longest fuck with Amber

it was a hot after noon, and i was in the hot tub at the indoor pool downtown looking for chicks to fuck.(i do this every weekend)and i saw a girl, about 14 with a bathing suite that was too small for her. she saw me and came over. "hi im Amber" she said "hi. Jeffry" i said. then she sat across of me, then i saw her hand rubbing her inner thy. she ask me "how old are you?" "13" i said "you?" "im 13 turning 14 tomorrow" "oh sweet". it was 3 minuets when i gave her a single to come with me, and she followed me. still in our bathing suites, we walked out side the pool and walked about 2km and then we went left, which lead us to a tree house. "whats this place?" she said after i knocked on the trunk of the tree. "its the tree house of fun" i said, as i was looking at her. and she is bitting her lip and rubbing her left nipple. i smiled and a latter came from the top of the tree house fell in front of my feet. we climbed up to the top, and to see a tough guy on a chair. he looked at me, then at Amber. "your the first people here. have fun" he said with a smile as we walked in the tree house. it was small but it can hold 10 people at a time. and it was empty. i sat down and then i saw Amber come on top of me. we started making out while we were undoing our close. when we were completely naked she grabbed my dick and sucked it like a Popsicle. she felt i was about to cum so she pulled it out then i cummed all over her face. then i stuck my 11in cock in her pussy and rammed hard. she screamed really louder then any girl i fucked. she had an orgasm but told me to keep going. she keep saying don't stop as she screams louder with a non-stop orgasm. i cummed and stopped. then i stuck my cock in her ass, and she told me to fuck so hard that it hurts. i was thinking "Holy fuck she is horny" but i did what she said. i never fucked anyone so hard before ether. i cummed again but kept going. i saw she had her fingers on her pussy rubbing really fast and hard. i grabbed her perfect sized boobs and squeezed and rubbed her tits fast. she had another orgasm and screamed don't stop. i lasted 5 minuets after she said that. i fell on the floor out of breathed. then she jumped on top of me and put my cock in her pussy again, and she started humping and jumping. i lay there amazed of her tits bouncing up and down. this was the longest fuck i ever had. and it was GRATE!. it was 30 minuets when she was truly finished. i could barley breathe because i was so weak from that fuck. but after 10 minuets, she was horny again, so we masturbaited unitl we both had a orgasom. then she looked at me and said "hey jeffry? do you wan't to be my fuck buddy?" "i would be a fool to say no" she smiled and then she whent on top of me and pissed right on me. now you mite think that is disgusting, but it was rather nice. so i pissed on her and we whent back to the pool and had a shower, we met inside the pool, whent to the hot tub, and masturbaited with the hot tub jets. as she was moning and groning she kept on talkin away about she loves spanking. she said her dad lets her masterbait on his lap while he spanks her with his hand or a padel. i said she is a lucky man, then she said "do you wan't to spank me while i masturbait on your lap?" i said "Sure, but tomarrow ok?" "ok"

it was the next day i was at the tree house, i saw her coming. she had a padle in her hand. But thats another story.
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3 years ago
super story enjoyed
3 years ago
tell us more about amber
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
C O O L dont stop till you drop
and dont waste any along the way
4 years ago
Would love to read the paddle episode ;)P
4 years ago
nice story.
4 years ago
i know there are some spelling errors... but i can't change them so you are going to have to like it the way it is..