I can find a way out of this. I finish up some
work and find myself standing outside my office building 25 minutes

A few minutes later a rather expensive looking BMW with shaded windows
pulls up in front of me as the window rolls down. Master's voice comes
out of the window, "Get your ass in the car slut."

I climb in pulling the door closed behind me as the window rolls up. I
look over at him and see that he is really mad. I try to temper the
situation with immediately saying, "Hello, Master."

Master turns to me. "So you don't like to follow instructions?"

"No Sir err I mean yes Sir, err I don't know what I mean Sir. I am sorry
I didn't get rid of my nasty boy underwear. I left your cum on my face
all night like you told me to though Sir." I tell him pleadingly as we
pull away from the curb and down the street.

"Well that is something at least then. Now pull your pants down to your
ankles and your shirt up I want to see if you are wearing your bra and

I shift around pulling my pants down till they are piled around my ankles
and than pull my shirt up showing Master my bra.

"Very pretty choice in lingerie, the satin and lace suits a sissy like
you. I never want to see cotton underwear on you do you understand?"

"Yes Sir," is my only response.

"Good girl, now spread your legs apart."

I spread my legs apart exposing the crotch of my panties fully. We stop
at a red light and I see Master pull a elongated paddle out of no where
and before I realize what he is doing the breath has run out of me as he
strikes my balls with it. The second impact to my balls brings me out of
my shock and I shriek and double over.

Master says, "That is for disobeying me earlier about getting rid of your
nasty boy underwear. I hope you learn from this and don't make me punish
you again."

Between my racking sobs I can barely get out, "No Sir, I promise I will
be good and do what I am told please don't hit me again."

"I won't have to if you learn you place trisha. Now come over here and
give your Master a proper hello like you were told to do."

I lean over and kiss his crotch feeling his penis already semi erect. He
pats my head in his lap and holds it there. We drive for about 20 minutes
with my head in his lap until we come to a stop and he lets me up.

"Pull your pants back up girl."

I just get my pants back up and buttoned as he opens my door and orders
me out of the car.

"Follow me insde." I look up and we are outside what is clearly a very
nice spa/gym.

"Hello Becka," Master says to the very pretty girl behind the counter.

"Hello Harold, how are you this afternoon? The new spa manager left you a
package in your office," the girl says.

"Thanks Becka. While I go check on last nights figures will you get the
membership for my girl here setup?" Masters says as he hands some papers
to Becka. "All the information is on the forms, I will be back in a few

Turning to me he says, "Do whatever Becka tells you to sissy."

After a moment of him staring at me I respond, "Yes Sir."

"That's a good girl see it isn't so hard now is it?"

"No sir."

Becka is quietly chuckling behind the counter as she reads the papers.

"Oh and Becka once you have her ID and paperwork done get her some proper
clothes to work out in from the shop."

"Sure Harold anything in particular?"

"No use your best judgment, something fashionable. I don't want her
embarrassing me."

I feel like my head is going to explode I am blushing from the
embarrassment of being treated like this in front of an attractive woman.

"Come over here trisha," Becka says as she reads the paperwork.

I walk over behind the counter to stand next to Becka.

"You can kneel here next to me while I put your information in the
computer trisha."

I decide to do what she says and kneel down on the floor next to her,
luckily I am now at least hidden behind the counter from people entering
the gym.

"Good girl, it will only take me a minute to put this in the computer
than we can get your picture and find you some cute work out clothes. You
are a very lucky little girl to have Harold for an owner. He owns this
entire place. It was a brilliant idea he had to make a gym and spa that
caters to Dominants and their submissive. We have plenty of people who
just come here to work out; but most of our members are submissives like
you or Dominants like Harold. Ok that does it now lets get your picture
for you ID."

She pulls down a pink background and tells me to stand in front of it. A
flash of light and a moment later a laminated ID is printed out. She
hands it to me and tells me that I need to wear it at all times when
here. I glance at it and nearly fall over, printed in bold letters below
my picture is "Name – Trisha, Property of Harold Johnston. Status -
Sissy". Accepting my fate I clip the ID to my shirt.

As I clip the ID to my shirt Master walks up.

"Ah just finished her ID I see?"

Becka replies, "Yea we just got done with it I was going to take her and
pick some clothes next."

"Why don't you go pick some things out and you can drop them off in my
officer. She is going to see Leonard for now. She can change into them
when he is done with her," Master tells Becka

"Ok, well have fun trisha it only hurts at first," Becka says giggling as
she walks off to the sport shop

I look at Master (god I have started thinking of him like that!) my face
flushed and feeling like I am going to cry.

"Ah my poor little sissy girl. You look like you may cry? Come on girl
you have another appointment to get to."

I follow him out of the reception area and into a room with what looks
like a massage table on it. For a moment I think I may be getting a
massage until I notice the hot wax next to the table.

"Strip girl."

I strip down to my bra and panties just as the door opens and a rather
large man walks in. Looks at me and says to Master, "She will have to
take her lingerie off as well."

Master looks at me and says, "You heard him girl get those off an up on
the table."

I strip the bra and panties off and for the first time wish I could still
be wearing them as I lay down on the table.

"Leonard this is my new sissy," Master says to the man.

"Ah she is going to be a cute one, looks a little reluctant though?"
Leonard says

"Yes is going to be very cute with your help and yes she is new but
learning quickly. Aren't you cunt?" Master says looking sternly at me.

"Yes sir, I am trying," I meekly reply.

Leonard asks, "So what are we doing to her today?"

Master snickers, "Well a bit more than I had originally planned since she
hasn't gotten it in her head she belongs to me yet. I want you to shape
her eyebrows, nothing to feminine but girly still. She needs a complete
body waxing and leave one of those cute little landing strips by her
worthless clit. Oh and lets see she will need a ring in each nipple and
pierce her ears and belly. Put this in the belly piercing." I can't see
what he hands Leonard and am not sure I want to see it. "When you are
done with her bring her to my office. Cunt, be a good girl and do what
ever Leonard tells you to or you will regret it."

"Yes sir," is all I can think to reply as the shock of what lays ahead of
me has sinks in.

Master walks out of the room as Leonard comes and stirs the wax next to
me. "So I see you don't have any piercings so that answers my first
question, have you ever been waxed?"

"No sir."

"Well first time sissies like you usually make a lot of noise and that
disturbs our other guests so lets take care of that shall we?"

Leonard opens a drawer under the table and pulls out a penis shaped gag
and tells me to open up wide. I open my mouth to ask him not to use that
but he takes that moment to shove the gag into my mouth and secure it
behind my head.

"There now that you will not disturb anyone we can get started. Let's
start with the waxing and we can do your piercings once all that nasty
hair is out of the way."

Leonard snickered as he turns me over onto my face began to wipe hot wax
onto my back.

"Now be a good girl and sit still," he tells me as he applies a cloth
strip to the wax and than tears it and all the hair under it from my
back! I scream into my gag, which just makes the sadistic bastard smile.
He repeats this process over my entire body, spreading my ass cheeks and
waxing in there as well until I am quietly sobbing into my gag with tears
running onto the table. He flips me back over and repeats the process on
my front until all that remains is my pubic area. He takes an electric
razor and trims the hair to stubble except he leaves the ‘Landing strip'
of hair a bit longer but not much. He than promptly waxes off the
remaining stubble there as well. He moves to my eyebrows and quickly
waxes them down and trims them with tweezers.

"Ok sissy your waxing is done. Now a few piercings and than we are going
to give your Master a surprise," he tells me as I lay there sobbing,
humiliated and beaten. He quickly pierces both my nipples and inserts
pink metallic rings into them. He than moves down to my belly where he
pierces it inserting something. I feel whatever it is laying across my
belly and realize whatever he has inserted will hang down over my belly
button. Finally he puts two rings in each of my ears upper cartilage.

"Stand up sissy and take a look for yourself. Your Master will be very
happy I am sure!"

He removes my gag and I stand up and move over in front of the full-
length mirror to see myself standing there. I am now completely hairless
from the neck down except for a small strip of hair leading up from my
now shrunken cock.. My eyebrows while not highly femininely arched are
definitely more feminine than masculine. I have a bright pink ring in
each nipple and hanging from my belly is the letter ‘H' covered in

"Put this on sissy," Leonard says as he tosses me a small wad of
material. I open it up and discover it is a woman's pink bikini. As if
that isn't bad enough it is one of those bikinis with the ruffles around
the waist and bra cups. I figure something is better than standing here
completely naked and put the bikini on.

Leonard walks over. "Hmmm, well your cock is small enough that it doesn't
show to much in your bikini but here..." he says as he puts his hand down
my bikini bottom tucking my cock away between my legs. "There that is a
much better profile for a sissy." He smirks and tells me to follow him.
Thinking he is taking me to Master's office I follow him out the door. Of
course we pass several people all of whom comment what a cute sissy in a
bikini I was. This once again causes me to flush red with embarrassment.

I quickly realize we are not going to Master's office and I begin to
wonder what lays in store for me next. We stop outside some booths that
look like showers. Leonard puts a shower cap on my head and pushes me
into the nearest booth.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed sissy," he tells me as he closes
the door.

I close my eyes and begin to feel a mist being sprayed on me from
everywhere. I suddenly realize what is going on, I am being given one of
those spray on tans. I think wow I always wanted to try one of these very
cool, than suddenly it dawns on me what I am wearing and that I will now
have a woman's bikini tan lines! The mist stops and after a moment the
door opens and Leonard tells me I can open my eyes again. The bikini is
soaked with the tanning solution and he hands me another identical one
and tells me to change into it and stands there staring at me. Clearly I
am expected to change with him watching. Eh what the hell he has seen it
all anyway actually he did most of it to me. I quickly switch bikinis and
once again follow Leonard down the hall. We stop outside Master's office
and I hear him holler, "Come in," when Leonard knocks.

I follow Leonard into the room and he points at the floor in the middle
of the office. I go and stand with my head down obviously being put on

"While I had her I gave her a bikini tan. I figured you would like it,"
Leonard tells Master

Master whistles at me. "Oh yes very good idea Leonard! Strip sissy and
let me see your new tan lines!" I strip off my bikini letting the pieces
drop on the ground next to me. "Oh very nice tan lines cunt. Do you like
your new tan and hairless body?"

To embarrassed to look him in the eye but knowing the response he expects
I say, "Yes sir I love not having all that hair and my new tan and
piercings that Sir Leonard gave me."

Master walks over to me and tugs on my nipple piercing causing me to
whimper in pain from my still sore nipples. He than runs his hand over my
little strip of hair left on my groin.

Master tells me, "Oh I like your little landing strip sissy it is so very
girly. No real man would ever let that be done to him. Not to mention a
full body waxing and being dressed in a pink frilly bikini for a tan
would they?"

"No sir, they wouldn't," I meekly reply

"No of course they wouldn't but than you aren't a man are you cunt?"

"No sir, I am a sissy."

"That is right cunt and you are my sissy aren't you?"

"Yes sir."

"That is right. Now I want you to properly thank Leonard for making you
more girly."

I look at Master and at Leonard and say, "Thank you Sir for helping me to
look girlier."

"Well that is a good start cunt but you need to properly thank him,"
Master tells me as he pushes me to my knees.

I look back over at Leonard and he already has his cock out inches from
my face. "Go on girl you might as well get used to it. You are going to
have cocks in your mouth an awful lot in your future. Not to mention up
that tight little ass of yours which we will have to take care of very

Master leans over and pinches my jaw forcing my mouth open. Leonard takes
that opportunity to push his cock in past my lips. For the second time in
two days I have a cock in my mouth. I have a sick feeling that this won't
be the last either. I decide that I had better do a good job to avoid
another punishment. I pull back and it pops out of my mouth as I begin to
kiss and lick the tip of it. Trying desperately to remember what I liked
to have done, never expecting to be on the sucking end of a cock. I run
my tongue up under the length of his cock, lightly kissing it. I reach
the tip and kiss it before sucking it back into my mouth and begin to
rhythmically suck it back and forth across my lips. Suddenly I see a
flash and realize Master is taking pictures of me once again. This seems
to spur Leonard on because he grabs my head and begins forcing his cock
in and out of my mouth and down my throat. It only takes me a few seconds
before I feel his cock shudder and begin to shoot his cum into my mouth.

"I better not see you waste a drop of that cunt or you will pay," Master
tells me. I swallow for all I am worth feeling his cum slide down my
throat. Finally I feel his hold on my head relax and his now softening
cock slip past my lips.

"Let me know if I can help with you girl anymore Leonard. She has some
talent for cock sucking that is for sure. I would love to try out that
tight ass of hers one day," Leonard tells Master

"I am sure she will need a few more of your services Leonard. I will make
sure to let you know," Master tells Leonard while showing him out of the

Master walks over to me where I am still kneeling on the floor, the taste
of Leonard's cum still in my mouth.

"Get dressed slut," he tells me tossing me a pile of clothes. I find a
matched pink sports bra and Lycra shorts with white trim, pink satin
thong panties, tennis shoes with pink laces and accents and finally pink
ankle socks.

"Becka was kind enough to give you a pair of her dirty panties so you
wouldn't have panty lines under your shorts. Wasn't that nice of her?" he
asks me.

"Yes sir, it was very kind of her," I tell him as I slip the panties on.
He sits down and watches me finish getting dressed. I notice that my new
nipples piercing show clearly through the tight Lycra sports bra. "You
look very cute in pink sissy. Come here," Master tells me while pointing
at his feet. I walk over and kneel down at his feet.

"Now than trisha you were very naughty for not disposing of your boy
underwear like you were told weren't you?" he asks.

"Yes sir, I am sorry sir," I meekly reply.

"You know I had planned on easing you into this a bit more but I felt you
needed a lesson in obedience and a more immediate reminder of your place.
I think it worked don't you?"

"Yes sir, I am sorry I didn't do what I was told and will try to be good
from now on. You certainly helped me realize my role today sir," I reply
unable to look up from his feet from the embarrassment.

"I have a business meeting tonight so I am going to send you home
shortly. We need to finish your punishment though. Before we get to that
I have assigned a personal trainer to you. You are to do everything he
tells you to, do you understand trisha?"

"Yes Sir," I reply.

Master pats my head like a puppy before continuing, "You will be working
out here 4 days a week with him. He will also be giving you a diet that
you are to follow. When you arrive here you need to check in with the
front desk and they will give you your outfit for the day. You can than
go change and meet William for your workout."

Master than leans over and with a soft click he secures a collar and
leash around my neck again. He pulls me up to my feet and leads me to his
desk until I am standing right up against it. He threads my leash through
a small ring on his side of the desk and pulls it tight until I am laid
across his desk my face inches from the top. He than slips cuffs on my
wrists and secures these to my collar as well. The only way I can now
support my self is with my elbows on the desk. Master than pulls out a
penis gag and shoves it into my mouth securing it behind my head.

"There now that you are properly secured and quiet so we don't disturb my
customers we can get on about your punishment for disobeying me." I start
to shake as I hear him say this knowing what is coming. "Since you have
already received some punishment today and it is your first day I will go
easy on you this time. I think only 10 hits with the crop today."

I begin to pull against the leash as I see him pull a riding crop from
his desk.

"That just earned you another one cunt."

I immediately freeze not wanting to make it worse and knowing I can't get
away. I feel him pull my shorts down to mid thigh.

"I will leave your thong where it is since it isn't in the way," he says
while laughing.

I hear the first swish of the crop through the air and a searing pain
across my ass as it finds its mark. By the third strike I am crying into
my gag. By the 8th strike I fallen off my feet and am simply lying on the

"Get your sissy ass up in the air bitch!" master whispers into my ear. I
slowly raise my ass off the desk and plant my feet once again to receive
my remaining 3 strikes of punishment. Finally he has finished. I never
thought my ass could hurt this much as I stand there bent over his desk
crying uncontrollably into my gag. After what feels like forever but must
have only been a few minutes I feel a cool lotion being rubbed onto my
burning cheeks. "You took your punishment well slut," Master tells me as
he finishes applying the lotion.

"You know slut thinking about you today and seeing you all bound up and
sissified like this has really gotten me turned on. Aren't you proud you
have turned your Master on?" he asks.

I nod my head unable to do anything else. To my horror I hear his zipper
being pulled down! I know what is coming and am not surprised when I feel
a hand pull the back of my thong to one side and the tip of his cock at
my opening.

"Yes I am going to enjoy this slut. I have been thinking about this all
day," he says as I feel my ass being spread as he shoves his cock into

It feels huge and I don't know how I am going to take it. He pulls back
to my relief only to push yet farther into me. I am certain he can't go
any farther when he again pulls back and this time shoves his entire cock
in me until I feel his hairs tickling my ass. It hurts so much but all I
can do is grunt around the plastic penis in my mouth. I try to relax and
let him have his way.

"That's a good little whore just take it like a good girl," he tells me
as another round of sobs escapes me from the humiliation of the day and
the pain of his fucking me. Soon both his hands have tight grips on my
hips as he gets steady rhythm in and out of me. The sound of his groin
slapping against my upturned ass is all I can seem to hear.

To my horror there is a knock on the door.

"Harold it's William you told me to stop by., comes a voice from the
other side of the door. Master pauses fucking me for a moment to call
out, "Come on in William I will be done in a moment."

The door opens as I look back to see a large very muscular man walk in.
He sees what is going on and asks, "Should I come back?"

"No no, I will... uggh... be done in... a moment... have a seat," Master
says as he resumes fucking me. What a sight it must have been me dressed
as I was, my shorts down around my knees, bound over a desk gagged and
being fucked by this man!

"You sure have... have a nice... tight pussy... slut!" Master says as I
feel his cock spasm inside me and deposit his cum in me.

His cock twitches several more times, each time depositing yet more cum
into me. A new round of sobs overcomes me as I realize what I have
become. Finally I feel Master's shrinking cock slip out of me and Master
snap the back of my thong into place. The last vestiges of my maleness
sink away from me through the tears and sobs as I feel his cum leak out
of me and soak my panties.

I hear them begin to talk leaving me bent over the desk sobbing as if I
wasn't even there.

"Mighty cute little bitch you have their Harold," the new man says.

"Yea I think she is going to turn out pretty well aren't you cunt?" he
asks as he slaps my ass causing me to jump. "So anyway William this is
the sissy I was telling you about. I want you to put her on a diet. She
needs to lose at least 20lbs and get her toned up. I don't want her
building up muscle just tone her up to a nice feminine physique," Master
says as he begins to release my bindings.

I can finally stand up straight and want to pull my shorts up but am
afraid to. As Master pulls the plastic penis out of my mouth he spins me
around to face William and says, "Well look at this William my little
slut likes being fucked up her pussy!"

I suddenly realize I had once again cum in my panties and as Master's cum
continues to soak the back and leak out past my thong my own cum begins
to cool in the front.

"So she does and look at the cute bikini tan lines she has," William says
starting to laugh. Master again slaps my ass and tells me to pull my
shorts up.

William walks over and around me and tells Master. "Yea I think we can
get her down 20lbs and toned up nice and girly for you maybe even get her
a nice firm ass for you."

"That would be perfect. So I have her in your schedule already and she
will meet you at 5pm tomorrow," Master says.

"Ok, I will see you than sissy," William says as he leaves the office.

Master goes and sits down at his desk and once again points at the floor.
I walk over and kneel down next to him feeling more cum come out as I
kneel down.

"I need to get ready for my meeting tonight trisha. Here is your gym bag
and purse." He hands me a Black gym bag with pink trim and a small black
leather purse (one of those tiny ones that hang just under your arm).
"You will find your clothes in the bag and your wallet in your purse.
Since you were a good girl and took your punishment well you can wear
this over your work out clothes home."

He hands me a white t-shirt with cap sleeves which I slip on only to
discover it doesn't exactly cover up the fact I am wearing a pink sports
bra and shorts.

"The front desk will call a cab for you. I want you back here tomorrow at
5pm for your first work out with William and don't forget everything I
have told you."

"Yes sir, I won't forget," I tell him as I lean over and kiss his cock
through his pants and he pats me on the head.

"Get going girl I have work to do."

I get down to the reception area where Becka tells me the cab is on its
way. She notices that the front and back of my shorts are wet and giggles
at me.

"You are a bit wet there trisha you must have had a good work out? I
think we have a skirt you can wear to cover that up if you want?"

I ponder the idea for a moment but I just can't do that. I can only hope
the shorts will dry quickly. "Thank you but I think I will pass Becka," I

"Up to you trisha." At that moment I hear the cab honk outside.

I climb into the cab to some very strange stares from the cab driver and
sit down in back. I tell him my address and we are off. What has become
of me and what will be the next humiliation I am f***ed to endure? I
shift in the seat uncomfortably as more of my Master's cum drains from me
into my shorts.

Please email me with your comments and suggestions .
Now if I could only have this happen to me in RL oh my!
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this is the first time that i read one of your stories its very good i'm hooked i will find and read as muchas i can thank you