Las Vegas Fantasy

I had talked to Cathy on line for several months. She lived in another state, was married and not able to travel very much so we had never met. We exchanged Email, "action" pictures, and vids. We often masturbated together on line. She gave me her phone number so that we could masturbate while talking on the phone. On one occasion she said "listen to this..." and I heard wet sounds, "squish, squish..." She said a bit breathlessly, "what you hear is my fingers in my pussy as I held the phone down near my cunt. Now listen to this..I'm cumming...Ohhhhhhh, Ahhhhhh...Ohhhhh soooo gooood!" At which point a wonderful orgasm overtook me as I shot a very big load of cum. Such was my relationship with Cathy.

I told my friend David about her and told Cathy about David. He suggested that we buy her a ticket and fly her to Las Vegas where we would meet. I ran the idea by her and she seemed very excited about it. She said she would make an excuse to her husband and meet us in Vegas. She said that she really looked forward to all the things she could do with two cocks. We set the date and sent her the tickets.

David and I went to McCarron Airport early in the afternoon to meet Cahy's plane. We checked the schedule-board and noted that her flight wss on time. We were there early because we could hardly wait for her arrival. Dave and I talked nervously as we drank coffee. The minutes passed very slowly as we waited for our first glipse of her. We discussed the fact that we had throbbing hardons and were afraid to stand up lest others notice the bulges in our pants.

At last the board announced that the flight had arrived and we moved to the baggage area to meet Cathy for the first time. At last she was there and with hugs and kisses we met and greeted her. She was wearing a blouse that was modest but suggestively, discreetly showed the outlines of her very ample breasts. Her skirt was above the knees and looked very sexy.

We got her luggage and headed for the Venetian, one of the great hotels of the world where we would be staying on our Vegas sojourn. I was driving while David and Cathy occupied the back seat. Soon I noticed that the two of them wee kissing and David was playing with her breasts. I couldn't see lower but was very excited as I imagined that Cathy's hand was on his cock and his hand had found its way under her skirt and between her legs. I was further stimulated as I heard both of them emiting "Mmmms, Ohhhs, and Ahhhhs.." I hoped that they could wait to cum until we got settled in the room.

David and I had already checked in and so we headed to the room. David put his key card in the door and we entered the well-appointed room which over looked the strip. We were startled to see the maid and a bell man locked in a tight embrace kissing and fondling each osther. They quickly parted as we entered and looked startled and embarassed. They apologized and said they didn't know the room was soccupied. They pleaded with us not to tell mangagement about their tryst. I assured them that we would not report them but that for our silence we wanted them to join us for some sexual fun. They quickly agreed and seemed relieved and pleased with the bargain. We introduced ourselves and we found out that they were Maria and Bill.

Cathy excused herself and headed for the bathroom. Maria and Bill wasted no time in getting out of their clothes. David and I rapidly follow suit. Maria had lage boobs with puffy nipples. David has an 8 inch cock which was very hard and Bill had a 9 incher with precum dripping out the end of it. All of us began th play with Maria's tits as she fondled our cocks. Cathy emerged from the bathroom wearing a very sexy see-through neglege and red panties without a crotch. I took her by the hand and led her to the big king sized bed. The others were soon on the bed with us. Maria waste no time in going down between Cathy's legs and began to finger Cathy's wet cunt. David and Bill were in a sixty-nine position sucking each other's cock. I was hungrily sucking on Cathy's tits. Maria began to lick and suck on Cathy's pussy very slowly and lightly as Cathy let out a sigh of excitement. David came behind Maria who was then licking Cathy's twat faster and harder as Maria got on her knees. Bill moved near Cathy so that she was staring at his glistening, thick prick. David inserted his dick into Maria's waiting, drooling cunt and began to fuck her as she sighed with pleasure. Maria ceased her licking and moved beside Cathy while David was thrusting in and out ever faster. I moved between Cathy's legs and began sucking her sweet, erect clit.. The musky smell of her cunt was intoxicating and very exciting. Bill and David were groaning with passion and Maria was getting close to an orgasm. Cathy was "Ohhhing and Ahhhing" and I knew she was close . My cock was so stiff that it was uncomfortable as I moved up and put it in Cathy's dripping, warm twat.

I knew that evryone was ready for shattering orgasms. I moved and traded places with Bill As he stuck his rod in Cathy's cunt and as she shouted "Yes ! Yes!" she had a crashing, big O. My dick was now in Cathy's mouth and I felt my balls tightening. I was at the point of no return as she sucked amid moans and had another climax. "Ohhhhh, Ahhhh," THERE IT WAS!!!! My cock spasmed as I shot several bursts of hot semen into her mouth. She did her best to take it but much dribbled out and onto the bed. Bill was next with a shout of joy as he shot his load of jizz into Cathy's waiting cunt which set her off again with another big orgasm. Maria was screaming and crying as she spasmed and came again and again. David let out a loud groan of pleasure as his cock erupted into Maria. Cathy came again. Maria moved between her legs to lick at the semen oozing out of Cathy's twat. Bill began to do the same for Maria's cum-drenched slit. David came over to kiss and lick Cathy's mouth as I sucked Masria's delicious juices from his cock. Maria moved up and straddled Cathy's face so that she could lick her pussy. Soon she moved so that she was in a 69 mode with Cathy. It wasnot long before both of the ladies enjoyed more orgasms as we men watched with great excitement.

We were all enjoying the sight of naked bodies, the aromas of sex, and the joys of the afterglow of sexual fulfillment. We casually played with each other, kissed and laughed and made plans for an encore the next afternoon.

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loved it had a big cum want more
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quite an experience
4 years ago
thats a partaa but more of it
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