A Precious Memory from the Archives

When Drew initially contacted me asking if we could do a shoot
together the first thing I did of course was click her avatar to check
out her portfolio. I could see from her main photo (a head shot) that
she was an attractive young woman in a freckled girl-next-door way.
But as I scanned her portfolio photos they practically screamed
"prudish librarian." Not exactly my usual type of model. High collared
blouses, ankle-length skirts... short of her hands and face, no skin
in evidence. Wow. Had she not even looked at my portfolio? I went back
to her profile and checked over her stats:

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Bust: 32"
Waist: 28"
Hips: 34"
Cup: B
Dress: 4
Shoe: 9.0
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: White

Then as I read her profile I came across the not uncommon paragraph
beginning with "ABSOLUTELY NO NUDES" and figured this would go nowhere
fast. But I'm nothing if not polite, so I quickly sent off a reply to
her gently explaining that as lovely as she is, I shoot nudes and that
her profile makes it quite clear that she does not. As is usually the
case with such inquiries, I figured that would be the last I heard
from Drew.

Not two hours later she replied that she did indeed want to shoot
nudes. She apologized for her strongly worded profile and explained
that when she had first put up her portfolio she had been inundated
with requests from "creepers" and so she had tried to fend them off
with the "ABSOLUTELY NO NUDES" section. "And," she added, "these would
be my first nudes. I asked you because I could see that you have a
very artistic sensibility and that's what I want."

Well, flattery will get you... pretty much anything you want with me
;-) so I happily replied and asked her which of my list of shoot ideas
she was interested in. "Oh, I have my own idea" she replied. "I want
you to graffiti my body." Intrigued I wrote back "Sure. I can do that
with Photoshop, no problem."

The next morning the reply in my inbox took me by surprise: "It's
obvious from your portfolio that you are a Photoshop wiz, but I don't
want Photoshop. I want you to use magic markers and really graffiti
me." Wow. OK, I'm in! So we chatted for the next couple weeks and
planned the shoot for the next Thursday morning at her girlfriend's
house, since she didn't have a big enough room at her apartment.

We met in her girlfriend's driveway, exchanged pleasantries, then rang
the doorbell at the side door and were soon inside. After the
introductions and paperwork Drew showed me to the living room and then
I began carrying my equipment in while she went off to see to her hair
and makeup.

I finished setting up and a couple minutes later Drew's girlfriend
came in to let me know that Drew was almost ready and to offer me
something to drink. I asked her for a glass of ice water and she
brought back a pitcher and some glasses. While I drank some water we
talked about nothing for a little bit until Drew showed up. At that
point her girlfriend excused herself and slid the pocket doors to the
living room shut so that we'd have some privacy. After a moment of
shyness Drew slid her robe off and hung it over the back of a chair,
then climbed up onto the d****d platform I had set up for some basic
figure studies we had decided to do before we got to the graffiti. The
main purpose of these as far as I was concerned was to let Drew relax
and get a little practice since this was her first nude shoot. It also
allowed the elastic marks in her skin to fade. (I always remind models
not to wear anything tight or with elastic to a nude shoot, but
sometimes they forget or just don't feel comfortable driving to a
shoot with no underwear or bra.) I can usually remove the marks with
Photoshop, but it's unnecessary work and a waste of time that I'd just
as soon avoid.

Eventually we decided to take a break to sip some ice water and get
ready for the graffiti set. In the course of conversation I asked Drew
what she does for a living. "Oh, I'm an archivist at the county
library" she repled. I laughed (and thankfully wasn't drinking at the
time or I would have done a spit-take) and exclaimed "I knew it!" I
then had to explain what had gone through my mind when I had first
looked at her portfolio. She just said "oh, you don't know the half of
it" and flashed me an enigmatic smile.

We decided it was time to begin marking her up and I pulled out a pack
of k**s' washable markers from my case. "Oh no, that won't do" she
said and fetched a pack of Sharpies Magnums from her bag. "Those are
permanent" I said "and won't wash off for days." "I know," she
replied, "It's OK. Just don't write on my hands or face and it won't
matter." Having seen her usual librarian wardrobe in her portfolio I
realized that she was probably right. "So, what do you want me to
write on you?" I asked. This was her shoot idea, so I had left this
planning to her. She pulled a list of words out of her bag and handed
them to me:



"Subtle." I said. She smiled meekly and nodded. "OK, where do I
begin?" I asked. "You can start with my back, I guess" she said,
laying down on the carpet. I knelt beside her, list in hand. "All
lined up the same way? Or random directions?" I asked. "I think maybe
random. What do you think?" I agreed and set about carefully marking
out her words in large bold letters on her back. Then I did a couple
on the backs of her arms, followed by her legs. We decided on which
word should go where before I began each one, and I ticked them off
the list as I went. "Write 'ASS' across my butt" she said, just as I
was about to suggest she roll over. "This is definitely one crazy
librarian" I thought. When I finished with her ass she rolled over and
presented her front to me so that I could continue the graffiti.

Everything had been completely professional - if a little surreal - up
to this point, even as I began writing on her left breast. Then,
despite my not touching it or writing near it, her left nipple began
to become erect as I wrote. I'm only human, so seeing this I began to
sense a stirring in my pants, but I ignored it and moved on reaching
over to her left breast. Now if you're like most people, when you
write you rest the heel of your hand on the paper, and I'm no
exception, but for most of this effort I held my hand just above
Drew's skin, not wanting to get "too personal." But writing this way
is awkward and tiring, so as I wrote "BITCH" around her left breast my
hand accidentally brushed against her other now hardening nipple
bringing it to full attention and eliciting a barely audible sigh from

Doing my best to ignore that, as well as the bit of growth I was
feeling in my pants, I moved to her legs, and worked my way up to her
stomach. When I finished with that Drew surprised me yet again when
she spread her legs and pointed to show me that she wanted me to write
up the inside of one thigh, across her (now open) pussy, and down the
other thigh. My hand trembled as I began and I had no choice but to
steady it against the velvet soft skin of her inner thigh. On my hands
and knees with my leg next to her head I hoped that it blocked her
view of the growing bulge in my pants.

"Are you enjoying this?" She asked coyly. "I'm trying not to." I said,
honestly. I'm definitely not one of the "creepers" that had harassed
her through her portfolio. As I began writing across her cleanly waxed
pussy (musing that I really had to rethink my whole view of
librarians) she reached up and began massaging my now throbbing
manhood through my pants. "It's OK" she said. "I'm enjoying it too."
And then she began undoing my pants. Sharpie in hand I was frozen on
all fours next to her like some strange statue. Before I knew it she
had wrapped her fingers around my cock and was ever so gently sliding
her hand up and down the shaft, barely touching it. Despite my
awkwardness at the situation it felt exquisite and I enjoyed every
tender stroke. After a couple minutes she began tugging me to the left
and I repositioned myself with one leg on either side of her head.
With my pants pushed down around my ankles I really couldn't move
much. She pulled me down toward her face and began teasing my balls
with the tip of her tongue. At this point I figured that the least I
could do was return the favor, so I leaned down and began teasing her
clit with the tip of my tongue.

As soon as I began pleasuring her with my mouth Drew became more
energetic in her own efforts. She began licking, then sucking my
scrotum in earnest, stroking my cock more firmly, and massaging its
head between strokes with her now saliva slick hand. Eventually her
oral ministrations wandered to my taint and asshole as I began sliding
one, then two fingers into and out of her vagina, while continuing to
suck and nibble on her clit and pussy lips.

A sudden flash of inspiration came over me as she pressed her tongue
into my anus and I lubricated the Sharpie with her sweet vaginal
juices and slowly slid it into her ass. Loving this she began pressing
herself rhythmically into my fingers which were now massaging her

Closer and closer we worked each other toward the inevitable climax.
Deeper and deeper I fucked her with my fingers, harder and harder I
worked her clit with my mouth. As I could feel her tensing toward her
own orgasm she took both my balls into her mouth, rolling them around
with her tongue as she firmly and with increasing urgency stroked my
cock. I held back for dear life until she began to convulse with her
own orgasm and I felt free to release mine. With Drew still squeezing
me as she came, and moaning around my balls which filled her mouth, I
sprayed semen all over her chest, breasts, and stomach. It felt like I
was cumming in slow motion, and it had been days since my last orgasm,
so by the time I was finished she was well and truly covered in cum.

Spent, I rested on my knees and elbows until I had the strength to
slide my balls out of Drew's mouth and kneel up, straddling her head
and looking over her graffiti and semen covered body. Opening her eyes
and slowly smiling up at me she said "Perfect!" then rubbed the cum
all over her until her skin was glistening. "Shoot me now!" she
demanded, grinning ear to ear. I stood up as quickly as my now creaky
knees allowed, pulled up my pants, not bothering with the belt buckle,
grabbed my camera off the tripod and began snapping off photos as
quickly as I could.

No longer timid and tentative like she was with our first set, Drew
was posing as though possessed by a porn star (and I was not about to
call for an exorcist)! She played with her breasts, pinched her
nipples until they were dark and erect, spread her legs wide and
played with her pussy, inserting one, then two, then three fingers as
deep as she could reach. Getting up on the platform on all fours with
her ass aimed at me she spread her cheeks and told me to be sure and
get some good close-ups. This was the first time I ever filled an 8GB
memory card on a single shoot. Fortunately, I have a second. ;-)

By the time she was finally finished and satisfied that we had gotten
enough images, my cum had dried completely on her skin and had begun
to flake off in spots. Drew pulled her clothes out of her bag and
started to get dressed. "You're not going to shower?" I asked? "At
least some of the Sharpie will come off, and all that dried cum can't
be comfortable." "Oh no," she replied. "It feels wonderful and I'm
staying just like this for tonight."

"Tonight?" I asked. "Yes, tonight is the opening session of the
state-wide librarians' conference. God, such a boring bunch of prudes
you've never seen in your life! It'll be so delicious sitting there
with them not knowing what I'm hiding under my clothes!"

At that moment I realized that I had been played. Or used. Or
something. I didn't care. I was still glowing. Then she quietly said
"I have a favor to ask." "Uh oh... now what?" I thought. But out loud
I simply asked "What do you want?" "I need you to keep these photos -
the ummm... second set - as just something special for you and me. A
precious memory. Promise me you'll never put them on the web or show
them to anyone else?" Well, now for an ordinary shoot such a request
wouldn't get a model very far. I had a signed release, after all. But
this was no ordinary shoot, and Drew was no ordinary model. So I
promised her. She kissed me. Passionately. For the first time on my
lips. Then she thanked me and promised we'd do another shoot real
soon. The renewed throbbing in my pants agreed wholeheartedly.


Late that evening Drew sent me a snapshot from her iPhone. She was
standing with a few colleagues holding a glass of red wine, a large
group behind her milling about with wine and hors d'oeuvres. In the
photo she was surreptitiously holding her skirt up just high enough
for me to get a peek at some magic marker on her calf.
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3 years ago
great story, i enjoyed reading and was sorry when it stopped. thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Oh yes, I always keep in touch with my models. We're trying to plan another shoot. :-)
3 years ago
Very nice, and did you hear from here again....