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i had a girl friend ,a dark ,sultry, sexy indian christina was her name. we met at a friends place and were in love for quite some time, i was little bit shy at first, but later on it was all fun for me. one day she asked me to drop her at her place ,we went around on motorcycle before reaching her place , near to her home she asked to stop the bike in a small dark lane it was night so no one was around, she got down from bike, i was still sitting she came near to me and suddenly gave lip to lip passionate kiss,at first i could not understand her intentions when she came near,but as she started kissing i was enjoying it and we were kissing for long time.
then after a week she came to my place, it was small apartment and i used to share it with my friends, as i was busy working. my friend came and told that she came , i took her to my room and we had coffee and were talking for some time, my friends understood and went out, without disturbing us, we were alone in the room, and slowly i took her in my arms and started kissing , she too was hot and did not object, slowly i was fondling her boobs and my hands were working fast to remove our clothes, soon we were nude and i was fascinated to see her slender and dark body with nice curves and the pussy was smooth and lovely, i took her in my arms lifted her to my waist,she crossed her legs around my waist and we were kissing very passionately and i was rock hard by then slowly i put my dick in her wet pussy and started pounding her in that position, as she was light weight it was not a problem for me, we were enjoying it and after a while i took her to bed and she was there with her legs spread fully opening her cunt for nice fuck, she was moaning already with pleasure and pulled my head to her cunt, it was first time i was tasting the salty and musky pussy, which was full with juice by then, i was licking with my tongue,around the cunt,it was great feeling for me and i went further deep probing her down inside, she was moving her hips with pleasure and pressing me inside her thighs, it went on till she put her legs on my shoulders and i was put my dick inside her cunt,it slipped well inside and i startd rocking her, it was little hot outside and we started sweating but it was a nice feeling with our bodies slipping and we trying to grip , i pounding her like a piston working in the engine, fast,and hard with all my energy and f***e she closed her eyes and was kissing me pulling my hair, i was fucking her like a bull for long time she was moving her hips,holding me tight with her legs on my shoulders and i was fucking and fucking and fucking her, she suddenly shuddered and pumped her juices it was wet,hot and nice, to feel, i went on her and then i too came inside her, she was very very happy and was saying it and was asking me to lick her juice, i did. it was so nice and tasty never had it before, later we lay side by side for some time, she was sl**ping and she was looking very beautiful , i went down her pussy and licked it, she opened her legs in sl**p, i was hard again and i fucked her again she was moaning in pleasure . i went on fucking her till i came second time inside her, this time without she telling me i licked and cleaned her cunt.
our love and sexual adventures went on till she got married and after marriage also we had some occassions of enjoyment, now i live with her fond memories.

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