Consuella Has Big Probems

These events took place several years ago in southern California. Marge related this account to me. This is the essence of what she reported.

My girlfriend Marge has a daughter-in-law named Consuella, "Connie" for short. When this took place she was in her late twenties and had been married just a few years. Her husband (Marge's son) always seemed to me to be indifferent toward Connie. Marge confirmed my observations more than once by saying she didn't understand why he didn't treat Connie better. Marge and Connie got along very well together.

Consuella was a very good looking woman. Her skin was smooth with an olive tone. Her hair was black and shoulder length. Her eyes were dark brown and wide which gave her a little girl look. She had graceful legs and a lovely butt. Her breasts were quite large and it was this asset upon which the story hinges. I would estimate that she was about 5'6" in height, around 120 lbs., she had a graceful figure.

One day Connie called Marge and asked if she could come over for some "girl talk" and Marge told her to do so. Marge was afraid that there was trouble in the marriage and therefore a bit apprehensive about the visit. Connie was fond of coffee so Marge prepared a pot for them.

When she arrived Marge ushered her into the kitchen and both sat at the table to enjoy the prepared beverage. It was obvious to Marge that Connie had been crying before she arrived. The first minutes of the meeting consisted of small talk until Marge said, "OK, sweetheart! What's the problem". There was momentary silence as Connie looked away and started to sob.

"I have really tried to be a good wife to your son but he just doesn't seem to care that much about me. This morning he told me that my 'ass is too big' and that my 'tits are saggy'". The sobs were so heavy at that point that she couldn't say more. Marge took her in her arms and kissed her on the cheek several times amid words of comfort. Connie finally stopped crying and Marge provided some tissues to wipe her tears away.

"My son is an idiot", said Marge (an accurate characterization of the son). Most men would crawl through broken glass to have a lady like you" Connie seemed pleased with Marge's response.

"Mom, do you think my breasts are to saggy? Please be honest with me." Marge responded, "Well, I really can't tell since your blouse and bra hide them from view. Take your blouse and bra off and lets have a look." "Ohh Mom, I'd be too embarrassed" Marge said, "We are both girls so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Look, I'll take my things off so that we will both be bare above the waste, OK?" Marge removed her blouse and bra and her nice, ample tits were in full view. The young woman hesitated but then did the same.

Both women stood looking at each others boobs. Marge said, "My honey, you have beautiful breasts!" "Not as nice as yours mom", Connie replied.

Marge could feel the warmth of excitement and desire as she looked at Connie. "Honey, let me feel them to make sure they are not sagging." Marge took each one in hand and began to gently fondle Connie's young tits. "My, you have nice nipples and they are hard." Connie said, "would you mind if I feel yours?" Marge was a little breathy as she said "please do". They stood there for several minutes massaging each others jugs.

Marge broke the silence. "May I suck a nipple? I have never done that with another woman (which was not true)." Without waiting for a reply she put her head forward and took one of the hard nips into her mouth and began suck and to massage it with her tongue.

"Ohhh Mom, that feels so good" Please! Don't stop. I haven't had sex in several days and my vagina is getting very wet. Could I suck your boobs now?" She did not wait for a reply and began to suck a nipple as though she were trying to get breast milk from it. "Mmmm, slurp--gooood" she said with a full mouth.

Marge was getting very wet herself. She enjoyed masturbating at least twice each day but the last few days she had been quite busy and had not found the time to do so. She was very stimulated and excited and knew that she needed an orgasm very badly. She took Connie's free hand and placed in on her panty-clad vulva. Connie let out a little moan and releasing Marge's nipple kissed her fully on the mouth as Marge returned in kind as their tongues intertwined and Marge's hand moved under Connie's skirt to her wet panties which were covering her treasure trove.

Taking Connie by the hand Marge said, "Come with me sweetheart. I think we both need a bed." without hesitation Connie and Marge went to the bedroom and took off the rest of their clothes. Connie said, "I have never done anything like this before. It may be wrong but I want to do it sooo bad." Marge directed her to sit on edge of the bed and then to lie back. Marge got on her knees, parted Connie's legs and put them over her shoulders and she smelled the intoxicating aroma of her daughter-in-law's wet sex. Marge began to move her finger, slowly, deliberately up and down the wet slit paying special attention to Connie's swollen clit. Connie was moaning with approving "Ohhhs" and "Ahhhs" Then Marge's finger found its way into Connie's dripping cunt and her tongue alternately danced and licked her clit. With her other hand Marge was finger fucking her own gooey twat and knew she would not be able to hold off a huge orgasm much longer.

"Connie dear, get up on the bed. We both need to cum and I am going to show you how we can do it together." "Mom, I should warn you. When I cum I squirt a lot." "Connie baby, squirt away. I'll enjoy every drop! Now, get on top of me for a sixty-nine and we will cum together." Without hesitation the two women got into position licking and sucking at each others love ports as they moaned and groaned in ecstasy.

Connie paused long enough to say "Are you sure? I'm going to cum and squirt." Marge kept licking and with a muffled reply said, "Ohhh baby! Cum for Mama!" as she felt the wonderful, indescribable pleasure of her own impending orgasm.

"Ohhh, Achhhhh" and then a low scream from Connie as Marge's tongue and finger in her cunt brought her to the Big 0. She let loose a mighty squirt which Marge, try as she would could not swallow it all. The smell, the taste, the excitement of the other woman was too much for her and Marge cried with joy as her own orgasm took over her whole being.

For many minutes the two women kept licking and fingering each other and cumming again and again until their twats were completely satisfied and they were weak from the frenzied, joyful activities. Only then did they part and lie back on he bed in each others arms.

Connie spoke first. "Mom, it was so good I don't know how to put it into words. Thank you for understanding and being so good to me". Marge replied, "Baby, that was the best sex I have ever had. Thank you. I'm actually glad my son is a dumb prick because it gave us this opportunity to really get to know each other. By the way, your tits are not saggy; they are beautiful and wonderful."

The two women kissed deeply. Marge said, "Anytime you're feeling down, horny or both just come over and see Mom." Connie said, "I will, but I doubt I can wait very long until the next time."

Marge and Connie enjoyed many more adventures nd the husband has never been the wiser. He is still a "dumb prick".

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loved it my cock is very hard
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Excellent story. Amazing encounter and super sexy!