Cuckold Fantasies

I'm hard again thinking about my dream last night!.......

You told me you were going out with the girls for dinner and I was staying in again!!
You came downstairs from getting ready, looking amazing as always, perfect dress with your black heels, hair and make up to perfection, I feel suspicious but I love the rush of bl**d that I always feel when I think your doing something you dont want me to know about! We say goodbye and that you wont be late, but I can tell by the smile you cant supress that your excited about something!

An hour or so later I get a message from your bull with a web link to click on at 11pm and not before, I am instantly hard at the thought of what this might lead too, but I do as I am told.

11pm finally comes and I clink onto the link and it leads to a webcam in a hotel room, a couple of minutes later in walks my perfect hot wife with her bull behind her.
You take off your coat and turn to your bull and kiss him passionately, I am instantly hard and resist the urge to take out my hard cock and enjoy the show but I want to make sure I enjoy the whole experince Ive waited so long to see...

You are both standing face to face an he tells you to turn around, you do as you are told and he unzips your dress which falls to the ground, I want to cum instantly as I see you standing in front of him, no bra, stockings, heels and your red crotchless knickers, I cant believe i'm watching my wife be like this but it feels incredible!

Your bulls tells you to sit on the end of the bed, like a good sub you do as you are told. He tells you to unzip him and take out his hard cock, you dont need to be told twice and there you are holding you bulls cock inches from your mouth and the image in font of me is something I thought I would never get to see... He tells you to take him in your mouth and you slowly take in your bulls hard cock, you close your eyes as your months of fantasy finally comes true... You lick and suck your bull in your hot mouth eager to do a good job and please him, once he is satisfied you have done a good job you are told to stand, I notice you have left a patch on the bed where you have been sitting in your crotchless knickers and I know you are enjoying yourself!!

When you stand he holds you face and you kiss again, this stirs so many things inside me, it does make me angry to watch but also very turned on, but I cant be angry I was the one who made contact with him and started you two on this journey to this point!

He tells you to turn around and get onto the bed on all fours but on your elbows so your perfect ass is in the air and he can see your dripping wet pussy. He turns around and walks to your handbag and I cant believe he takes out the whip that we havent even used yet!! He walks back to you and slowly d****s the whip over you, high on your back and slowly pulls it down your back over your ass and pussy, he does this a few times and you arch your back more in enjoyment and show him as much of your ass and pussy as you can! Then he spins the whip round and gives you a gentle sting on your perfect ass, again you arch your back more!! and he gives you another, you start to gyrate your ass in painful pleasure.... he gives you 4 harder figure of eight strokes across your ass and pussy and you have a sharp intake of breath and clench the bed sheets in your fists.. he then tells you he will stop but first you will take ten strokes and you will count all of them! You are not sure if you will last but you don't want to disappoint you bull, you reply "OK" but you receive an instant stroke with "OK, what?" With your fists clenched again you reply "Yes, sir" He starts....."One, Sir!"..... "Two, Sir!"....."Three, Sir!" after number five he stops and gently d****s the whip down your back and ass again this makes you arch back again in painful delight! he starts again "SIX, SIR!" make it to ten and your ass is red, he gentle kisss and caresses your naughty ass!
Your pussy is so wet now and you are desperate for him to be inside you, he tells you to stand up, he takes off all his clothes and lays on the bed, his hard cock standing up and ready for you but you cannot wait any longer for this and walk over to the bed before being instructed too but he can see the look on your face and lets you do what ever you want now. You stradle him but dont put him inside you just sit your pussy on his cock so he can feel how hot & wet you are, he smiles and sits up and kisses you then holds your ass cheeks, you are a bit tender but it feels amazing, slowly he slides two fingers into your pussy and you let out a long moan and the look on your face says, FINALLY!! He fucks you with his fingers , gradually adding more until he has four fingers inside you making you cum for the first time all over his hand, he tells you he loves your juicy cunt and wants to fill you with his hot cum, he tells you to lay your back, he stands to get a good look at you and takes off your heels & stockings, then you pathetic soaking wet knickers! He leans down and kisses you and you wrap you legs around him , finally getting your prize! You have been aching for a man to fuck you how you like for so long!! You are so wet he enters you with ease and instantly you feel full for once! It feels amazing and he slowly starts to fuck you perfect pussy, you are holding his hair with one hand and grabbing his bum trying to pull as much of him inside you as possible! He starts to fuck deeper and harder building some rhythm you dont know how much more you can hold on and ask for permission to cum! You are relieved to b allowed and let go have a hard orgasm all over you bulls hard cock! He feels you pussy tighten around his cock as you cum and pushes him over the edge! He explodes inside you filling your married pussy with his dom bull cum! You give him a passionate kiss and the feelings stir inside me again! I cant believe what I have just watched but it felt amazing!...................

When you come home at 2am I am waiting in our bedroom, you walk in looking amazing again but a bit ravaged! You look at me and ask me if i watched what you had done? I reply "Yes" and you tell me that you will do this whenever you and your bull want and I can never complain! I will only get to fuck my wife if she or her bull say so! With that you take off your coat and dress and say now its time for me to clean up my messy wife and you sit on my face and tell me to do my job and then I can have a quick wank!!.

Hope I have another dream tonight!!!!!

I Love You

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5 months ago
great story.x
5 months ago
hot story
5 months ago
try eating your wifes pussy while its stuffed with the bulls big thick cock let me know how that works for u