Swimming is good for you

You are at the health club. You have worked out after a long day at the office and are having a swim. You have a red one piece swimsuit on and it hugs your body and has a high leg definition. You always feel good in it. It fits tight against your sex and arse and you know that there is a great cameltoe for those that want to see after you climb out. You know you look good in it. At 47, you take care of yourself.

The whole club is quiet. Apart from a woman reading a book on the lounger, there is only one other swimmer, a young girl with short cropped hair, around sixteen, with a light green bikini hugging her body for all to see. You have looked at her legs and crotch as she swims a few times now. She has long athletic legs, and she kicks efficiently and quickly. “Young and fit”, you think

You have had enough. Your body is tired. Your mind is aroused. You need to get home and masturbate. You feel relaxed and quite horny. Your body wants release. You get out of the pool and into the silent unoccupied changing room. You go to a cubicle with your towel and reach out to start the shower.

You didn't hear anything!
You did feel the hand across your mouth, the other grabbing your hair. You scream silently as you feel a kick to the back of your knee and you go down, still being held. You are on all fours with the weight of your assailant pinning you down. Then you feel the first smack. It is very hard and aimed at your skin above your leg. Then another....this time on your buttock and then a third, right between your legs.
Your cunt feels the hand hit again and again and then it stops on your gusset pressing hard. The hand is still on your mouth. The attacker whispers into your ear. "You will be quiet!" You do not acknowledge the speaker. The attacker strikes your cunt again and then a hand darts to your nipple through the material. The assailant feels the ring piercing through your nipple and immediately grips it hard and pulls. You now nod your head and the person tells you again "Not a fucking sound" and then, your cunt is slapped hard again.
Your head is pushed and pulled down so that your cunt and arse are sticking up in the air. The assailant slaps your face at the side and then remorselessly plays with your nipples and hurts them. You feel the tears of pain and humiliation.
You feel the material of your swimsuit being tugged and pulled aside and then you feel a large object pushed into your cunt. It feels massive and hard. The dildo sticks out of you like a flagpole and the material pushes against it but cannot cover your humiliation. You look sideways to see who is doing this to you, but you are slapped and told to keep facing down. The dildo is moved in and out of you with some f***e and is accompanied by hard smacking.

You can feel the sexuality in you starting to take over. You are starting to enjoy this. The dildo is doing it's magic. Your cunt starts to suck on it as it withdraws. Your nipples are starting to love the attention they get everytime the smacking stops. You are in a place that you never thought you could be. Your release is what drives you on. Your mind has stopped fighting and is in neutral.

The smacks start to reduce and then, all of a sudden, the dildo is snatched out of you. "Oh God" you think, "I need it back in me".
You know your assailant has got you in their power, is in control of you.

The hand enters your cunt suddenly and without warning. Your breast is being crushed by the other hand. The hand totally enters you and you feel the fingers swirling up in the folds of your sex. It presses on the “magic place” and you immediately feel your orgasm arrive, without warning and with amazing f***e. Your convulsions start, the hand withdraws and you squirt like a fountain, a cascade, over your legs and your swimming costume. You start to feel light headed and the pleasure overpowers everything.

You are still on the floor and breathing hard. You can smell your sex, and you can feel the glow of passion in you. Your breath slows down and your heart returns to a slower beat. You pull yourself up, pulling the material back across your sex again. You are dazed, but you see the woman who was reading the book, staring at you and your body through the open cubicle door. You know you must look a mess, but she slowly comes up to you and whispers
"I see that you've already met my daughter"

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1 month ago
Wow, that was a great read, particularly liked the twist at the end
6 months ago
Stunning beginning to the story... Made me uncomfortable! Well done.
11 months ago
ending was super
1 year ago
Thank you for your lovely comments, and I too, have seen women masturbating. Indeed, I have been one of those myself. I wanted to contact you by PM, but as I am down as a couple, it wouldn't allow me to, so I am replying to this comment. Do you count mutual masturbation of another woman, or is that sex? I am hoping to get part three done shortly. Alison xxx
1 year ago
I've always enjoyed swimming. Not only the exercise but what happens at the club. I have some nice views from under the water. Love the showers too. On more than one occasion I've seen women masturbating. The swim club is a real nice way to meet other women and go from there. Excellent story!
1 year ago
Wish that was me in there
1 year ago
Sheer heaven to read.
1 year ago
Great ending hook....I'm squirming in my seat!
1 year ago
You never disappoint, can't wait to read part 2
1 year ago
I agree with Mollstud completely...very well written and the ending again had a very good twist
1 year ago
Exquisitely clever and beautifully constructed: the pay-off line is delightful! How refreshing to find a writer here on xhamster who can actually. . .

Write. Sincere thanks!
1 year ago
loved it... thanks for writing!
1 year ago
wow, I love it, so sensual, but still so humiliating, made me wanna masturbate at once . . .
1 year ago
Well that was rather special. I think a big 9/10 for that and i am so looking forward to part 2
1 year ago
Well, that was rather special i must admit. Lets say 9/10 and i am so looking forward to part 2!!!
1 year ago
Amazing Mistress Alison xxx
1 year ago
Mmmm........so hot.
1 year ago
So erotic, loved it :) xxx
1 year ago
very good