My English Teacher

One day at school, I must have been about in the final year of school. I walked into my English class and saw this amazing beautiful woman sitting at the teachers desk. Not my regular english teacher. Apparantly he had an accident and this was a supply teacher.

She sat there, she was about 35-36, with short brown hair, gorgeous body and dressed like an old school librarian. Cream coloured wooly jumper, long brown skirt, brown tights and a pair of short heeled shoes.

I sat down and luckily it was when we could see under the desks with no partition to block our views. I sat there in awe of her and her beauty. Over the next few weeks she wore various outfits but always long skirts DAMMIT!

Then one day we were told to go to the library and have our lesson there as we'd be talking about the books we'd be taking for our exams. I sat down and waited for the teacher to come.

She walked in, another long skirt and sat at one of the tables opposite me. As she sat down I saw the skirt had a split down the middle. Fantastic. The skirt rode up and opened slightly, I saw the deep brown colour of her tights gusset. Instant hardon for me, nearly came in my pants to be honest. The next hour was spent gazing at her legs in various poses, crossed, outstretched, open slightly etc and most of the time her adjusting her skirt to cover her pantyhosed legs. I couldn't stand up as my cock was straining so hard.

After school had finished I had to see her. She was also a drama teacher and was in the basement getting props ready for a play. I stood in the doorway and watched her bend over picking things up and moving them all over the hall. As she was walking her split skirt opened and closed and I could take in all the magnificence of her nylon clad legs. Again instant hardon.

I stroked my cock through my trousers while I watched her for about 15 minutes through the crack in the door. Always on the lookout for anybody to come down the stairs to catch me wanking to a teacher.

For a long time I'd worn tights to school when I had the chance, obviously not on PE day for obvious reasons. But this day I was wearing a pair of my mums tan sheer tights, I'd never worn pants on these days. I could feel my cock rubbing against the feel of the nylon. I was ready to cum. Harder than I'd ever cum. The feeling of orgasm was washing over me.

Then the door to the hall opened .....

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" she asked me.

"I I I I I" what could I say

"I think we need to have a talk" she stated and led me to a chair.

I sat down and she closed the door, as she waled over to me I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs. She sat down and crossed her legs, again I noticed her tights and the swish noise they made as they rubbed together when she crossed her legs.

"You've been watching me" she said "I've noticed you keep looking at my legs and I've noticed what effect they have on you"

I was a teenage boy, I was embarrassed and scared that my parents would find out what I was doing. Not only that but my friends at school.

She uncrossed her legs allowing the split in her skirt to open and I could see the gusset of the tights and she was wearing no panties. Another hardon was coming but I tried to stop it and think of other things and the trouble I was in.

"Do you like looking at my legs and trying to look up my skirt?" she asked in a matter-of-fact way.

"Y-y-yes" I answered shakily, she knew it so why deny it.

She stood up and undid the buttons to her skirt to the waist. I couldn't believe what was happening, I was nervous and scared.

"I can see that you like my legs" she noticed my cock was straing in my trousers.

"Do you like my tights" she asked "Yes" I answered.

"Touch my legs" it was more of a command rather than a request.

I shakily touched her legs and could feel the nylon rubbing on her legs.

"Move your hands higher" she said

I ran my hands up and down her legs forever or what felt forever. I could and nearly came in my trousers right then and there.

She moaned and made slight groans and noises as I continued to do this. She sat back down and ran her hands over my erection in my trousers. She started to undo my zip and belt but I stopped her.

"N-no-no, I can't" I said, scared she'd find my secret.

"If you don't I'll have to tell someone" she said ...

She undid my belt and zip and started to pull down my trousers, the tip of my erection starting to peek over the top of my trousers. She pulled down my trousers so fast and hard ....

"What are you wearing" she said " A proper little pervert aren't you, wearing tights under your trousers"

I went bright red and started to try to dress myself.

"Did I say you could go?" she asked

"No" I answered

"Then sit down" She said

She took my cock which was so hard and big in her hand and started to stroke it through the nylon. I was in heaven. I could not believe this was happeneing to me.

She stroked her thumb around the tip of my cock as there was pre-cum coming through my tights. In one swift movement she gripped my cock hard and then moved her head into my lap. She took my erection into her mouth and sucked and licked my cock, moaning and groaning as she did this. She started to rub her legs and pussy through her own tights and I could see a wet patch appear on the dark brown gusset of her own tights.

"Rub my pussy" she demanded "Rub it hard"

"I pressed my fingers into her wet hot pussy and pushed the nylon in further.

"Like this?" I asked nervously. I pushed my fingers in hard and fast, deeper and deeper, she started to shake.

"Yes-yes-yessssss" she shouted as she came all over my fingers and staining her pantyhose.

"Now suck it all up" she said as she removed my fingers and pushed them into my mouth. I'd tasted cum before, my own infact as whenever I came I'd always liked the taste. But this womans juice was sweet and musky and I knew I wanted more.

She rammed my head into her lap. "Lick me, suck all my pussy juice off my tights" I licked and sucked her pussy through the tights until I could take no more. I started to pull her tights down.

"No" she stated. "Not yet"

She ripped a hole in her pantyhose just big enough for something hard and long to penetrate her inner-sanctum.

She lay back on one of the tables and opened her legs. "Now fuck me you little pervert"

I walked over and pulled my tights down my cock was at last free. I pushed my penis into her tight hole as she guided it in. It felt wonderful, glorious, everything I knew it would be. My 1st time. I pushed in hard and she let out a moan. I started to move in and out with her hands on my bum to help me with the rythym. After what seemed only a few short minutes pushing in and out of that sweetness I started to shake and was ready to cum. She felt this and pushed me away.

"Come over my legs" she gasped "Come over these tights you keep looking at"

I needed no more encouragenment. I came hard and long, my cum shooting out and covering her legs with my sticky goo. She started to rub my cum into her legs and said "You'd better clean yourself up" She threw me a pack of tissues from her bag. As I rubbed myself clean, she took the tissues and put them into her bag.

"These are for you" she handed me the pantyhose she had been wearing, I hadn't even noticed her take them off, Fuck.

She stood there all prim and proper looking at me.

"Wear these to school on friday" she demanded.

I took the tights and could feel them damp and hot. I rolled them up and put them into my pocket.

FRIDAY is another story ........

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1 year ago
Incredible and arousing had my cock in my hand for the entire read looking forward to read about Friday
1 year ago
my over wanked cock is trying to get hard again after reading this
2 years ago
horny story
2 years ago
I came over a pair of hose as I read the story
2 years ago
great story, i wanked all the way
2 years ago
Thanks for the post, glorious!!
3 years ago
I had a english teacher just like her, a former Playboy bunny, thanks for bringing back the memories