A real adventure in my masturbation history part 1

One night when I either 15 or 16, I was reading masturbation stories people
posted to different masturbation sites. At this time, I wasn't smart enough to
find free porn and with these sites I could stroke it to the stories and the
pictures of the different techniques? So these stories and pics would serve me

I started the night as normal, get hard and stroke myself while I read the
stories. But what stood out this night in the stories I was reading involved
using different objects to masturbate with. Some used fruit, others used sex
toys, etc. The ones that caught my attention were the ones about prostate
massaging. Fingers, a friend's/significant others fingers, dildos, butt plugs,
flashlights and tools. I was like "Isn't that kinda gay?" Well my curiosity got
the better of me and I went to a reference on the site. I began reading all
about why and how one would stimulate their prostate. So stimulating it will
produce stronger orgasms? Hmm, let me try this out.

So now I was going to try this out but how? First things first, I cleaned "up"
as suggested. Now what to use? My fingers? hmm naaahhh, would be more clean up.
Well I didn't have any sex toy so that was out. Then I saw it. I had a small
cheap plastic flashlight. Perfect! It was broken inside anyway so I could toss
it afterward if I wanted too. So what is next? Lube. So I ran to the bathroom
and took the liquid hand soap back to my room. I was all set.

I went to my pc. I went to a special booked marked page that had an animated
gif of a cock getting hard and below it a woman rubbing her clit. I turn the
monitor to face by bed. I then slide down my briefs, took my shirt off and laid
on my back facing the monitor. For me, being completely nude really makes
masturbation a lot more fun and sexy hahah. I then lifted my legs on to the bed
and spread them far enough I could feel the air on my asshole. I was already
hard from just thinking about doing this, but I started to stroke for bit
anyway. Now for the moment of truth.

As I stroked to the erecting cock and clit being rubbed, I put some hand soap on
my asshole. I rubbed it around a bit to make sure it covered the opening as the
instructions said. I stopped stroking and put some soap on the flashlight
handle. I lubed it up really good. I then continued to stroke my cock slowly.
My heart was racing. Was I really going to sticking something in my ass? Fuck
it! lets get this done. So with my left hand holding the flashlight, I slowly
put the end of the handle on my asshole. Here I go.

It slowly and surprisingly easily slided right in. OUCH! The pain didn't come
from the flashlight in my ass but from the soap burning it hahaha. From the
moment I slide the flashlight in, my cock became rock hard and even a bit bigger
then normal. I didn't even touch it and it shot up like a rocket on that first
initial slide in. My cock felt extremely hot like it had a fever. The more I
used the flashlight and stroked my cock, the better it all felt. Soon I started
to arch my back as I kept the rhythm up. Next thing I knew I am moaning like a
porn star faking an orgasm. These were not manly moans either, very woman like.

I continued to slide the flashlight in and out of my ass while I stroked my
cock. Besides the slight burning now, it felt really good. So I started a fast
then slow then fast again rhythm while I continued to stroke my cock slowly. My
heart was pounding and I was breathing rapidly. I felt dizzy from the
excitement. I continued to move the flashlight in and out of my ass but this
time I added a bit of a wiggle to it. FUCK! this feels so good.

As I used the flashlight faster and started to stroke my cock faster, started to
tense up in a good way. These tensing up moments would suck in the flashlight
into my ass with out having to push it in. The fear of getting the flashlight
stuck in my ass increased as so did the excitement. The danger of that
happening made the excitement even greater. I then spit on my hand and lubed up
my hard cock and continued to stroke it. I was in heaven.

During this whole time I keep my eyes on the erecting cock and clit rubbing on
my pc. It was a large uncut cock that started limp then built it's way up to
fully erect and then dribble some pre-cum, squirt then start over. The pussy
was of a young white woman and nicely trimmed. This was the mid-90's so trim
just got popular but still years from my favorite, completely shaven. As I
continued to stroke and slide, I watch the cock get hard on my screen. I
imagined that it was my cock, so large and proud as I stroked myself. I then
imagined that this large cock of mine will enter that pussy below and I will
make that woman cum. I would also imagine that I would rub my cock against the
big one, to feel it's warmth then I would go down on the pussy and lick the clit
to no end.

The arching, moaning and tensing up started to happen faster and faster as these
image in my mind played out. I slowed down for a bit but it didn't last long as
this felt so good. Then I started to get that special tingle you get right
before you're about to cum and I started to close my eyes. I tired to hold back
but I opened my eye for a second to see the cock on my screen dribble then shoot
his cum. TOO LATE!

Like a shotgun, I blasted my load. The first shot flew right over my head. The
second landed on my cheek and a third on my shoulder. The rest landed on my
belly. With each shot, the flashlight slide out of my ass more making the
sensation even stronger. I lay on my bed drained and in ecstasy. I rub my cock
some more for the last feel good strokes as it slowly went back to normal.

I would continued lay on my bed nude, rubbing my soft cock and lightly touching
my body with the other hand. I felt very erotic with that orgasm and I wanted to
bask in it for a while. About 12 minutes later, I took the flashlight out of my
ass. Thank god it didn't get stuck up there hahaha. I took a sock and wiped my
self down. I put my clothes back and went to the bathroom. I put the soap back
and washed off the flashlight. The stories on the sites were true, it really
did feel so much better. Looking back, I never had an orgasm that awesome or
have my dick get harder and bigger like it did then until my first time with a
woman. Once in a rare while, I will lube up a finger and do the same. I never
used the flashlight again.

That's it. That is just one of my true personal adventures in masturbation. What
do you think? I touched up my wording a bit to make it more "enjoyable" for
everyone. I have a few more but I will post them at a later date.
100% (9/0)
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9 months ago
Thanks! While this was a great cum, I'm okay with my gf not fingering my ass when she blows me. So much prep work lol.
9 months ago
It was! I only cum this good when I have sex.
9 months ago
1 year ago
very good scene. if you don't have someone to suck your cock while fingering your ass
2 years ago
wow man, very hot story! Sounds like a really fun, exciting new experience. :-)
4 years ago
nice story