My b*****r In-Law - Part Two: The Bet

As he lay gasping, he hard-on swiftly leaving, my cock screamed for attention, and my balls screamed louder.

"You're welcome. But you know what would be an ever better 'thank you'?"

He closed his eyes, and tried to slow his breathing down to a normal pace.

"After that, I'll do anything." He said softly.

"Glad to hear it." I said as I sat on his hairy chest. I slapped my cock against his face and he smiled. He grabbed it and precum oozed all over his cheek. He got up and I sat on the edge of the bed. He gave me a strange look; half enjoyment, half fear. "I've hurt women who've really been around, so try not to think about it, you're not going to enjoy all of it.

He winked at me and started licking the tip. I smiled and laid back on my elbows. He grabbed my balls and started mouthing my cock with such gusto; I felt the need to warn him: "I wouldn't try to get all-" and with that he pushed all ten inches down his open throat. I gasped and he smiled around my stiff cock.

I moaned and gasped as he tried to get further down my cock and get my sagging, aching nuts in his mouth. His nose played in my closely shaved pubs and his lower lip pulled my balls up and down. I could feel his heartbeat on my throbbing member and i could feel his epiglottis on the tip of my head. He tried to pull in air, around my hard cock, and I pearled and he started started to cough. He gagged pulling it out, cleared his throat loudly and went back to pushing my massive cock down his throat.

I moaned and gasped some more as now he was making his way from head to balls over and over again.

"Hey, Cartwright! What's the scored?" we both stopped, wide eyed as we heard the front door slam and our roommate, Kain, call out from the common-room. I put my finger to my lips and Cartwright nodded, as he resumed my blow job. "Cartwright?" he called outside of Cartwright's room. "Will?" he called out.

We ignored him and Cartwright kept on pleasuring me; perfectly. "Where is everyone?" I heard and saw the doorknob turn, but it was too late. "Will! Have you seen-" Cartwright started, and sat perfectly straight, not moving, his eyes closed.

"Hey..." I said meekly.

"What's going on?" He asked quietly.

"Well, we, that is to say, I was, and then he... " I reached for the blanket and Cartwright stayed with his back to the door.

"I think I understand what was going on, I think I meant to ask, how long?"

"Ten inches." Cartwright said with a laugh. I gave him an angry look, and Kain cackled, totally unimpressed with the comment.

"Get real." he was belligerent. "No brit is ten inches." he said.

"I meant Will..." he said defending himself.

"Where's your f****y from? Ireland, and Japan?"

"My mother, and father; respectively. Yes."

"You're six inches if you're lucky. I'm nine inches, and my f****y is truly African-American. My father is Kenyan. and my mother is Egyptian. There's no way your dick is bigger than mine." Now I was angry.

Kain was always making fun of me. He was taller than me, his shoulders were broader, he's muscles we huge, and he had a six pack. I was five eleven, he was six three. He benched four forty, I barely broke two hundred. and I couldn't get a single abdominal muscle to show up, it seemed like I had one smooth ab.

I played on his greed and asked him: "How much do you want to bet, that I've got a bigger cock than you?" Now he was angry too.

"I'll bet fifty bucks for every inch. In either direction. If I have two on you, you'd owe me 100, if you had three on me (in your dreams) I'd owe you 150, and so on."

I smiled. "Deal." He smiled too.

"Okay, I'll find the measuring tape and go in the other room and take a pic-" I cut him off by shaking my head.

"I don't think so." I said. "Cartwright can find the measuring tape. AND we'll do it right in front of each other." He tried to protest, and I upped the bet. "If we take pictures in separate rooms, the bigger cock gets to fuck the smaller one." He frowned.

"I didn't know you were in to that..." He said it with a strange tone, I didn't quite understand.

"I'm a top." I said firmly. "But I won't have to worry about it." Cartwright came back in a pair of sweat pants, with the digital camera and the measuring tape. He handed them to Kain, and Kain left the room.

"I brought you a condom." He said smiling. "I hope he keeps the deal. I want you happy, but I can't take that thing in me." he smiled and kissed my lips. I could taste myself on his tongue. he went back to giving me head and only stopped because Kain came back.

He handed Cartwright the camera and coughed, mumbling something about the common-room being cold. I laid back on my elbows and Kain swallowed.

"Do we really need to measure?" I asked. "Or do you want to just call it fifty dollars?"

"Fuck you!" he said angrily. "Measure it. Now." I could see and angry little fiend in Kain's jeans, and it made me even stiffer. I started measuring, making sure to line up the base properly, as Kain looked at the Pictures on the camera.

"Holy shit." Cartwright said.

"What?" I asked, concerned, as Kain smiled. He showed me the little screen as he flipped through the pictures. Holy shit was right. Kain's milk chocolate cock was at least four fingers wide, and three fingers tall. it was grotesque. Thick purplely veins showed through the tanned skin.

"Told you, you weren't bigger than me." His member got a little stiffer as he looked at me measuring.

"Well, you are thicker but you owe me 150 dollars. You're only seven inches long, I'm just over ten." Kain swallowed, and sputtered.

"But we said 'bigger'. and I was, you guys have been screwing all day, I wasnt even properly horny, and it's cold, and..." he kept trying to make excuses, but Cartwright was behind him before I had told him he lost. and now he was blocking the doorway. He turned Kain around and pushed him towards the bed. Kain didn't seem to fight back.
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