My wife and I live in a resort area near a mountain lake. One evening we decided to go into the village together to get a few supplies. We did a little shopping and picked up the things we needed. Since it was a nice evening we decided to stroll about the village and window shop. Most of the stores were already closed. We came to a shop that had the door still open. The merchandise displayed in the window was obviously there to attract tourists. It looked interesting so we went in to look around.

The shop keeper was a man probably in his early fifties., balding and with a salt and pepper moustache. He had a good physique...obviously took care of himself. He told us he was about to close but to take our time as he had things to do before he locked up for the night. We looked around and found some things for purchase. As he sold us the merchandise we made small talk. He asked if we lived in the area and we told him we did. He said he lived nearby with his wife. He said he loved her but that they didn't have much of a homelife. He also mentioned that they didn't have sex anymore. We all agreed that that was too bad. We indtroduced ourselves. He said his name was Jon and we are Pam and Rich.

I was standing behind Pam and moved my hands up to her ample breasts. She smiled and laughed softly. He looked intently at us as I fondled her and he moved slowly from behind the counter. He said "I keep some merchandise in the back room. Would you like to look at it?" we said we would and noticed that he walked to the front door and locked it. He led us into the back room which had a lot of items on shelves, beautiful pictures and a large counter area. I resumed playing with Pam's tits and he moved closer. Pam reached out and began to rub the front of his pants. She took his hand and placed it on one of her tits as he whispered "that is sooo nice!" He asked me if it was OK and I assured him that it was. He began to kiss first a bit tentatively and then deeper as I moved my hand up and under her dress. I was deligfhted to find that her panties were quite wet and realized that my own precum was getting my shorts very damp.

Pam unzipped Jon's pants and slipped his cock out and began to jack him very slowly as he moaned with joy. I slipped her panties down and she stepped out of them as I fingered her very wet pussy. I noticed that Jon had a nice cock, probably about 8 inches and fairly thick. It was hard and stood out like a lance. I reached out and Pam removed her hand as I replaced it with mine. I asked Jon if that was alright and he said yes, that it felt very good. He said he had never had another man touch his cock but often had thought that it would be nice. He and Pam removed their clothes and I fell to my knees. I could see precum glistening and dripping from his prick. He and Pam were kissing and he was playing with her cunt as she moaned with joy. I slowly took the head of his dick into my mouth and began slowly to take more and more, back and forth into my oral cavity. His precum tasted a little salty but very good.. He began to move his hips in rhythmw with my sucking motions. My own cock was throbbin. I knew that he was approaching a big cum shot so I removed his cock from my mouth. Pam got up on the counter and spread her legs. He began to suck and lick her pussy lips and clit as I jacked him slowly. She gently pushed me away and moved him into a position where she could suck his cock. They both moaned in pleasure as I began to lick her cunt. He asked her hoarsly "can I fuck you now?" She pulled him on to her and put his dong in her oozing twat. He moaned in ecstacy as he rocked back and forth and she Ohhhhed and Ahhhhed with each stroke. He kept saying...this is soooo goood!!" She moved him off, got off the counter and bent over revealing her beautiful ass, her puckered, dark , little hole, and her glistening wet pussy. He quickly slipped his cock into her cunt and once again began the joyous in and out motions. Once again I got down on my knees in from of her (and a bit under the table) and with with great pleasure licked her pussy and his cock as he fucked her harder and faster. She came with a loud groan and shudders and he pumped faster. She came again and again. as I greedily licked them both. My cock was so hard it ached longing for relief. Jon said loudly "I'm going to cummm" and Pam said "fuck me hand, baby...shoot that load into me..give it to me..ohhhhhhshit fuck me" and she came again. Jon let out several loud groans as he shot his load into her..he spasmed and groaned. My cock was so hard it hurt. He kept his cock in her for several minutes. Then, Pam stood up and the load of jon's jizz ran down her leg. We all looked at it and laughed. Then they got dressed.

We promised to do it again and soon. We exchanged contact information. He opened the door for us and thanked us for our purchases and a wonderful evening. We walked out into the night savoring the very hot experience we had just enjoyed.

Oh, yes, about my cock. I had saved myself for Pam. When we got home I had the pleasure of fucking her several times. And yes...I ate her well-fucked pussy again. Indeed, it will be a night we always remember...and we anticipate many more with our new frined Jon
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4 months ago
Great fun,,,spontanious ones are always the best
1 year ago
great story with a vert tasty ending
2 years ago
very fucking horny!
2 years ago
GREAT story
2 years ago
Great, well written, and sexy! :)
4 years ago
good syory
4 years ago
That was so hot!
4 years ago
Had to of been a very tasty creampie , and sure your wife enjoyed giving it to you