Sandy's First Photo Shoot


For as long as I can remember I have always had the need to "do art."
I don't know why, but it's just part of my makeup. I'm also a very
practical guy, so after my first art show when I was in high school I
realized that it would be very hard to eek out a living as an artist.
As such, I followed my geeky side and went with computers. Now as a
web site designer I do get to bring a little bit of my arty side into
my work, which is cool. But over the years I've also cultivated my
interest in photography and photo manipulation as a hobby. Though I
don't get to dabble in my hobby as often as I'd like, I've managed to
create a well received portfolio over the years and met and befriended
some very terrific young women who have modeled for me. I shoot female
nudes exclusively now (I've done the whole landscapes, urban grunge,
portraits, etc. And hey, it's my hobby, so I shoot what's most fun for
me! :-)

Needless to say, I'm a very visual person - hence all the time I've
spent here at over the years. ;-) But sometimes it's nice
to paint pictures with words. Either for other people by writing, or
for yourself by reading. So I thought I'd take a stab at this blog
thing and write about some of my more memorable photo shoots. I'll try
to be as accurate as possible without sounding like a textbook.

Positive comments are always appreciated. Lovely ladies interested in
modeling for me are *always* welcome as friends. :-D For you guys, I'm
as straight as can be, and while I don't care what your orientation
is, I also don't want to hear or see anything about it. (Not to be
harsh, but while this profile is new, I've been hanging around
xhamster for years and I know how it is. Cock pics and gay male
fantasies just don't appeal to me. Sorry, I'm old enough to not even
be curious.)

Sandy's First Photo Shoot

Sandy first contacted me shortly before her 22nd birthday. She had
decided to give modeling a shot before she had gotten too old to try.
She was realistic about her potential. Being only 5' 2" she knew she
wasn't fashion model material, but thought it would be fun to do art
modeling. (Personally, I love working with petite models - I think
they're sexier than the 6' 3" sticks the fashion industry seems to
prefer.) She found me on one of the modeling web sites where I have a
portfolio, liked my work, and liked several of the shoot ideas I had
listed on my web site. We e-mailed a couple of times, then switched to
Yahoo Instant Messenger to make it easier to discuss ideas and plan
the shoot. It's easier to brainstorm with chat than e-mail, and being
able to see each others' facial expressions via webcam definitely
helps. Anyway, I shoot strictly "trade" since this is a hobby, and I
feel like getting money involved would take the fun out of it. We
chatted and came up with a shoot plan that would benefit both of our
portfolios, then figured out our schedules and set a date. As is my
usual method, I would pick up and cover he cost of the supplies we
needed, and we would shoot at her place. (I don't have a physical
studio, but have all the necessary equipment packed and portable.)

As the date approached I became more and more excited, as the main
part of the shoot was an idea I had been wanting to try for some time.
The notion was to cover Sandy entirely in potter's clay and make a
living sculpture out of her. Well, really to make it doable the plan
was to use "slip" or thinned out clay about the consistency of instant
pudding and to coat her with that. I went to the art supply store and
picked up a new block of sterile clay. I thought about getting some
sculpting tools, but figured they would probably not be very useful
and some looked as though they might hurt a model.

The day of the shoot I arrived at her apartment complex at 10:00 a.m.
as planned and called her on my cell phone to let her know I had
arrived. A cheery "be right down!" from Sandy and soon she was helping
me haul my equipment up the stairs to her 2nd floor apartment like a
real trooper. She introduced me to her two year old son and her friend
who was going to watch him while we did the shoot so that Sandy would
not be distracted. I asked where to set up and she showed me into her
spare bedroom. It was perfect - a large room, bare white walls, and no
furniture except for a bed in the corner for the lingerie shots she
wanted for her portfolio. Sandy left to change clothes while I set up
my lights and backdrop.

When she returned a few minutes later we started out with a few
"lifestyle" shots in the casual outfit of slacks and a sweater she had
put on. We quickly found a rhythm of friendly chatting and posing and
after a few minutes she was satisfied that she had what she wanted
from that set. "What next?" I asked, knowing we planned on saving my
messy clay for last. "Might as well do the lingerie shots next" she
replied as she began pulling her sweater off over her head to reveal
the sheer white lacy bra she had on underneath. Moments later she was
stripped down to just that bra and matching white lace barely there
thong panties, and headed toward the bed. It was then that I got my
first look at one of the most incredible asses I have ever seen. High
at the top of her shapely legs, each cheek almost perfectly spherical.
Like I said earlier, Sandy's petite at only 5' 2". She weighed 103
lbs, with pert 34 B breasts according to her comp card. She has light
olive skin, blue eyes, and at that time had very blond hair in a short
pixie cut. She looked very sexy posing on the red satin sheets she had
made her bed up with. Which, of course, was exactly what she wanted in
her portfolio. Sexy sells.

After 15 or 20 minutes of lingerie shots I asked her if she wanted to
try some nude figure studies. She hadn't been quite sure if she wanted
to do them when we had planned the shoot, but now she was comfortable
with modeling and me and quickly said "Sure, why not?" As I switched
to my black backdrop, took the umbrellas off of my lights, and set up
a stool for her to sit on she removed the bra and panties and hopped
up onto the stool. For these shots she wasn't quite sure how to pose,
so I had to direct her more, getting the angles right for some nice
implied nudes, and making sure the lighting was just right with the
shadows in all the right places. Sitting on the stool did not do her
lovely rear justice, so I had her lift herself up just a bit with one
foot on the rung of the stool and got a perfect shot. Next we decided
to try some from above with her on the floor instead of the stool.
These shots gave me ample time to fully appreciate her body as she now
had no trace of shyness. Her breasts, all natural, had such a lovely
contour to them as she leaned back onto her hands. Her areolas dark
and contrasting nicely with her skin which was light and un-tanned,
what with it being winter here in Rochester. Between her legs her
pussy was completely smooth. No evidence of shaving, so either her
hair down there is so fine that shaving leaves no trace, or she waxes.
(I never did ask.) Her inner lips and clitoris don't show, giving her
a very youthful and clean appearance.

At this point we decided it was time to take a break, and get ready
for the messy clay shoot. Sandy slipped on a robe she had hanging in
the adjacent bathroom and went out to check on her son while I turned
off the lights and laid out some plastic for her to stand on while we
covered her with the clay. Then I grabbed the block of clay and headed
out to meet her in the kitchen. "I need a big bowl, a knife, and a
cheese grater" I told her. She knew this, of course, from our planning
chats and quickly gathered them, along with an extra grater. So for
the next 10 minutes or so we both grated chunks of clay into the bowl,
laughing and making silly jokes while her son and girlfriend were
watching Blue's Clues in the living room. Once all the clay was grated
I started adding warm water (didn't want to give Sandy a chill) and
mixing the clay with my hands until it reached what I felt was the
right consistency. "Ready?" I asked? "I don't know..." she laughed,
"that looks pretty disgusting!" And with that I headed back to the
spare bedroom studio while she went to talk to her girlfriend for a

As I was setting the bowl of clay slip on the stool on the plastic
drop cloth I had set out earlier Sandy returned, closing and locking
the door. "Don't want anyone wandering in and seeing something this
weird" she joked as she dropped her bathrobe onto the bed, then walked
over to the drop cloth. I held the bowl for her as she scooped a small
amount of clay with her hand and tentatively began covering her toes
and feet with it. She giggled a bit then scooped more and worked her
way up her ankles and calves, spreading a generous coating over her
skin. "Actually, this feels pretty good..." she said. I winked and
replied "and a lot cheaper than one of those fancy spa mud baths"
which made her laugh out loud. "You've got that right!" she giggled.
By this point she was up to her crotch. After a just a moment's
hesitation, an expression of "what the hell" flashed across her face
and she smeared the clay onto her pussy, slipping a finger slightly
between her labia to make sure she covered them completely. Scooping
clay with both hands now, she made quick work of her stomach and
chest, though she did seem to slow down and pay particular attention
to getting her breasts right and making sure her nipples were standing
out a bit. Got to love a model who's dedicated to getting things
perfect! She worked up her neck, then before getting to her face she
turned to me and asked if she should cover her hair. I said "yes, what
kind of a sculpture has hair?" Another bit of her contagious laughter
and she was "styling" her hair with clay "mousse." As she was doing
this she asked me to fetch the hand mirror from the bathroom vanity so
that she could finish her hair and cover her face. The attached
bathroom was just a few steps away, so moments later I was holding the
mirror for her as she covered her face with clay.

At this point she had covered everything she could reach. "You're
going to have to do my back. You didn't think I was the only one who
was going to get messy, did you?" She said with a devilish smile. So
without thinking I scooped up some clay and starting with the back of
her hair and neck, then shoulders and back, I covered what remained
with clay until I got down to the small of her back and saw that the
only remaining clean skin was that perfect ass of hers. I swallowed
hard and stammered a bit "uhhh... do you want me to go get your
girlfriend to do this part for you?" "Nah," she replied. "Go ahead, I
trust you."

Now trust is a very important thing when working with a model.
Especially a nude model. And most especially a nude model letting you
do strange things to her in the name of art. So when she said that it
made me very happy, because the best art comes from that. And when a
model and photographer trust each other, then they can have many
productive and fun shoots.

Slowly, carefully, and gently I began applying the clay to her behind,
starting around the outside and working my way in. At one point Sandy
giggled a bit and said "that tickles! Don't be so gentle." I scooped
up some more clay and paused for a moment before sliding it and my
hand into that perfect crack. As I slid my fingers through it I could
feel her tight little asshole pucker, and then she lifted one leg
wider so that I could get the clay all the way down to the back of her
pussy. I have to admit that despite my best efforts at remaining
completely professional, and trying to think of puppy dogs and
kittens, my cock began to swell at this point. Not a complete hard-on,
mind you, but a definite bulge in my pants from that point on. "I
think you enjoyed that a little too much!" Sandy teased as I blushed
and scooted back into the bathroom to wash the clay off of my hands
before I picked up my camera.

From here on it was strictly professional and we worked as quickly as
we could to get as many poses and shots as possible before the clay
started to dry and crack off of her skin. (That's another shoot I'd
like to try, but not what we were going for that day.) The bulge in my
pants had quickly subsided once we started shooting and after half an
hour or so, we were tired and done. I know it doesn't look like hard
work, but both modeling and shooting are much more tiring than you'd
expect. Anyway, once we decided we'd done a good job I laid out a path
of old newspapers into the bathroom so that Sandy could get to the
shower and clean up while I packed up my equipment.

I had just finished cleaning up the newspapers and drop cloth, and was
about to start on my lights which had cooled down enough to handle
when I heard Sandy calling me from the shower. Standing by the closed
bathroom door I asked what she wanted. "This stuff is harder to wash
off than I thought!" she laughed. "I know" I replied, "It took me a
bit of effort to wash my hands before we started shooting." "Could you
come in here for a minute?" she asked then. I cracked the bathroom
door so that we didn't need to shout and asked "excuse me?" "Don't be
shy," she laughed. "You've been staring at my naked body all morning,
and even fondled my ass! Just come in here for heaven's sake!"

I opened the door, stepped in, bending over to roll up the dirty
newspapers she had walked on to get to the shower. I stuck them in the
waste basket as I asked what she wanted. Sliding the shower curtain
aside and presenting her backside to me Sandy smiled over her shoulder
and said "You got this dirty, the least you could do is clean it up
for me!" The look on my face must have been priceless. I had never had
a model behave this way with me. Now you know I didn't mind at all,
but it was something of a surprise, to say the least! As I stood there
in shock, Sandy handed me a bar of soap and with a twinkle in her eye
said "be sure to do a good job!" The bulge in my pants immediately
returned, stronger than ever. I was thankful that Sandy had turned
around waiting for me to start and did not see. I stepped to the edge
of the tub, wet my hands under the shower's spray, and began lathering
Sandy's neck and shoulders. I could feel her relax under my slippery
hands and I began working my way slowly down her back, again pausing
momentarily just above her butt. She pushed it out just a bit and that
was all the encouragement I needed to continue lathering her. Applying
the clay had been fun, but it acted as a thin layer of insulation
between my hands and her skin. Now I was full-on fondling her ass, and
she was thoroughly enjoying it. As I slipped my fingers into her tight
crack for the second time that day she said "be sure and get my
asshole nice and clean - I remember how you made sure it was
thoroughly covered in clay!" Busted! I must have lingered there longer
than I thought when covering her up. But what could I do now, she had
told me to be thorough!

As I massaged her pucker with my slippery middle finger she suddenly
relaxed her muscles and the tip of my finger slipped in. Not much,
just the length of my fingernail. But the warm, guttural "Mmmmmm..."
that I heard coming from her told me that she had definitely done this
intentionally. "You like that?" I asked? "Oh yah..." she replied,
swinging around suddenly and dousing me with the shower head in her
hand. "Oops! Look what I've done!" she exclaimed with mock
seriousness. Soaking wet, the bulge in my pants was now clearly
evident. My erection straining against the wet fabric. "We're going to
have to get you out of those wet things before you catch cold" she

Now at this point I was both extremely aroused, as you might imagine,
and extremely embarrassed. Here was this lovely, nubile young woman 27
years my junior seducing me, an over-weight, balding, middle-aged man.
Average in every way, if you catch my drift. (I knew early in life
that I was never destined to be a porn star.)

As I stood there dumbfounded, she began undressing me, pulling my wet
golf shirt over my head and tossing it aside. With surprising speed
she had soon undone my belt and pants and was holding my throbbing
cock in her hands. I nearly fell over in the process, but I managed to
get my shoes and socks off, step out of my pants and briefs, and kick
them across the bathroom floor. Persuaded by a firm, but gentle tug on
my member I stepped into the tub. Sandy then began lathering me up,
beginning with my chest and working her way down. I had to stop her at
one point because... well frankly I'm pretty ticklish, so some areas
of my body are... problematic. (I don't find being tickled erotic -
it's rather the opposite for me.) Anyway, she teased me a moment about
being ticklish, but quickly resumed soaping me up - this time focusing
on my cock and balls. The sensation of her small, soft hands soapy and
slick massaging my shaft and sack was just incredible. Looking down at
her, now on her knees, devoting such attention only made it all the
more exquisitely pleasurable. Looking up at me she smiled and said
"oh, I need to return the favor" as she slipped her hand off my balls,
between my legs, and up my crack and began massaging my anus, slipping
a finger in just a bit. Once again I almost fell over and had to brace
myself against the tile wall.

With one hand sliding up and down my cock and the other playing with
my ass, Sandy could tell as well as I could that any more of that and
I was going to cum right then and there. Gently sliding her hands off
me she picked up the shower head again and rinsed the soap off of us.
When she finished, and I had caught my breath I put my arms around her
waist, pulled her close, and bent down to kiss her. Tipping her head
back to receive me she kissed me back. Softly at first, then deeply,
passionately. We might have been there for hours had the water not
suddenly gone cold. With a little yelp and a laugh we turned the water
off and grabbed towels to dry off.

As she finished drying off, rubbing her hair vigorously with the towel
she started walking toward the door to the bedroom which had been just
a studio until a few minutes ago. Tossing her towel onto the sink she
curled her finger at me to tell me to follow her to the bed. And
follow her I did!

Sandy jumped onto the middle of the bed, with the biggest grin you
ever did see on her face. I love it when models smile, it seems most
think they need to be sour looking and pouty at all times. I, not
being anywhere near as spry as my young companion, sat down on the
bed, then leaned my head onto the pillows so that I could look up at
her kneeling beside me in all her freshly scrubbed glory. "Now where
were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" I asked her. "Right
about here" she replied as she bent over and began licking and sucking
my cock and balls. In my (admittedly limited) experience, too few
women pay proper attention to the balls, but Sandy certainly knew what
she was doing. As her hands became slick with saliva she also returned
to playing with my asshole. Now this was something totally new to me,
but I certainly had no complaints! Normally I have very good "staying
power" but under Sandy's expert manipulations I was again about to
burst. I told her but she only smiled, said "good!" and went
immediately back to work. Seconds later I exploded into her mouth.
After my first ejaculation Sandy squeezed her little hand around my
cock to hold back the rest, pulled me out of her mouth, then relaxed
and aimed the rest of my cum at her face. These were both new
experiences for me as well, and resulted in the largest, most
shattering orgasm I had ever had. Collapsing back into the pillows I
heard Sandy say jokingly "that's twice today you've made a mess of

As I regained my senses Sandy crawled up next to me, pressing herself
against me and kissed me deeply again. I could taste the remnants of
my semen that she had swallowed and at that point I knew that I needed
to taste her. Kissing my way down her neck I stopped to fondle and
suckle her beautiful breasts. When her nipples were fully erect I
repositioned myself between her legs which she had readily opened wide
for me. I began with little kisses around the outside of her pussy,
teasing her just a little. Then I began tracing the seam between her
tight outer lips with the tip of my tongue, up and down her slit,
pressing a little deeper each time until I could taste the sweet
nectar that was now beginning to flow from deeper inside. Reaching
down, using two fingers on each hand, Sandy spread her lips wide
giving me full access. Pressing my tongue and lips deeper and harder I
heard her sigh with pleasure as I French kissed her pussy. The longer
I did this, the wetter Sandy became and the louder her sighs became.
Changing my approach now, I focused my oral attentions on her tiny
hard clitoris while I slowly slid my index finger into her remarkably
narrow vagina. I was surprised at how tight it was, then remembered
the c-section scar at her panty-line and understood.

Curling my finger into that same "follow me" motion she had used to
get me to the bed I began massaging the ridges of her g-spot while
still sucking and nibbling on her clit. The sighs became soft moans at
this point and I could feel her body and vagina tightening toward
orgasm. Maintaining this at a careful steady pace when I knew she
wanted me to accelerate I stretched out the build-up, working her ever
so slowly toward her climax. When she finally came I continued my
slow, steady pace uninterrupted driving her over the edge into a
multiple orgasm; her first she later confided in me. Finally when she
couldn't take any more I slowly withdrew my mouth and finger and just
watched her beautiful afterglow.

When Sandy finally opened her eyes she smiled down at me and said
simply "again!" I laughed and asked "are you sure?" "Oh GOD yes!" she
replied instantly. So again I brought my tongue down between her now
swollen outer lips and began working it up and down her soaking wet
slit. She reached down again, but this time instead of spreading her
lips with her fingers she grasped her ankles and pulled them up,
putting them behind her head. At first I just kneeled there, frozen
in amazement at the sheer impossible flexibility required to do such a
thing. I quickly regained my focus and realized how open she was to me
in this position. I was able to work my tongue from her clit all the
way down to her pink little pucker, which I most assuredly did, much
to Sandy's delight. Every time I got down to her anus she'd lift her
butt up and press it into my tongue. I can take a hint, so I stayed
there a while, massaging it with my tongue, pressing the tip of it
into her now relaxed back door.

As my tongue got tired I moved my mouth back up to her clit and began
sucking on it while I slowly worked my little finger into her ass.
Sandy's moaning was now beginning to get loud enough that I was
worried she'd be heard if someone walked by the door, so I shushed
her, but never stopped sliding my little finger in and out. After a
couple more minutes of this Sandy pulled away suddenly, taking me by
surprise. As she sat up I wondered what I had done wrong. She looked
me right in my eyes and said as calmly as she would have ordered a
Starbucks "I want you to fuck me in my ass." I felt myself go pale and
she laughed and hopped off the bed and scampered back into the
bathroom, returning seconds later with a bottle of KY. Sandy's first
photo shoot had certainly become a day of firsts for this old geek as

Pushing me onto my back saying "let's get you ready" she began by
licking and sucking my cock and balls again, bringing me to a raging
hard on in anticipation of what was to come. Then she squeezed a
generous dollop of lubricant into her hand and coated me thoroughly
before flipping over into a fanny-up doggy position and smearing the
remaining KY on her ass. I kneeled between her legs and with
forefinger and thumb aimed my cock and pressed its head against her
asshole. Now I'm not huge, but next to that tiny pucker I certainly
looked it. "Are you sure?" I asked. A pause, then "yah, I'm sure."
"Are you ready?" "Hold on a sec..." she replied. I could feel her
sphincter relax against the head of my cock, then she reached back to
hold my hips and guide me as I slowly pressed in. Nothing seemed to
happen at first, but then she gave way and I began to slip in. When my
head was in I paused. "Everything OK?" I asked. "Oh yah..." she
replied so I pressed deeper, slowly working my way in. It felt so
tight and wonderful and yet so different from a vagina as I began to
work my way back out. In again and slowly we built a rhythm, faster
and faster. Sandy was moaning loudly into the pillow she had stuffed
her face into. At first I thought I might be hurting her, but when she
reached between her legs to play with her pussy and my balls I knew it
was all good. It wasn't long before we were cumming together and I was
filling her ass with an amazingly large load of semen, considering it
was my second of the day.

I gently removed my cock from her ass as it began to wilt. Before her
anus closed up completely some cum leaked out and Sandy rubbed it over
her ass and pussy, then licked her fingers clean. I lay back on the
pillows again to rest and Sandy crawled into my arms, resting her head
on my chest. We dozed off for maybe 15 or 20 minutes, completely
spent. When we woke we quickly wiped down with our still damp towels,
then Sandy put on her robe and snuck out to throw my clothes in the
dryer while I packed up my lights. Another first - the first time I
had ever packed my light kit in the nude. (I had a little laugh to
myself as I thought of that.) Sandy returned wearing a pink sweat suit
and handed me a robe. "They left a note - they got hungry and went to
Mickey-D's" she informed me. We finished packing up, got me dressed,
and relaxed on the couch sipping iced tea, chatting, laughing, and
kissing. It was then that I learned that I had taken Sandy's anal
cherry. "My ex used to beg for it all the time, but it just somehow
semed so dirty when I thought of him doing it. Then when you slid that
mud over my asshole I thought 'ok, this is as dirty as it gets' and
'oh that feels so good' so I decided then and there what we were going
to do." "And I had nothing to say about it?" I asked. "Nope!" she
exclaimed and we both laughed out loud.

When they returned I gave Sandy's girlfriend $20 to cover lunch. Too
much, but she didn't object and I was glad to be generous. After all,
I had a feeling we'd be needing her for another photo shoot real soon.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my first blog post. I certainly enjoyed
reliving that day as I typed it up!

Disclaimer: Before you go investing thousands of dollars in
photography equipment I need to tell you that the photo shoot I
related to you is most definitely the exception, not the rule. And it
takes years of learning and practice before you're good enough for a
model to even be willing to meet you, let alone take her clothes off
for you. I know that you don't want to read about the typical shoot,
so I'll spare you all of those *yawn* descriptions. ;-) To be
perfectly honest, in at least half of all planned photo shoots the
model ends up canceling or no-showing, so it can be a very frustrating
hobby sometimes. For me, the times when I successfully click with a
model and we make some art together makes it all worth while. And
well, when I get to work with a model like Sandy - that's magic.

91% (24/2)
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1 year ago
hot and well written, enjoyed it a lot.
1 year ago
good anal story.
1 year ago
A great story ... you are an artist!
3 years ago
Loved the story. Very well written. Thanks for sharing with us.
3 years ago
i agree! the owners were retiring & some people bought the photo studio biz. from them. i do not think they are still doing photo shots any more about 2-3 years.
3 years ago
fantastic story