Cuck, Chastity, Femdom/Feminisation. Part 1

Cuck, Chastity, Femdom/Feminisation.
(If I get enough good feedback I will supply parts 3-4)
(Also very interested in writing bespoke stories to whatever specification the reader desires. Leave a message detailing your kinks/character names & desired situations and I’ll get back to you. No Under 18 stuff, it’s ridiculous but in Britain you can apparently be punished for fictional thought crimes. Orwell was right!)
Part 1.

I serve my mistress, holding the stockings and heels. She sits on the bed, rolls the sheer black silk over black-painted toes and up, over the knee and onto her tanned thighs. I hold her shoes and she steps into them, brushing my face with her newly shaven pussy. After selecting her dress, she slips it over her shoulders and pulls her hair free, letting it cascade down her back.

She applies her smoky make-up and asks how she looks. From my position on the floor I take her in; black stiletto heels, the arch of her delicate foot showing slightly. A gold ankle bracelet struggles under the stockings, the key she keeps shining in the lamplight. The dress fits snugly, caressing her sensuous, fleshly bottom and climbing in a delightful curve, up her spine and around her breasts. Her warm blonde hair falls about her exposed shoulders. She smiles at me, her dark brown eyes shining.

She beckons me to stand before her. I rise and she reaches out, taking my cage in hand and massaging my swollen testicles with long-nailed fingers. ‘I love how you’re filling up for me. What’s it been now, a month?’ I nod and wince as she sc****s her nails on my aching balls. I am completely naked, save for the chastity tube. She sits back on the bed and raises her foot. My cock-cage rest on her shoe, and she gently waggles her toes back and forth, causing a delicious pain to shoot through my heavy nuts. My cock begins to grow and soon I am shying away from her touch. ‘Is my little kitten getting hard?’ she says, ‘hurts to want me, doesn’t it?’

She takes my shame in hand and leads me to the corner of the room, tugging gently and chuckling at my groans. There is a small, three-legged stool on the floor, with a carved wooden ‘milker’ attached to the top. The milker is about six inches long and curves at the end to better reach my prostate. It hurts as my cock strains against its cage, but soon my dick begins to weep. She wipes her finger along the open end of the plastic and uses the blob of pre-cum to lubricate the milker. ‘Sit’ she says and pulls me by the balls until my arsehole nudges against the milking stool. It opens me up slowly, and painfully at first, but soon the whole device is inside me, pushing against my swollen prostate.

My cock begins to dance in its cage, but the plastic device stops it from getting hard, pushing the root of my erection back inside my body. I try to stand up to relieve the pain and she puts a hand on my shoulder, gently pushing me down and kissing my forehead (I’m stronger than she is but she has me under control). To make sure I don’t try to stand again she steps on my testicles and squashes them against the seat of the stool, causing a string of pre-cum to leak onto her shoe. ‘Dirty kitten’ she says and lifts her foot to my mouth for cleaning. I sit, naked and impaled on the milking stool, and clean my mess from her delicate little foot. Soon, my arsehole has relaxed and I fall into the security of being owned by her.

My erection wanes and she secures me fully. Carefully feeding a ring through the piercing in my cock (performed by her mother) she attaches a small length of chain to the ring. She reaches into her handbag and produces her engagement ring, which I bought last year but she never wears, and attaches the other end of the chain to it. She ties my hands behind my back with another stocking. Finally, she slides her engagement ring over one of my toes; if I try to stand, I will tear my piercing and split my cock-head in two (if this happens, she said I will have to be sounded with her finger instead of milked, and I so love my milkings).

She sees I have been properly subdued and stands back, arms folded and pivoting the heel of her shoe. Because she is cruel, she doesn’t leave me straight away. Instead she says, ‘I feel horny now, and I can’t go out all wet, can I?’ She steps towards me and turns around. The beautiful curve of her bottom is inches from my face, hidden under the clinging material of her dress. I don’t try to touch her (the last time I did, she put me on all fours, fed a funnel into my anus and pissed into it. I had to spend the rest of the night talking to her f****y while her warm piss-enema sloshed around my insides, slowly leaking out and drenching the pink knickers she makes me wear under my clothes).

I can see her hand has lifted the front of her dress and hear the sound of her fingers running over her moist pussy lips, but I cannot see anything save for the back of her stocking-clad legs and her dress. ‘Oh fuck!’ she lets out a gasp and falls to her knees in front of me.
Standing again, she holds out her hand for cleaning, which I do. She turns around and bends over, lifting her skirt and exposing a slippery, shaven pussy that peeks between her arse cheeks, ‘Clean me, kitten’ she says. I bury my head in her arse and my tongue laps away at the sweet, sticky folds of her vagina. I try to push my tongue inside her tight hole, but she halts me with a tug at the cock chain, ‘I said clean, kitten. Serve me.’

I lap at her swollen fruit, feeling her labia slide over my hungry tongue. She judders when I touch her clit and pushes back, against my dripping chin. Cleaning complete, she walks away, re-adjusts her hair, picks up her bag and leaves the room. She is going out with her friends tonight, leaving me impaled on the milking stool for at least five hours. Sometimes, she comes home in a good mood and lets me wank over her feet before I clean and massage them for her. Sometimes she is in a bad mood and leaves me here all night, or even worse, brings her girlfriends round to take turns milking me with a strap-on, their heels clicking around me as they laugh and take photographs.
I hear the door close and sit in silence, a string of pre-cum connecting me to the stool.

After a couple of hours, I hear the door open again and the voice of Julie, my fiancee’s mother, calling up the stairs. My scrotum shrivels at the sound of her voice and my arsehole tightens around the milker, causing a blob of pre-cum to drip out. I hear her walking up the stairs, still calling out her daughter’s name. She is going to find me, humiliated and impaled on the milker, my cock secured by the piercing she gave me, and completely naked save for the chastity cage (a small one, on her recommendation).

‘Oh, hello kitten!’ She opens the door and finds me. Closing it behind her, she steps from her heels and removes her jeans and top. She smiles at my whimpers. Julie is fifty, about a size 16, and has a huge pair of motherly, swollen breasts. Standing in her black underwear, she puts her shoes back on and sits on the bed in front of me, crossing her legs and lighting a cigarette. ‘Has my girl told you why I’m here?’ I shake my head and she laughs, throwing her head back and running a hand through her long black hair, ‘I’m going to break you in, sweetheart. I’m going to turn you into my second little girl. You’ll like that won’t you?’ I shake my head but don’t speak, feeling my balls rise in fear of her malicious grin.

She stands above me and holds my chin in her hand, letting me take a drag from her cigarette. ‘I’m going to take your cage off now, kitten. I have a key too, but if you try anything I’ll crush your balls into paste’ she says, taking my swollen, blue testicles in her outstretched hand and closing her fingers around them. A tremor runs down my spine as I feel the skin of her palm.

She removes my cage, unhooks the ring from my toe and places it on her own finger. ‘Stand up’ she says gently. The milker leaves my arse with a pop and I feel my hole try to close. Julie squeezes my balls, just to let me know who’s in charge, ‘come along, kitten,’ she says, leading me to the bathroom, her arse cheeks jiggling to the staccato rhythm of her heels.

‘If you’re a good girl,’ she says, ‘I might pleasure you myself, my daughter says it’s okay’. My cock twitches in anticipation and she squeezes the head, hard, saying, ‘We’ll have none of that, or it’s the spikes for you!’ She runs a hot bath and beckons me to sit in it, pulling me down by the chain. She massages my balls in the hot water until my scrotum is stretched between her hands, ‘Your nuts look very full, and solid too. My girl must mean the world to you if you’re willing to give away your manhood like that. It’s almost as if you don’t need them anymore.’

She produces a razor and some foam and proceeds to shave my genitals, leaving a stripe and nothing else, ‘Looks like we’re the same, you and I,’ she says, and pulls her knickers aside, exposing her own stripe. I stare and she slaps me. She beckons me to lie on my back and hold my legs in the air. I do so, feeling my cock retreat inside me until it looks more like a little clitoris. She shaves my legs and arsehole, peeling my cheeks apart and running the blade in my most private place. I feel exposed with my legs in the air: maybe this is what it feels like for a girl; revealed, subjugated and vulnerable.

Julie finishes shaving my body, until all I have left is my pubic stripe. She makes me sit under a cold tap until my balls are tight in their purse and my cock has shrivelled to two inches, then she puts my cage back on and dries me with a towel. She is being very gentle, and I feel secure in her hands, no longer aroused but wanting her to cuddle me. The cold air is creeping over my shaven body and I start to shiver. ‘Oh princess,’ Julie says, ‘are you feeling cold? Let’s get you dressed.’ She leads me, cock chain in her hand, to her own bedroom and lays me down. I watch in silence as she arranges an outfit for me.

‘This should suit you fine,’ she says, and begins to dress me. I am limp in her arms, and I follow her instructions to, ‘hold your legs out, point your toes towards me’ as she rolls a pair of opaque tights over my shaven, and very slender, legs. I hold my arms in the air as she drops a cute dress over my shoulders. (I’m a short, skinny man, with a hipless, girlish figure) It is only when I step into a pair of Julie’s shoes that I realise how feminine I can look with the right clothing. The heels cause me to stand in a way that shows my cage fully, which she taps with a fingernail, ‘Poor little boy-clit,’ she says, ‘have you ever satisfied a woman with that?’

She fastens a long, black wig on my head, plucks my eyebrows and applies her make up to my face. When she shows me my reflection in the mirror, I can barely recognise the girl I see. ‘Model for me,’ Julie says, ‘play for me like an innocent girl would.’ I follow her instruction, daintily hopping around the room with the hem of my dress in my hands, tossing my hair around and stroking my legs to feel the beautiful caress of the nylons she made me wear. Julie watches me, her hands dancing on her pudenda.
I’m jealous of her femininity, her huge boobs. Compared to her, I look like a little girl. I want her to teach me how women make love. I watch her play with herself, twirling a ribbon of my hair between my fingers.

Soon, I am leaking again, and she sees this. ‘Come to mummy, princess,’ she says, ‘time for your pleasure, because you have been such a good girl.’ I smile, I am happy to please this woman, and I can see my frolicking has made her huge nipples very hard. She beckons me to sit on her knee and pushes a hand up my dress, stroking my balls very gently. It feels wonderful, her nails scr****g over the thin nylon and my swollen, aching testicles. I start to moan, putting on a high-pitched squeak to better please her and burying my head in her breasts.

‘There, there. You’re such a good little girl, you even sound like my real daughter,’ Julie whispers, soothing me by stroking my hair. She holds my head in her hand and produces one of her huge, milky mammaries. She beckons me to suckle, pushing my waiting lips onto her nipple and eliciting a soft moan as I begin to suck. I rest across her knees, being coddled. She lifts one of my legs and her hand creeps under my dress.

She rolls the tights down and her hand travels up again. I open my legs for her and suck harder on her generous gift. I can feel her circling my hole, so I relax to let her know I’m open for her. She f***es two fingers inside. I gasp and suck harder on her tit, lying across her lap with my trembling legs in the air, my high heels rubbing together. I feel so small in her arms, so vulnerable. She whispers how cute I look on her lap, how proud she is of me. Soon, she is squirting her milk into my mouth and I give her my own milk in return, squeaking like a girl with every thrust of her f***eful fingers.

When we are both drained, I clean my mess from her hand and she leads me, still dressed en femme, back to her daughter’s bedroom. ‘Sit down, kitten,’ she says, and I lift my dress to aid my penetration on the milker. My prostate is swollen from Julie’s manipulations but, instead of the pain I was expecting, the hard milking post feels wonderful as it slides in my hole. I even give out another girly moan as it works its way inside me.

Julie slides my cock chain from her finger and feeds the heel of my shoe into it. I am in the same position as when she found me, but this time I look much, much prettier. ‘There you go, my darling,’ Julie says, ‘my daughter will be so pleased when she gets home. Just remember, from now on you must call me mummy.’ She picks up her clothes and leaves the room. I hear the front door close and wait for my fiancée, hands tied, rocking gently on the milking post and admiring my cute girly feet in Julie’s shoes.

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My sissy clit is swollen
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very well written

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