It was during the summer some years ago when the next story happened.
My wife was away a fortnight, she made a holiday trip together with some of her friends, and because of our "livestock" (a few cats and a dog) I volunteered to stay at home, and relax in my own way.
It was a good summer, plenty of sunshine, not to hot during the day, not to chilly in the nights. I did some things I had planned for some time, and never got to do, and had a good feeling about it. In the evenings I watched some TV, and being alone, switched on the adult channels once in a while. In the middle of the first week I got a phone call from my youngest daughter, Marsha. She was 22 years old, and lived with her boyfriend. I didn't think much of him, thought he was a looser, that couldn't keep a proper job, and if out of one, didn't bother much to get another one. Marsha was rather long, appr. 180 cm (5ft10), blond hair well over her shoulders and she had a nice figure. She wanted to know if I was at home that night, she wanted to visit me, have a chat and a drink. I told her I had no plans, so she'd be over right after work at 6 and have dinner with me. That afternoon I spent shopping for the evening; I wanted to cook a nice dinner for her, and afterwards drink a good glass of wine.
At a quarter past 6 I heard her opening the front door, all the k**s still have a key to our house, and she came in to the kitchen. "High, dad", she said, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I turned around and gave her a big hug. She smiled at me, pointed her lips and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. Then I said: "Let me have a look at you, you really look like summer is in your whole body!" She wore a nice summer dress, with buttons on the front from top to bottom, but because of the nice weather she left the top and bottom 3 open. Her feet were showing a nice set of high-heels, which made her almost taller than I am. Although it was a warm day, she wore a shiny set of stockings. Her long blond hair was in a ponytail, making her look a little younger than the 22 years she was. "Baby, you look smashing!", I told her. "Thanks dad, hoped you like it!", she smiled at me.

I finished cooking, and we had dinner and wine. We talked about a lot of things, work, f****y matters, fun stories, you know what I mean. After we cleaned the table and put everything in the dishwasher we sat on the sofa in the living room. The doors to the garden were open, and we felt a nice summer breeze coming in. I sat in the right corner of the sofa, and Marsha crawled next to me. I put my left arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to me. She put her head on my shoulder, and sighed.
"What's eating you, dear?", I asked. Before I knew it she burst out in tears. "Oh, daddy, it's Jack again", she sobbed, "Lost his job again a few weeks ago, and all he can do is play those damned video games. He doesn't help me out in the house at all, so after work, which is quite busy lately, I have to do everything, starting with cooking and cleaning. Yesterday evening we had a big fight because of that, I really don't know what to do anymore!" I held her more firmly, bend my head a little and lovingly kissed her forehead. With my other hand I held her head and stroke her hair. What could I say, I really didn't like the guy, and I've always been afraid something like this would happen. So I did what a dad does to comfort his baby: I hugged her even more and gave her a kiss on the forehead. I dried off her tears, gently stroke her cheek, and pulled her on my lap. While doing that her dress crawled up her legs and fell open, so I could see her thighs right up to the point where they meet. She was wearing an almost see-through panty, and between the stockings and her panties I saw her bare thighs. I put my left arm around her back and under her armpit to support her. My fingers touched the side of her breast. I put my right hand on her left thigh, gently caressing her. Gradually she calmed down, she put her arms around me, and kissed me lovingly on my left cheek. I turned my head towards her, smiled at her and wanted to kiss her back on her lips. When I did she pressed her lips firmly to mine and while kissing me I felt she opened them. Then I felt her tongue licking my lips. Automatically I responded by opening my lips and immediately she f***ed her tongue in my mouth. I felt a strange sensation running down my body: I was French kissing with my daughter! When I realized what happened I kinda broke loose from her embracement, still holding her though. "Sorry, dad, I don't know what I was thinking, but I just had too do it. You're so sweet, comforting me, not asking, but listening. I love you so much, I just had to kiss you!", she said, trying to apologize in her own way. "I know, dear", I said, "I was just a bit put off by what you just did. But, in retrospect, I was not such a bad kiss", I smiled. I hugged her even more, looked in her eyes and gave her another gentle kiss on her lips. This time I took the initiative and opened my lips to invade her mouth. Again we kissed each other passionately. With her hands she held my head, my right hand was gently stroking up and down her thigh, with my left hand I tried to stroke the breast I was touching. "O dad, what are we doing?", she sighed, breaking up our kiss. Silent we held each other for some time.
"We both know you're unhappy at the moment and were looking for some attention and tenderness. It's OK to find it with me, dear, you know I love you with all my heart", I said to her. "You're right, dad", she sighed, "and I'm reluctant to go home tonight. But everytime it's the same story, I do all the work and Jack is only occupied with himself. And then we have an argument again, I go to bed angry, and he just sits there, playing his c***dish video games." I listened carefully to what Marsha was telling me, and decided she should teach him a lesson. "Why don't you stay here tonight? You know we always have a room for you if necessary. So you're welcome!" She had to think that over, she said and stood up and walked to the toilet. I poured in more wine, and took a sip.
When Marsha returned to the room she had a determined look on her face. "Dad, you're right! Jack will know that I'm not around. If you don't mind I'll stay the rest of the week. Tomorrow he'll be out some time and then I'll pick up some things at home." She took her wine and we toasted. "I'll keep you company while mom is away, and take a little care of you!" We laughed, I put on the TV, Marsha crawled up to me again and we watched a few crime-series.
At 11 pm we cleaned up the living, put the glasses in the dishwasher and walked to our bedrooms. I wanted to kiss Marsha goodnight when she asked me if I wasn't alone in that big bed of mine. "Why do you ask, dear?", I wanted to know. "Well, I just don't like the idea of sl**ping alone tonight. Can I sl**p in moms’ bed tonight? I won't feel lonely that way!" While talking she made those puppy eyes I can't resist. So of course I didn't refuse, and together we walked into my bedroom. I went to the bathroom, got undressed for the night (I normally sl**p naked, but in this case I decided to wear a pair of boxer shorts), brushed my teeth and went back into the bedroom. When Marsha saw me coming is she smiled. "Afraid I see something, daddy?", she cooed. She knew I used to sl**p naked. "I don't want to upset you dear", I replied with a little irony in my voice. She laughed and started to unbutton her dress. She let it slide from her shoulders, and the dress fell around her feet on the floor. There she stood, my beautiful girl. She wore only a small transparent bra and a matching G-string, her legs still in her shiny nylons, her feet still in her high heels. Still being a man the consequences were obvious; within seconds my cock started to rise. I hurriedly dived into bed, so as to hide my erection. Too late, she saw what happened, and started laughing at me . "Oh, daddy, you're a naughty old bastard! Getting hard on your own k**! Shame on you!!" I said nothing, gave her a faint smile, and pulled the blanket over my legs.
She turned around, looked at me over her shoulder and with stretched legs bent forward to pick up her dress, giving me a good look at her round bottom. I saw the rope of her G-string disappear in her butt-crack and between her pussy-lips. My god, she looked so hot! What a lovely ass she had, and those luscious slightly swollen pussy-lips, they made my mouth water and my cock jump! Marsha got up again, came over to me, and sat on the bed. She stroked my hair, my cheek, and let her hand slide down over my naked chest. When she touched my nipple I shivered a little. She noticed it immediately, and smiled. "Hmm, so you're not made of stone after all!" "Only partially, at the moment dear", I replied a bit shy, trying to be witty. She smiled, stood up, walked to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Then she returned to her mothers’ side of the bed, and while looking at me she unhooked her bra. She prevented it from falling, still smiling at me. Then she let it slip down her arms, and showed me her boobies. They were smaller than her mothers, and because she was so much younger they stood firm. Her areolas were a little darker than the surrounding skin, and her nipples were hard. She kicked out her shoes, and stepped into the bed. "You don't want to take off your nylons?", I wondered. "Maybe later", she replied somewhat mysteriously.
With only the dim light of my bedside lamp, we were lying together. I lay on my back and put my right arm around Marsha's shoulder. She lay on her left side, her head on my right shoulder, her right hand on my chest, gently playing with the hair she found there. With my left hand I caressed her side, from her armpit as far down as I could reach. Gently I tickled her, which made her laugh. "That's better", I said, "no more evil thoughts tonight!" I bend over to kiss her forehead once again. Marsha smiled, feeling save in her daddy's arms. She rolled over a bit, put her arms around me and kissed me on my lips again. I immediately noticed the difference in the way she kissed me; before it was just the loving kiss of my daughter that ended up in a French kiss, now I felt lust. I responded to her kiss like a lover does, my lips opened for her and our tongues found each other. Her kiss was hot, she moaned lightly when she noticed my positive reaction.
Her right hand moved from my chest downwards, tickled my bellybutton, and continued on its way down. Then, while still covered with my shorts, she gently stroked my hard cock. Still kissing me, stroking turned into soft squeezing, and I heard her sigh. Our lips broke loose, and she whispered: "Oh, dad, you're so hard! Is that because of me?" I nodded, again kissing her. "Yes sweetie, only because of and only for you tonight!" I bent towards her and took one of her hard nipples between my lips. The taste of her young flesh was so good! I licked and sucked on her nipple, licked around her areola, enjoyed her sweet smelling body. Then she pushed me back. "Just lay on your back, and let things happen. Just enjoy me, daddy", she said. Obedient I did what she said.
Marsha started kissing me on my forehead, then started to kiss me on my cheeks, my neck and my chest. Gently she sucked on one of my nipples, shivers ran down my spine and it sent electric currents to my crotch. My dick was jumping, grew even bigger than it already was, almost aching. Then she switched over to the other nipple. This one was even more sensitive than the other, and gave me the feel ing as if my prick would explode. She noticed my reaction, and slipped one hand in my shorts, softly putting her fingers round the sturdy pole she found there and, going up and down along it, started to squeeze it. Her lips now arrived at my belly, and with her tongue she created wet circles around my belly-button. Then she continued her way down to my crotch. She removed her hand, smoothed the fabric of my boxer over my throbbing manhood, and licked the cockhead that was still hidden for her eyes. This was extremely tantalizing, for me as well as for her as her breathing became heavier. Then, suddenly, she pulled down my shorts, and released my prick from its prison. At the sight of my erection she cooed with delight. "Oh, daddy, I love it! Your dick is so hard, so strong!", she sighed. Along the shaft the swollen veins were clearly visible, my cockhead was almost purple from the bl**d supply. With two hands she gently grabbed it, one hand at the bottom, the other one at the top. Then she twisted her hands in opposite direction, stretching my skin in all directions. Her hands were soft, her touch was loving. After a short while she bent over and gently blew warm air around my cockhead. It felt sensational! With one hand she kept on twisting and teasing my cock, with the other hand she mildly caressed my scrotum. Approvingly she weighed my balls, and started to massage them. She stopped blowing air over my cock, and reached for it with her lips. "Oh my god", I thought, "she's going to suck my cock!" Her lips touched my bare cockhead, kissed it with passion. Then she opened her lips and with her tongue carefully licked the opening on top. I had to restrain myself from cumming right away. It felt so good, she loved me so dearly and was so gentle! She opened her lips even further, and gradually my dick entered her greedy mouth. I could feel her tongue playing with the hard flesh in her mouth. It was warm and wet. Then her head went up and down on my manhood, I heard how she sucked it in, then releasing and starting all over again. Her long hair hanging over her head tickled my belly, her one hand sliding up and down my prick in the same pace as her head, her other hand teasing my balls. It was so good, but it also was almost torture. Whether I wanted or not, I had no other choice than to spray my seed in her mouth. When she slid my cock so deep in her horny mouth that I could feel the entrance of her throat I couldn't resist anymore, and fiercely my cum jetted out of my cock into her mouth. With her entire mouth filled with prick and cum she had no other option than to swallow it as well as she could. In her eyes I saw how much she loved drinking my fluid sign of love. She sucked out the last drops, and let go of my now tired dick. She crawled up, laughed at me and kissed me on the lips again, letting me taste what was left of my own cum that still covered her tongue and part of her lips. Silently we hold each other for a few moments. Then she said: "You taste so good, daddy, I really love it! I wish I did this long ago, I had thought about it so often! I wouldn't have gone to live with Jack had I known you have such a nice cock!" "I love you too, honey, and I never knew or realized you are so horny, and wanted to have sex with me!"
We hugged, and started kissing all over again. But this time I rolled Marsha on her back, so I could make love to her body this time. I kneeled beside her, and cupped her boobs with both hands. Tenderly I started to knead them, which made her whimper softly. I took both nipples between my thumb and index finger, and started to roll them. Her body writhed in pleasure. I bent forward, kissing her lips. Immediately she opened her lips, and licked mine. We kissed our lovers kiss, while my hands still caressed her tits. Then I started kissing her neck, gently nibbled on her earlobe, and slid down further, reaching her now rock-hard nipples, dark with excitement. While squeezing and twisting the right one, I sucked and licked the left one, then softly biting it. Marsha moaned loudly. Then I changed breasts, and repeated what I just did on the other one. My free hand was sliding over her tummy, found her belly-button, and drew little circles around it. My mouth now also left her beautiful young tits, and started to follow my hand. My tongue made a trail over her body, teased her belly-button, and went down more and more. Marsha pulled up her legs, and spread them as far as she could. In the faint light of the bed lamps I could see the thin fabric of her G-string was shining wet from her pussy-juice. She was horny as hell, and I had her in my hands! I felt so damned lucky, shivers went down my spine! My hands were exploring her legs, still wearing nylons. It felt so nice, her strong long legs in the smooth nylons, spreading so wide for her daddy! My tongue found the top of her G-sting, and followed it from left to right. While deliberately avoiding her shiny cunt, I licked the inside of her horny white thighs, making her wanting me to lick her pussy even more. With the fingers of one hand I followed the lines her pussylips made in the small triangle that still hid her throbbing clit, which made her shiver with lust.
Then, with a jerk, I broke the thin straps of her G-string, and I saw the beautiful cleanly shaven pussy of my slutty daughter. She was so wet, so aroused, her lips already stood wide open as if inviting me in right now. I buried my face in her cunt immediately and started licking and sucking as if it was the last thing there was on earth to do. The feeling of my wet tongue on her pussy made her sigh. She spread her legs even more for me, she wanted me all over her. I licked her wet cuntlips, suckled on them, but still deliberately avoided her clit. I could see it popping out under its hood, urging me to suck on it. But instead of doing that I teased Marsha even more by not licking her pleasure button, but by blowing a soft stream of air over it. My girl shivered, almost started crying and begged me to lick her clit. "Oh please, daddy, don't torture me like that, please make me cum, I want it so much!!", she whispered. Then, without warning, I put my lips over the top of her womanhood, and sucked hard on her swollen centre of joy. Her body started to shake, Marsha cried little tears of lust, and with her hands she f***ed my face hard on her cunt. Although she left me almost no room for it, I still managed to slide two fingers of my right hand in her fuckhole, and started to move them in and out. While fingerfucking her, my tongue licked her clit and my free hand was teasing her nipples. I felt how her body reacted, her muscles strained, and with a soft smothered cry Marsha came. She tasted so damn good, her juices were so sweet, and she came so good I had trouble licking it all up. Her body relaxed, and I freed her pussy from my hand and mouth.
My cock was still hard; seeing my daughter come made it even harder. I crawled up, until my shining cockhead gently rubbed her pussylips. We kissed as if we were lovers for ages, and I felt how she put her legs around me and gradually pulled me towards her. While doing so my dick slid in her wide open cunt. Her flesh was warm and wet around my pole. In it went, deeper and deeper, until I noticed I was totally inside her. Marsha also noticed it, and calmly started rocking her pelvis up and down. I could feel her inner flesh slither along my hard rod, and every time she rocked forward my cock seemed to penetrate her even deeper. With the muscles of her fucking grotto she now massaged my staff if she was milking me. Her entire body begged for my semen, and the way she was fucking me I would give her that quickly. I started to move in opposite direction of her movements, and time after time I rammed my dick harder into my horny and slutty daughters’ body. Our tongues were fighting their own luscious battle , and without breaking our kiss I felt how my seed worked its way out of my body, and entered hers. Marsha felt the throbbing of her daddies’ dick, and squeezed it even harder. Then she also reached her climax and released her juices of lust. Growling and kissing we both came, never getting enough of each other it seemed. After we had proved each other our ultimate love, and with my dick still deep in my daughters hot cunt, we lay in each others arms, each giving sweet kisses, and enjoying our forbidden love for each other, knowing that this first time certainly wouldn't be the last....!

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2 years ago
you never guess my name... :P
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great story CM my compliments...
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wow een erg goed verhaal, wat heerlijk zeg
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this is nice
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What a great horny story. Please write more.
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Great story!
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