9 iron part 1

It was a beautiful spring day and I decided to do some housework while he was out golfing. I put on a comfortable pair of panties and a light pink housecoat. I decided to check my page on hamster as I enjoyed a morning cup of coffee. I received an invite from a 60 yr old man in pa. who was a top and liked girls with something xtra between their legs. his profile had some pictures of his large cock and a video of him jerking his dick off. I gently rubbed my cock as the video showed him pulling his meaty tool from his shorts. the camera angle was strait on and revealed a large mushroom head, his belly and legs were very hairy but his pubic area was neatly trimmed and balls clean shaven. As the man swiveled in his chair the true measure of his thick dick became evident. his semi erect cock lay on his thigh and ran almost halfway to his knee.he swiveled slightly causing his cock to move ever so slightly. it slipped off the side of his leg were it began to lightly twitch and become harder.
I pinched one of my nipples as I imagined being on my knees in front of his wonderfull cock. A wave of pleasure ran from my head to toes as I thought how I would take my time , worshipping his manhood. How I would kiss his cockhead and work my way down to his balls and then back up again kissing and liking it as i did. my tounge would lick the head a bit before I put it in my mouth, looking up at him so he could see the great pleasure it was bringing me to service his cock. To my delight an audible moan was heard on the video followed by," yea suck my cock baby, you like that dont you?" as if the man in the video was thinking about getting a bj. I thought about how good his cock would feel in my mouth as it became rigid and filled more of my mouth, the veins of his cock pulsating against my lips as his hands guided my head, which now bobbed up down on it with a familiar rythem.
I took my mouth off his cock long enough to mutter, "I love it".The man in the video stroked his cock faster as he zoomed his camera in on his stiff cock.
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3 years ago
Love your hot ass avatar!
3 years ago
fine story would like to read more of them thanks