1st time gay sex / did that happen 2 me?!

If anyone has been to Fantasy Fest in Key West, you know that anything goes, for a whole week. It's like an adult playground in the streets of Key West, with practically no holds barred. This was or first time there, and I was in for a suprise I had never experienced before or expected!
My wife and I had gone to a party Monday night, and drank quite a bit of alcohol. Both of us were struggling to maintain a somewhat sober edge, but we were losing. After the party, LATE that night, we went to a 3 story bar (to remain nameless) to do some dancing on the rooftop bar. I might add that this "club" is clothing optional, and we both took the option!
As we proceeded to dance into the early morning, all the drinks I had consumed were taking there toll on my bladder. I went to the clothes checkout, and put back on my thong and chaps, (I had been wearing at the initial party) so that I could use the restroom on the next bar level.
I negotiated the stairs to the second level , and made my way to the tiny restroom, with two urinals and one stall. I don't usually like to use the urinal, but at this moment, the stall was occupied , and I was about to piss in my thong, so I whipped my cock out and let the stream begin!
As I was peeing, to my suprise and somewhat intoxicated delight... I felt a hand grab my ass cheek, and a man's voice say "nice ass"! I honestly did not know what to do, when I noticed it was the guy at the other urinal, that had done the groping and said the comment! I had NEVER had a same sex encounter, but I knew Key West had a large local population of gays and bi men and women.
Being more than a little tipsy, and not really knowing what to say, (to be nice or tell him to fuck off) I toyed with him and said the first thing that came to my inebriated mind. "Nice cock!". I am telling you, I said this because, if I could choose the cock I would like to have on my body, it would be this 7 1/2 to 8 incher!
Well I guess I said the right words for him, because he didn't take it as a rambling from an intoxicated heterosexual man. He turned to me and asked if I would like to hold it. Now let me first say , I was cornered now in the restroom, by a guy about 6'-2" and pretty well built (about 30 years old). I was not getting out of that room until I felt his cock...so I grabbed it and started stroking it. What the hell was I doing, I asked myself? The confusion and alcohol was clouding my decision making. He started sucking my nipples, and all inhibitions were now going away. I was worried that someone would come in , as all of this happened pretty fast (while just we two were in there alone), so he led me by my cock, to the door of the stall , pushed me in and closed it behind us.
I was in serious trouble now and starting to panic. He turned me roughly around and without a second passing by, pulled my thong down and had his face burried in my ass crack! His tongue was licking my hole and darting in and out of me, and I was REALLY enjoying it now! I didn't care who it was as long as it felt this good! He stopped doing this after about 2 minutes and I was all hot and bothered... just then I felt his hard 8" meat long ways in my crack! I freaked! No NO NO I said! This ain't gonna happen! I can't take you inside my ass, and how do I know , I won't get any diseases from you? He said don't worry "I wont put it inside you, and I don't have any diseases , because I haven't been with another guy ever before... and I use condoms with women"! He said : "I just want to rub my cock along you crack until I cum." I don't know if it was because I was still intoxicated, or that I was just that horny, but I agreed! He then bent me over doggy style and added more spit to my crack. Then I felt that hot throbbing cock along my crack, rubbing across my hole and sending shivers up my spine. I started to gyrated my hips as he pumped along my spit slimed ass crack. We got pretty wild for about a minute or two, and I gyrated faster , to try to get him off soon... Just then I felt his cock head go inside my hole slightly, and as fast as it went in, it went right back out. He moaned really loud and I knew that was sending him over the edge. A couple more long pumps across my crack and then, I felt in horror and ecstasy, his cock go inside me again, and not come out! I tried to lunge forward to get away, but he followed with his cock deep inside me. Pressed against the wall he did 3 deep thrusts and let out huge grunts! I felt his cock convulsing!...he was dumping his hot cumload inside my ass! I couldn't believe it! I was scared , but now I thought what the hell... it's done now, and it was feeling good...so enjoy it, and just finish it up! I let him finish, and let him pull out. His cum was dripping down from my hole, to my crack and legs.
I was pissed off and scared as hell. He reassured me he was disease free, and that he didn't mean to do it...it just felt too good, and it was a fantasy of his to do this one day. He gave me his personal information, just incase, and offerd to suck me off, to make up for it, but I just let him jerk me off instead. That part was just ok, and He cleaned my cock off, after I shot my load.
I noticed nearly 15 minutes had passed and my wife was still upstairs! I quick pulled up my thong and ran out of the restroom, to go try to explain what took so long. She was there still dancing with a another girl, when I got there. She asked what took so long , and I told her the line was huge (even though I think only 4 people came in during the whole sexcapade). She bought it hook line and sinker. Until she asked me about 5 minutes later "did you jerk off downstairs? I said what? Why? She said because I smell cum! tipsy or not she was right, I had his cum still oozing from my ass as we danced! FUCK! I'm not going to tell you what happened after that.... but we are still together today! and I was very lucky... I never got any diseases from the guy (after testing).
It was an awesome encounter, but I was lucky. It opened my mind to becoming bi, as I still love my wife... but raw sex with a man is forbidden fruit....

Stay safe...have fun!

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2 months ago
This type of encounter is a huge fantasy of mine. Thanks for the story.
3 months ago
Very hot. Love the feel of a cock against my ass
1 year ago
got me hard as rock!
1 year ago
WOW! Your story got me so horny! I wish one day this will happen to me! Thanks for posting.
1 year ago
Guy here...I did that with a couple recently. Shared both of them and loved it.
1 year ago
Hot encounter, thanks for sharing
1 year ago
After 2 years, still writting great stories!
2 years ago
Great story, and I got to admit seeing you I wouldn't have just offered to suck your cock, I would have just done it.
2 years ago
perfect story, loved $:
2 years ago
That's a hot story, damn! I've only been to Key West once, and it was only a port call on a cruise. Definitely want to go back down lol
2 years ago
Interesting event.... dangerous, but also sexy.... would love to see a vid of you with another guy..... (hint)
2 years ago
Love your story, got me wanting to have a simular experenince
2 years ago
How many dudes think they're totally heterosexual... until they get a great rim job from another man?!?! I loved the story, only makes me regret even more that somehow I never got to Key West in the years I lived Back East and visited FLA. Thanks for sharing it!

2 years ago
with an ass like yours I would do the same! Maybe rim you longer though!
2 years ago
thanks for the comment on my story.... and Yeah, now that i am sober LOL... I was pretty stupid to believe he was only going to rub his cock in my ass crack. It was a combination of being drunk, being naughty, and feeling damn good that led to me letting him do it....I had never done anything before that, but let's just say I might have been hoping it would happen...maybe?
2 years ago
Very hot, but REALLY???????????????? he just wanted to rub it along your ass crack? please child!
2 years ago
yeah, he wanted it!!!!!
2 years ago
Man i gotta go there next year. i usually go before that when the rates are cheaper but not next time...lol