Closet Crossdresser Fantasy

I find your ad on CL and we exchange a couple of e-mails. You tell me you have some of your wife's things to put on me, my stiff cock pulses harder.

I show up and you invite me in. You're a larger gentleman that is in need of some attention. You offer me some wine and then show me to the bedroom.

You open the drawer with her nighties and let me pick one. I find a stretchy red camisole with some matching red fingerless gloves. Then you pull open her panty drawer. I rummage around while noticing the tent in your grey sweatpants.

I find a black spandex thong that feels so nice and pull it out. You leave to refill our wine glasses while I change.

When you return, I'm kneeling beside the bed with her things on. You can see my thick bear cock jabbing out from inside the black spandex thong.

Setting down the wine glasses, you walk up to me. I grab the front of your sweatpants, and tugging them down pull out your stiff uncircumcised penis. The foreskin is healthy and large, the wrinkly tip protruding still from your rock hard five incher. I wrap my hand around it and squeeze while I make a quiet moan.

Letting go of my grasp of your thick penis, I bring up my wet lips and lick them before beginning to nurse and nibble at that tip of your foreskin. I flick my tongue over your hood ever so gently and intently. I pull just the end of it into my lips and softly suck it, looking up at you.

I spend as much time as you will allow focusing my attention on that tip, slowly working my way to slipping the tip of my tongue in and out of the hole in your foreskin to jab at your piss hole.

Finally I begin to attend to the rest of your rigid dick, putting wet tongue kisses up and down both sides and the bottom as your cock bobs on my lips.

Suddenly throat your entire five inch cock, the fat head resting behind my tonsils at the back of my throat comfortably. For some reason penises have never made me want to gag. I hold my lips pushed into your skin at the base, letting the entire thing bathe in my hot mouth while keeping eye contact. My lips are actually massaging your prostate at this point hard enough that you can no longer take it. From all the buildup and teasing, my lips massaging at your base are all it takes you bring you over the edge and begin emptying your bull nuts down my throat.

Instantly I back up until just the tip of your cock is resting inside my lips and throw my hand around it to milk it vigorously while you continue to spray your cum all over my tongue. I moan in ecstasy as I look up at you and swallow every bit of your thick and chunky semen.

By this point, I am absolutely brimming with cum and so ready to release it. Guiding you to your knees, I then stand up and offer my cock tent to your mouth. You eagerly begin to suck it through the cloth, but I tell you to get your mouth on it fast because I am ready to cum for you. You yank down the fabric and my shiny headed seven incher pops free. It's twitching as it is nearing orgasm. You grab my hips and begin to suck as much as you can in your mouth as I feed you my giant load. It sprays with forbidden lust against the roof of your mouth and across the back of your tongue, and you manage to swallow most of it as I hold the sides of your head and moan.

Thanks for having me over... we should do it again sometime.

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10 months ago
mmmm yess thanks for tie invite
10 months ago
stemming hot