HS Teacher jacks off to hot girls soiled panties!

Class is not really over until all of the teachers leave, so I found out in HS senior class. I had left my history book in my desk, so i went back into the school, classes had ended, and went to my home room. the door was closed but not locked, as it never is, so I figured that no one was in there, wrong! Here is my teacher, a hot guy, whom i always fantasized about sucking his cock and he sucking my shemale cock and cumming all over eachother, sitting at his desk, his pants around his ankles, and jacking his 8 inch, very thick, mushroom head cock off, in full sight of me, while sniffing a pair of soiled panties and then rubbing his cockhead with them, which did turn me on. then he noticed me and quickly pulled his chair up and said what did i want? I could not let this moment go. I told him that i saw him jacking his hot cock off to a girls soiled panties, and he begged me not to tell, which i said ok. Just let me suck your big fucking cock and you suck my cock, to which he said you must mean pussy. I dropped my jeans and my hard cock sprung out, he siad he had no idea, but in a minute he would, as we got on the floor, and sucked our cocks until we both shot jizz in our mouths. I then had to sniff those pussy panties, smelled so nice. We never mentioned a word of this to anyone, but anytime i needed my cock sucked, it was by him. Teachers like pussy and cock too, it still makes me hot!
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3 years ago
love it, i want a teacher to fuck me
3 years ago
you must be hot sexy
3 years ago
i wanna suck you
3 years ago
Hot for Teacher!
3 years ago
wow!!!! ;)
3 years ago