Cuck, Chastity, Femdom/Feminisation. Part 1

Cuck, Chastity, Femdom/Feminisation.
(If I get enough good feedback I will supply parts 3-4)
(Also very interested in writing bespoke stories to whatever specification the reader desires. Leave a message detailing your kinks/character names & desired situations and I’ll get back to you. No Under 18 stuff, it’s ridiculous but in Britain you can apparently be punished for fictional thought crimes. Orwell was right!)

Part 2

A few more hours pass, it is difficult to tell how long; the endorphins from my encounter with Julie are cashing in their cheques and I feel sl**py, wonderfully satisfied and sissified. I think about curling up in Julie’s arms and feeding on her breasts, just like my fiancée used to. My reverie is shattered by the squeal of a taxi’s brakes outside. I can hear my fiancée, and she is laughing. The taxi leaves and I can hear a deep voice and then another laugh from my bride-to-be. I hear the icy click of her stiletto heels on the pavement and the sound of the door being unlocked.

She’s brought another man home. I shift awkwardly on the milker and panic sets in. What will she do if she sees me like this? The thought of her cheating had never entered my mind until now, and here I was, dressed like a girl, freshly milked by her mother and impaled on my stool. I’ve never felt so humiliated, so weak. I knew she wanted to cuckold me, but not like this. I think of Julie, and her gentle hands. At this moment, I wanted to run to my new mummy and sob my heartbreak into her lap.

My fiancée walks up the stairs and into the room, putting her hand to her mouth when she sees me, ‘So, mummy came round did she? God, you look pathetic. Show me your clitty then.’ I lift my dress and spread my legs. She laughs at my stripe, ‘Looks like she milked you too, kitten. Saves me from doing it.’
She reaches into a drawer and produces some lube, ‘You know, I was going to do this downstairs but I may as well bring him up here, seeing as you’d rather be my s****r than my fiancé. Did mummy feed you?’ I nod my head and she smirks, ‘Got those boobies flowing did you, you dirty little girl.’ She inspects my clothing, stroking my legs and hair, ‘You look better like this anyway, and it means I can give the key to my new boyfriend.’ She calls him up the stairs. From the sound of his footsteps I can tell he’s much larger than me, a brutish man.

He enters the room and scowls at me. He’s a strongly built, hard-featured male. He stands over six feet tall, as becomes apparent when he places a huge hand on the small of her back and pulls her to him. She easily falls to the overbearing strength of the man. This woman, who ruled my manhood with a firm hand, this woman who grew my testicles for months on end, this dominating woman simply folds into his embrace, her toes brushing the floor as he kisses her.
I see her face flushing and her legs trembling, the key that held us together became another treasure for his discovery, as he pulls the dress from her body and throws her on the bed.

I try to stop him but my cock chain sends a bolt of pain into my spine and I crumble again, my ankles collapsing in the heels. I ask him to be gentle but fear makes my voice high-pitched and they both stop to laugh at me, ‘This is just how real men take a woman, kitten,’ she says, ‘real men don’t have balls bigger than their cocks!’ She lies back and kicks off her heels, raising her stocking clad legs in the air.

He tears the silk from her, causing her ankle bracelet to fall, broken, to the floor, severing our connection. He stands by the edge of the bed and rests her delicate feet on his huge chest, unbuckling his belt. He binds her ankles together tightly and holds her black-painted toes with his teeth as he undresses fully.

‘Oh my god,’ She props herself up on her elbows, ‘I knew you were big but I didn’t know you were that big. I don’t know if I can take it.’ She sits up and wraps both hands around his growing cock. I feel ashamed at my own cock, locked away in a little plastic tube. I hate her for doing this to me, all of it. I want to get rid of him, but I can’t stand and the milker has my arsehole. I look at the shoes, my leaking nub and my fiancée tentatively stroking another man’s penis. I want mummy to stop her.

I close my eyes and think of how this happened: her waning libido, asking me to lick her instead of fucking her one night, two nights, three nights in a row. Less fucking, more licking, a bored hand-job without even looking at me, a frustrated turning away and finishing herself off, a conversation about a funny guy at work, a conversation about her best friend’s boyfriend’s prowess in bed, a mention that her ex-boyfriend’s penis didn’t pop out in that position, a request to wear the cage ‘to spice things up’, longer time in cage, more vibrator’s being bought, a d***ken first milking she promised was ‘just to see if it works’, the first sober milking, the strap-on first used on me and then forcing me to use it on her. A girl’s night out when she told everyone about my chastity and they all milked me and kicked my testicles. The first time she tied me up and let her mother fuck my arse, then made me cum in my own mouth as punishment. And then tonight, finally feminised and cuckolded in one movement. She has got a style, my fiancée, and she’s so beautiful I could almost weep, especially when she’s cruel to me.

A shriek brings me to my senses. He has her ankles held above her head in one hand while he attempts to feed his member inside her. He is so much bigger than her, she seems like a toy beneath him. She is bucking and trying to push him away with a hand on his thigh. ‘Please, be gentle,’ she says, almost begging, my woman begging another man in a voice I’ve never heard before; she sounded like I did when Julie milked me.

‘Oh, shit!’ she arches her back and turns to bury her yelps in a pillow. He pushes the tip of his cock further in, until I can see a slight judder along the shaft as she finally opens for him. She starts panting, small breaths like a woman in labour, and empties the lubricant onto the remaining length of his cock, using both hands to reach under her lifted legs. Her toes point at the ceiling and start to wiggle as he pushes further in. He is only halfway buried when she starts to convulse.

Her hand grips the sheet and her entire body flushes red. Her scream pierces my ears and goes straight to my cock, which lobs another blob of semen from the tip. I find myself shifting on the milker in sympathy with my sweetheart’s pain.

As her orgasm subsides she gradually accepts more of him inside, wriggling around on the bed and moaning with every millimetre. He loops her bound feet behind his head. Her legs part as she wraps herself around him and locks her feet together. I beg her to stop, but her eyes are closed and she bites her cherry-painted lip.
He very slowly withdraws and sinks back inside, her cunt makes a greasy sound as he does so; he is mining her. She is squeaking and grunting and making moans that are strangers to me. Her head lolls on her shoulders and her eyes roll like those of a dying woman. All the strength she used to break me has been sapped by this b**st, and now she quietly purrs and trembles beneath him. ‘Stretch me’ she begs, ‘Open me up. Open me.’ She looks so peaceful.

He sees me gawping and stops fucking her. She gingerly reaches between her legs and pets her vagina, a pearlescent tear rolls down her cheek as she looks into his eyes. Holding her as if she were asl**p, he picks my fiancée up in one arm and gently turns her onto her stomach. She raises her bottom in the air and waits with her hands by her head, firmly on the pillow. I can see her heart beating in its bl**d-flushed cage. I can see her liquid dripping down her inner thigh and I want to clean her.

She looks distant, narcotic, her eyes are dull. I feel like I’ve lost her. She smiles at me from the bed, but her mouth barely opens. She gently plays with her engorged nipples and gasps as she feels him brushing against her pussy. He leans over her and pulls her hair behind her ears, ‘I’m going to gape you,’ he says, ‘I’ve decided to gape you.’ She asks him why, but before she can finish the question her face twists in pain.

He grabs her hair and pulls it hard, exposing her throat, which he takes easily in one hand. She asks again what he means and he answers by thrusting deep, until his balls slap against her swollen clitoris. She grunts, a long guttural moan.
I look away when I hear a dull pop. Her pubic bone has shifted and she doesn’t know what is about to happen. To my shame, my clitty is as swollen as the cage will allow.

Her initial scream and panic soon give way to the new feelings she is experiencing. I am now utterly useless as a lover to her, even if she let me try. Her cries of pain are replaced with a low, feline growling. The greasy sound of her vagina is now a disgusting, wet slurping sound. He smiles at me and thrusts even harder.

My fiancée is convulsing and screaming, her pert breasts hammering on her chest. She tries to talk, tries to plead with him, but her abdomen is being pounded so hard she cannot properly breathe.
She is being gaped by another man, in my bed, gaped by a dick so large her clitoris is being pulled into the shaft with every thrust. ‘Oh fuck, I’m gonna, I’m gonna...’ she screams at me before burying her head in the pillow and curling her toes.

Her squirt pushes his dick out and she gropes at the sheets for another ten seconds until all the vaginal fluid had been ejaculated from inside her. She lays, slightly sobbing, slightly shaking, reaching underneath her trembling body to gently explore her gape with her fingers. She can fit three inside without feeling anything.

She looks over her shoulder, ‘What the fuck have you done to me?’ Her pussy lips protrude between her legs, her whole mound is swollen and red, ruined. ‘I look like I’ve given birth!’ But the man just laughs, parting her legs and slapping his huge member on her vulgar clit, ‘I gaped you, I told you I would gape you and you submitted.’

She pushes away from him and says, ‘Will it ever go back to how it was?’ He shakes his head and helps her to stand, propping her up on weakling legs. He holds her trembling body and she clings to him for support. He brushes her hair with his hand and tells her that she’s special.
She seems to enjoy this and gratefully kisses him on his chest, wrapping her arms as far around him as she can. Leaving her to admire her newly gaping vagina in the mirror, he walks over to me and crouches down, ‘Your fiancée is now one of my women. I’m going to take her to my place. You can come too, but you will be with the other sub males in the crèche.’ He takes a card from his pocket and drops it at my feet, it has a number written on it.

My fiancée is still admiring her gape in the mirror, posing this way and that and opening her labia to better see it, ‘Am I really special?’ she asks, ‘How many women have you gaped?’ He picks her up by the hand and tells her to be quiet. She succumbs and lets him lift her off her feet, wrapping her legs around him for support.
He carries her over to me and stands, holding her just in front of my face. I can see the extent of the gape he has given my fiancée, my cock wouldn’t touch the sides anymore. Her fluid drips from labial folds like thawing ice.

He hitches her weight onto one arm and she complies, totally submissive, her feet dangling like a doll’s. He feeds his prick back inside her and holds her arse with his hands. He fucks her standing up, his knuckles brushing my nose and the wetness of her cunt falling onto my shoes. He pushes a thick finger into her anus as he plunges in. She squeaks and bucks and grunts, coming again and again on his cock, until she falls silent, too exhausted to move anymore.

He digs his nails into her firm buttocks and she yelps and sucks his lip, He fucks her barely conscious body until he comes, his balls rising and his cock pumping shot after shot into her waiting vagina. I have never been allowed to come there, and I never will; he has fucked her away from me.
When he is limp he pulls out and drops my trembling fiancée into my lap. I am still impaled on the milker. Their mixed come is leaking out onto my tights and down my thighs.
I want him to leave her alone so I can tend her broken pussy, kiss it all better.

He dresses and leaves. As soon as he goes, my fiancée gets her strength back. She comes around enough to unfasten my bonds and we collapse on the bed. She lets me kiss her gape and clean it, but she says she’s too sore for anything else. She pulls the mirror close to the bed and we both sit in front of it with our legs in the air, two girls exploring each other’s gaping holes.
I gently suck on her toes and stroke her still-trembling thighs. We get into a sixty-nine position and she squeezes his come into my waiting mouth. I lick the remains from her taint. Her fingers delve and dip into my boy-pussy and she licks my blue-pouch. I moan like a girl and she encourages me.

She treats me nicer than usual, saying she likes me better as a girl while kissing my legs and feet, she even lets me rub my cage against her gape for a while, laying back and squeezing her sensitive nipples. ‘Of course, kitten. You must realise that we are both owned now. You are owned by me and I am owned by him.’ I nod my head and tell her about the card he left. ‘I know darling,’ she says, ‘It was my mummy, our mummy, who told me about him. We’ll ring him later, kitten.’
I nod and she pecks my cheek. She undresses me and lets me wear her silk slip. We climb into bed, the scene of her violation. We lay together, entwining our limbs and kissing, until we sl**p among each other’s dreams.

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My sissy clitty is dripping now just thinking about my xgf doing this to me ohhh
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2 years ago
Great. Will she have his babies?
2 years ago
very well written.

easy to read

keep sharing
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