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i used to stay with my friends in apartment and we were 3 in total and one of my friend was very naughty and used find women outside and enjoy them, we know it and used to tease him and feel jealous of him. as usual one day he came from outside and said that he is bringing a lady that night to enjoy and said he will be going out to get her.
it was nice winter afternoon, it was little cold outside my friend went out to bring his found and after a while his parents came to the apartment, i was little surprised to see them because my friend was not expecting them and it was sudden development, and i thought what will happen if this fellow brings his lady, so i told his parents he went out on work and will be coming home soon , and told them to relax till he comes back.
i went outside near to the main road and was waiting for my friend , after about one hour he came with the lady, she was about 35-40 years medium built wheatish complexion with good sexy figure. my friend saw me and stopped his motorcycle and asked why am waiting there, i told him about his parents visit, he too was shocked and was not able to talk for a while , i told him that i will drop the lady back to her place and he can go and be with his parents, he agreed and i took this lady back to her place on the motorcycle, as soon she sat behind my bl**d rushed to my groin and i was feeling good erection, i told her to hold me, she put her hand around my stomach this made me more excited , i was thinking while driving how it would be to fuck her but was little hesitant,but thought to take a chance, then slowly started talking to her and asked her where she wants to go, she said she is feeling like to have some coffee, and then to go to her place, i said ok and took her to a good restaurant and we order snacks and coffee, i was sitting opposite her and was seeing her ,she had short but thick hair and a hot sexy figure and lovely hot lips, as i was staring her, she asked me what iam looking, i told her she is very sexy, she then blushed and said thanks and said she want to go to her place, i took her to her hotel where she was staying. she invited me into her room and said to take some coffee with her. it was almost dark by that time and we were waiting for the coffee in her room.
it was cold outside and i was still feeling my dick hard and was very much aroused , after a while coffee was served and , slowly i got up and closed the door from inside and came back and sat in the chair opposite to her and was looking her, she was smiling and i too was responding but we both were silent, suddenly there was loud music coming from outside, so she went to the window and watched from where it was coming i too moved behind her and was standing closely to her back my dick touching her butt, as soon my dick touched her she looked back at me, i felt little feared,but i felt the lust in her eyes and took her from the back putting my hands around her stomach and started kissing her from behind she did not resist this made me to hug her close and was feeling her body softness and i slowly started fondling her boobs which were soft and full in size she was pressing more close to me , i took her towards the bed and was removing her clothes, as i did she turned around and was kissing my lips, i was enjoying it and it was very passionate and exciting kiss she was giving me, i was feeling that she did not had a good fuck for very long time and i thought this was my luck to get her, so i wanted to make her feel good so i slowly put my hand on her cunt which was little warm and there was small trimmed hair around her cunt, i slowly rubbed it, she moaned with pleasure , i was squeezing her butt with other hand and was kissing her, she slowly knelt down and took me in her mouth i felt her mouth very good and started rocking in her mouth she was sucking it and i was feeling very good and was trying to squeeze her boobs, i was so excited that i was feeling i can burst any time, so i slowly lifted her and took her to bed kissing her lips
we both were naked and i could feel her body heat under me, i knelt down to her cunt and licked it and it was wet and i was feeling the heat there, she was moaning and pulling my hair and pressing me down inside deep in her thighs
i was licking and sucking her cunt, could feel the hair around it and it was s nice to feel the soft wet juicy cunt, she said to fuck her, i said ok and got on her and put my dick inside her, it went smoothly and i was rocking her as already i was very much aroused and excited i was pounding her with full f***e and she was moaning with all pleasure and was asking to be more fast and hard
i was fucking her hard and fast, very fast the sound of our fucking was very lound but then there was no one to hear it
i was fucking her ,rocking her like a bull and she was liking it, i never had fucked that aged lady so i was feeling it very good and this was making me to fuck her more hard and fast, it went on for some time about 10-12 mins then she lifted her hips high and locked me with her thighs and arched herself with pleasure, she came out and i could feel the burst of her juices this made me to come and pumped her hard and fast and fast and ejaculated in her lovely hot wet juicy cunt, she was holding me from the back and her nails dugging in my back,i could feel the sweat and i was very happy and asked her how it was she said it was very very good and liked it and wanted more again, i said ok and i was lying beside her for a while and she kissed me , i felt good and was taking breath to feel the ecstasy, i laid there for some time then a thought occured to me how it will be to lick her cunt now after our juices mixed there, i slowly got and went on to lick her, i felt it was very tasty and from that time i became passionate to lick the juice mix after fucking .
as i was licking her cunt my dick became hard i did not wait anymore and put inside her slipping cunt and started fucking her i thought she will object,but he closed her eyes and was in a semi sl**ping stage and was saying to fuck her more hard
i did i was rocking and pounding her wildly and it was so nice that i still remember it. this time i was little fast to ejaculate she too was little exhausted by then, we slept for a while before i dressed, she said me to stay along with her,but i did not because i had work in the morning, so i told her that i will come next day around same time, she said fine and kissed my lips passionately which made me hard again, but it was already little pain full. so i said good night and went back to my place.
next day when i went there she left the hotel with a note that she had to go back her town and was feeling sorry to miss me , but was very glad to get a hard fuck from me.

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