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i was 17 or may be 18 and my dick was always searching for hole, but never had a chance to put it in the oven. i still remember that day because i got a chance of to fuck. i was hoping in the market and saw this lady she was short,stocky ,dark skinned with lovely eyes,lips and good size bust, as i saw her my heart has started thumping and i was feeling the dryness in mouth and my dick was hard under my pants, i was just staring at her and was not able to move, she was shopping and was eyeing me with corners of her eyes, some how after some time i gathered courage and smiled at her, i thought she was angry but she has smiled back, i slowly moved towards her and was very close to her nearly touching her from the back of her, there was crowd around and i was fearing if something goes wrong i will get bashed, but nothing has happened, i was standing behind her smelling her fragrance as i did, my dick got hard and i was pressing her from behind, she did'nt move nor she responded, i was little heistant but was still there with my dick pressing her and smelling her touching her, i was getting hot and i was feeling her body hot, after some time she slightly moved and my dick was straight behind her but, she candidly put her band on my dick i was shocked, then she smiled back to me,i smiled weakly. then all of the sudden she left the place, i followed her and tried to meet her to ask, i don't know from where i gathered courage but i have decided not to leave the opportunity, so my trail went on after walking for some distance we came close and she stopped suddenly taking on me.
it was small lane and nobody was there so i dared to go close to her and put my hand on her boobs it was first time i had touched women's body so i was tense and felt the soft mounds she was breathing heavily i squeezed them taking both in my hands she said not here, then i understood she too is very horny for a dick to fuck her.
we talked where to go, since we both did'nt wanted it in our places, i suddenly remembered a very cosy place near to our city about 7 miles it was in a woody place surrounded by mountains and forest, very less people pass by htere.
i suggested her about the place she has readily agreed. it was about 4 in afternoon and it was summer time so the heat was high,but it was not a matter for us because we were in a mood of joy so we went on i had a bicyle then i took her on that bicycle and it took almost more than hour to reach that place.
i rememember i had seen a big rock sheet in that area earlier so i took her to that place luckily no one was there, it was about to dark so we sat for some time talking kissing, it was first time i kissed a lady and i was feeling elated her lips were sweet like honey, we were kissing and feelng the wetness, tongues going each others mouth, i was squeezing her tits, she was putting all ther weight on me kissing passionately, we were sweaating little but it didn't matter i was gropping her pussy touching her thighs, they were soft and smooth,hot to touch, we slowly removed our clothes,fully naked and i was kissing her pussy smelling her musk she was moaning with pleasure, soon i felt some liquid flow then felt the salty sweet taste of juice from her cunt, i sucked and got up my dick was ram rod hard and i put it inside her pussy , her pussy was tight she was jerking saying to fuck , i started moving gently on her body stroking inside her, squeezing her boobs, kissing her lips, we forgot the world and were for ourselves i was thumping her rythmically slowly my strokes pressure and speed have increaased as her sighs of pleasure, we were just going on fucking each other, she was fully wide open her legs and was respondng to me , i don't know how much time passed that way suddenly she said to fuck her hard, i banged her hard and hard and hard, then she spilled out making to cum i bursted my self inside her she has closed her eyes and was kissing me voilently hugging me tightly her nails dipping in my back. we were like that for some time, i was feeling sl**py, then i realized the scene, looked around it was dark already i shook her to get up she lazily sat up dressed and doing this she was kissing all time, we started our return journey talking about the experience and she was kissing me all the time saying it was a very nice fuck for her after long time, and she said my dick is like a soda bottle bottom
as we were nearing city i stopped in a dark place and kissed her passionately for long time then left her in her area.

being my first experience about 32 years back the thoughts still linger my mind making my dick hard as ever

88% (9/1)
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3 years ago
3 years ago
nice one...:P:P
3 years ago
Aaah, remember when ...! So nice!