The Wife's First Threesome

My wife and I are in our late twenties and had run into a lull in our relationship so we began to look at ways to spice things up. We joined an adult site and I got my wife to slowly start thinking of the idea of bringing someone into our bedroom to spice things up. Originally we began thinking of trying to add a woman to the mix because we both were into the thought of that. So my wife started out chatting with random people (girls, couples, men) and finally progressed to the point of getting nude, masturbating, and then finally we would fuck on cam, and she loved the attention.

The fun on cam eventually lead to us making a decision with friends of ours who were openly swingers to try our first full swap which my wife loved (for another story). But her friend kept raving how much they loved MFM threesomes. At first my wife (and myself included) didn't feel that was where we wanted to go, but after talking with our friends they pitched a pretty good idea. So we went back to the site and began a new search for a guy to join us. After a short search we found our lucky contestant. After a few chat sessions, and my wife sending pics and caming for him he was in and we set up a meeting at our house a few days late.


Things started off with the wife getting all done up and looking sexy as hell. So you can picture it my wife is 5'5" with brown hair and eyes with beautiful fair skin and thick in all of the right places. She has nice thick legs, a nice thick ass and beautiful D cup tits. So I watch her get dressed, she puts on her cute little black lace crotchless boy short panties, a black lacy push-up bra that makes her tits look even more amazing, a short and tight jean skirt and a cute little grey top which was tight with a low neck line to show off her perked up tits. If it wasn't for the evening to come I would have bent her over the bed and fucked her right there she looked so hot.

A few minutes later the phone rang, he was right around the corner and needed some last second directions. Then was the knock at the door. The wife rushed to the door, then composed herself and opened the door to greet him. In walked a young Latin guy dressed nicely. So we sat around in the living room and had a few drinks and talked for a little while just to get the mood set. After everyone had a few drinks, the wife gave me her sign that she wanted a few minutes alone, which I obliged and went back to the bedroom to get the bedroom set for what I anticipated would come next.

After a few minutes I returned to the living room and found my wife's new friend next to her on the couch they were just flirting a little while my wife was running her hand on his leg. So I sat on the other side of her on the couch and she began to kiss me. She kissed me for a few minutes and I could see her new friend was ready to be next. While she was kissing me I saw her leg d****d over his leg and his hand running up and down her thigh. A few more minutes of kissing me and I could see my wife's hand now rubbing his cock through his jeans and I could see by the bulge in his pants that he was liking it. I noticed that his hand were now all over my wife's breasts so I stopped kissing her and turned her around facing him and took her top off so he could see her perky tits. Which he immediately started kissing her neck and tits while she continued to rub his cock through his pants. I guess my wife wanted to see what she was rubbing because the next thing I saw was her undo his jeans and pull out his thick cock and start stroking it. My wife then sat back down and took of her bra and undid my pants to pull out my cock. She now had a cock in each hand while us guys took turns kissing her and licking her hard nipples. After a short time I saw him get up and take his pants completely off and show off his thick cock standing erect at the sight of my wife. He then got up and grabbed my wife by her knees pulling her to the edge of the couch and making her lay on her back. He then slid her panties off and pushed up her dress exposing her freshly waxed bald pussy and it was dripping wet with her cum. He then slowly made his way between her legs and began sucking and licking her wet pussy slurping up all of her juices, I got next to her and pulled down my pants and she grabbed my cock and began sucking on it while her new lover was making her moan. My wife quickly came and went to kiss her new lover on the mouth to taste her juices and had him sit on the couch next to me. I watched as she grabbed both of our cocks and slowly began to suck his thick rod while she was jerking me off to nearly cum. For about the next 20 minutes she took turns between sucking his and my cock. She then lead us back to the bedroom cause I could tell she was ready for a cock in her pussy.

Once in the bedroom she had my sit at the head on the bed she began to suck my cock better than she ever had. She was on all fours with her thick ass in the air and her back arched down showing her new lover that she was ready for his thick cock in her dripping wet pussy. I could see he quickly understood her body language because I saw him grab her by the skirt and jam his cock in her pussy while she moaned on my cock. He kept holding onto my wifes skirt and fucked her harder and harder while she bucked right when he was about to come he asked to switch positions. I got behind my wife and slipped my cock into her dripping wet slit while I watched her slurping on his thick shaft and playing with his balls. Once I was about to come I took a break, and told her new latin friend to take over. he quickly flipped her on her back and put both of her ankles around his neck and began to fuck her wet pussy. I sat behind them for a moment and watched as her cum dripped down her ass and onto the bed while his thick rod was filling every inch of her. I quickly got hard and went up near her face and slid my cock in her mouth to muffle her screams of delight. Once he neared coming again I began to fuck her while she sucked on his cock. Finally I could tell both of us guys had had enough. I had my wife get on the edge floor on her knees while both of us stood over her. She began to play with both of our balls while we jerked off in front of her, I could tell by the way she was grabbing me that she was ready to feel our loads all over her face and chest. A moment later I came all over her face and perky breasts, a moment later drenched in my cum she began to suck her new friends thick member until he let out an moan and covered her with even more white sticky cum.

My wife quickly cleaned up and pushed her new friend out the door. We quickly hopped in the shower and began to wash up but not before we got a little dirty. My wife was standing with the water dripping down her body, she put both hands on the wall and arched he back exposing her bald pussy and tight pick asshole. I quickly got the hint and I slid my cock deep into her still wet pussy. The water dripped down her body while she bent over drove me nuts, I fucked her so hard until I finally came deep in her pussy and watched as both of our juices ran down her leg and down the drain.
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1 year ago
made me HARD................another LOAD on the floor................sweet
1 year ago
Um 100% True
2 years ago
great story xx
2 years ago
True story?
3 years ago
Very sexy !!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hot story. Can't wait to hear the other story too, about your 'full swap'. Thanks
3 years ago
Fantastic story...we both loved it!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hot story!