Paying the rent in a special way!

When the rent is due, it must be paid, one way or another, usually the conventional way,which is cah or a personal check. Yet when neither is available at the time, well, other ways can be found! my landlord came over the other day, as he always does once a moth, to collect the rent, which i always pay on time and with a check, yet this time, short of cash and could not find my checkbook, i tried to explain to him that i would pay itthe following day, but he was adamant that i pay it right there and then! Well, i asked if he was thirsty, he said sure, he came in, we both had a cold one, and i aske dhim if there was any other way i could pay the rent, and i told him, any way! He got my drift, and he is kind of hot, not married, so he asked me for a suggestion, which i said let us go to my bedroom and dicuss it. his eyes were wide open at that, and seeing the bulge in his pants, i knew this was going to work out, though i did know that he knew i was a shemale! so, in no time, we were kissing, tearng off our clothes, and i got on my knees and started to suck his cock, which was really big and thick, and he was so hard, and moning as i sucked him, he held my head and came his jizz in my mouth so fast, and so much cream,i swallowed all of it,then he sucked my ock and ijizzed in his mouth! He then said his ass had never been fucked, so i went easy and ass fucked him til i jizzed, then he ass fucked me so hard and moaned when his jizz spurted up my asshole, and i ran down my legs, so much creamyjizz! We then just layed in bed, rubbing our cokheads together, he loved that and it made him shoot another load of jizz all over me, so fucking hot! he said then he had better get back to his house, so off he went, with the rent paid in the best way i could have imagined! thus, when next months rent comes due, it is not hard to figure out how i will pay it, he certainly enjoyed it, as did I! And perhaps he will pay me a visit even pior to that, i sure hope so!
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2 years ago
very nice story
3 years ago
bravo ;)
3 years ago
if i was your superintendant u could live for free as long as u fucked me often
3 years ago
I have a couple of rooms for rent ....
3 years ago
I wish you could pay me
3 years ago
Good story, even though as the landlord I would have bargained 4-5 fucks that month, let's say every Saturday night. One only its not goning to do it.
3 years ago
I wish I was your land lord!
3 years ago
That is so hot! He's a lucky man to get to be with you
3 years ago
Nice way to pay the rent and have fun:-)
3 years ago
thats the way to do businesss thanks
3 years ago
having sex with u would definitely cover your rent