A wild night hard to forget!

You can’t deny the fact that you always engage in some ogling and fantasy whenever a sexy girl passes by. It’s a very general habit and I understand. How about actually getting the opportunity to sl**p with such a chick? Just what you have been thinking, isn’t it? Yes, now cheap Dublin e****ts can give you an erotic prime time, like the way you have always craved for.

So here’s introducing myself, I’m Josie a sex pro, your love fantasy. So boys if you are dissatisfied with the coldness of your girlfriend in the bed or if your wife has being acting too unrelenting these days then allow me to engage you in some carnal pleasure .I possess the skill to please anyone. From amateurs to experienced I have pleased everyone with my body .My secret ways to deal with men in bed has earned me oodles of compliments. Let me relay out a secret sex date which I enjoyed recently, which I hope you shall enjoy.

First know that I’m very attractive, I needn’t try hard to attract attention towards me. Standing at 5’7 with a voluptuous breast and curvy 32-28-32 figure a girl like me doesn’t need to try hard. I am all of 23 years who thrives chiefly on great sex. My pussy is very hot, so it needs to be filled with a hard dick every time I get aroused. So coming back to the hot incident, I meet this guy call Peter in the pub last Saturday. The man look offended by something. It was pretty late, near about 12 at night and a gentle man like Peter usually never leaves house at 12.I approach the handsome dude and offered to buy him a drink. He was taken aback a bit but immediately gave in. I warmed up to him, talking sweet nothings. With time he started opening up, and became inhibition free. I came to know that he was facing the same problem that guys usually do; his wife had denied him sex for the day. Poor Peter! This must be very hard on a strong athletic man like him. I took pity and wanted to show that I felt for him. But my charm did all the magic .After gulping few pegs of vodka I found him drooling over me. He started touching me .He took the liberty to squeeze my boobs and I did not resist. He suddenly grabbed me and kissed me hard. His hard prick hurt me. He was at the peak of orgasm and I could well understand his needs. He was in the urgency to get inside me and I could feel it. When I gave him the green signal he rushed me towards his car and drove me to a motel nearby.

The urgency of the situation was such, we couldn’t waste a moment. We rushed to the room and even before we could close the door we started undressing. Our clothes flew off to all corners. He had undressed before me, the look of his beautiful glistening body made me swoon and go weak in the knee. A six foot man standing starkly naked, just irresistible .I stopped undressing myself and stepped forward and started kissing his body .When I took his male hardness in my mouth, he moaned. I looked up and saw a naughty glint. I was in my bare essentials but before I knew what was happening, he pulled them out like a ruffian and pushed me back on the bed. He parted my legs and entered me. Such sheer ecstasy! All the while he was inside me, we shared sweet love talks. He fondled me, sucked my breasts and kissed my privates, lovingly. He was on top and I thought only a woman with flagging libido can avoid such a man .Anyways I was having the time of my life, with my dream guy nuzzling in my pussy .At first he was slow and delicate suddenly he took on a devilish turn .He jabbed me hard, making me pant and moan with pleasure .Ah! His rough grinds made me want him more. We enjoyed the intercourse in all styles, be it missionary or doggy. Sometimes he took the lead and sometime I was in control. We lasted the whole night having steamy sex. In the morning he was ready for a second round. He pulled me in the bath tub; we again had a second round of fornication. The guy was mad about me and didn’t want to leave. It made me really happy to see him dying to be all over me. I favored him in all possible ways. At last we parted with a promise to meet each other again….
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