Teen pussy rendevous!

Yes, she said she would meet me at the same bathroom stall and would not you know it, she did exactly that! I was already in the ladies room, wahing my hands, and in she walks, absolutely stunning, heels on , short summer dress, beautiful face and hair and what a body, my cock got so hard right then! She went into the furthest stall, good choice baby, and i followed her in immediately. We embraced and kissed and just carressssed out bodies, clothes still on ,yet thet quickly came off and her tits were big and lovely, with large brown nipples, and her pink pussy had but a little pussy hair, i could not wait, so i got to my knees and licked her juicy teen pussy and swollen clit, she had such thick pussy lips, i sucked them like a cock, she began to moan and she came in mymouth, she was a squirter, fuck what a drink of pussy jiiz she gave me, so she returned the favor and sucked my cock as before, fingers on the rim of my mushroom cockhead, driving me crazy, then she licks my asshole and deep, and sucks my cock until i hold her head and moan as i pumpedher wet mouthfull of my shemale cock jizz, what a load and she swallowed most of it,therest just running down her chin to her tits, and she kept sucking my cock for a while, it was so hard, then she bent over and i fucked her really tight pussy and even tighter asshole, and ready to cum, i pulled my cock out of her hot asshole and she sucked me off again tasting her assjuice and my jizz, this load was amazing, so many spurts, again it just rn all over her tits, to which we both licked all of my jizz up! and to my surprise, she said she was still horny, so i sat on the seat and she lowered her pussy unto my hard fucking cock, and rode my cock until i could hear her come several times, and i just let my jizz go, cumming so much jizz in her sweet pussy, and we just sat there for the longest time, kissing and just resting, wow, we were both worn out and luckily, as far as we knew, we went unnoticed,yet i do believe that both she and i would have loved to be watched sucking and fucking! 3 times is a charm and we have arranged to rendevous again, same place, same time, same station, stay tuned for more breaking news!
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2 years ago
I volunteer to watch you two the next time, If I can stroke my big hard cock while I do.....
2 years ago
wow I'm looking forward to the next instalment
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
so goddamn sexy!
3 years ago
your such a naughty shemale nikki
3 years ago
That was so hot to read- thank you for sharing again Nikki! :)
3 years ago
3 times?
Damn NIkki you're something special, you should have made her gag on your pussystick forcing her to swallow all your girlie jizz. Next time tell her to take a strap on so she can fuck your sweet, tight shemale ass.
Much love baby ;)
3 years ago
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