Using and abusing mom - Porn day

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I've woken up in the morning with a raging hard-on and remembering vaguely some fantasy dreams I had over night involving some lesbian orgies. I looked at the time and it was hardly 6 am! Wish I could go back to sl**p but my erect cock wouldn't let me -- I needed to give it a bit of attention. Hmmm.... mom wouldn't be up before 8 or 9am and having just fucked her brains out the day before I thought it would be a bit cruel to wake her up just yet. Fair enough then, watching some porn in the living room and some masturbation seemed to be the only choice.

So I went in the living room and looked through my porn collection. A video of lesbian ass-licking action kind of got my attention straight away, so I put it in the VCR. Before playing it I thought I'd make it all really cosy and enjoyable for me so I went in the kitchen and made myself a nice large mug of coffee. Mmmmmm, morning coffee and cigarettes and lesbian porn mix so well! As I was making the coffee, I thought I'd be a good boy to my mom since she lets me please myself so much to her treasures so I made her a nice coffee as well and set the machine on "keep hot" so it's just ready for her to drink when she wakes up.

I felt really pleased with myself for doing that so I thought I'd take it even one step further and let my mom know what I was doing in the living room, so if she didn't feel like joining me in watching my video, she could just stay in the kitchen and have her morning coffee quietly. So I pulled out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote her a note:

"Mommy, I felt really horny this morning and I didn't want to wake you up so I declared today to be THE PORN DAY. I'm in the living enjoying my videos. Hope you like the coffee. xxx"

I left the note next to the coffee and silently left the kitchen for the living room. I stripped completely naked and threw the clothes on a chair then brought the little coffee table next to the couch, armed myself with a few towels and some tissues and started the tape.

The tape proved to be an excellent choice: the amount of big-breasted women kissing each other passionately with soft moans and then diving their tongues in each others' anuses brought shiver after shiver through my cock! I would stroke my cock slowly, enjoying the sight of a nice pink tongue circling a fresh yummy asshole and as I would be so close to explode I just stop and let my cock take a rest; then nicely wipe off the precum with a towel, have another sip of coffee, smoke a cigarette and then start again. Ahhhh, the pleasure!

Throughout it all though I could feel that while the pleasure was quite intense, it felt like something was still missing. And I knew what it was: nothing would beat the fantastic feeling of sliding in between 2 moist meaty pussy lips! No matter how much pleasure my hand would give me, I could not but agree with mommy's comment, made when our adventure together started: "Surely it feels better to cum inside something than simply masturbating!" Damn, was she right: it would feel so much better to use her cunt to please myself as I watch this fantastic video! However, I had already made a decision to let her sl**p and not to wake her up for this, so I tried to throw that thought out of my mind as my hand was playing with my cock, pleasuring it.

About 9 o'clock, as I was just wiping my precum again, the VCR paused onto a scene that nearly had me cumming, I heard mommy's door opening. She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower running for a while. I don't know how long she was in there for, as after a break that calmed my cock down a bit and decreased the chances of me cumming at the very next stroke, I started watching my video again. However, I heard her entering the kitchen and I smiled to myself thinking that she would read the note and start drinking her coffee. I kept on masturbating, occasionally stopping to wipe off the precum from my belly or pubes and having another sip of coffee.

I nearly forgot about mom, so lost in my porn video, until the living room door open and she walked in, with her coffee mug in hand, all smiling:

- Good morning, darling! Having a good time, I see?

- 'morning, mom!

I smiled back to her and then went back to my video, where a nicely racked brunette was having a go at a fresh shaved smooth asshole, while touching herself and moaning with pleasure.

- Oh, she looks yummy -- said mom.

- Mmmmmm, yesssss -- I replied -- bet she's tasty Ahhhh!

- So, darling, today is THE PORN DAY?

- Yesssss -- I said, while stroking my cock really fast.

- What does that mean then? We are to sit and watch porn and masturbate the whole day, I presume?

- Well, YOU in particular don't have to, mommy, but I fancied a bit of that yes. So, you are right, I am going to sit the whole day and just watch porn and masturbate and cum and masturbate and cum and masturbate and cum.

- OK, OK, I get the picture, you don't have to go on and on about it -- she laughed. Mind if I join in for a little while?

And with that she threw her clothes off in an instant and sat on the couch, knees up in the air, legs open and her middle finger starting to go up and down her clit. I had to stop for a second to admire the view onto my left: mom has been definitely keeping up the shaving I've asked her to do -- the pubes were now spread nearly from one hip to the other and were working their way up towards her bellybutton nowadays thus making a huge hairy triangle around her vagina. And due to the intense masturbation just now, the pubes around her lips were now glistening with her juices -- mmmmmm yummy! Wouldn't mind cumming inside that while watching my porn. And there was the idea!

- Mommy, let's make this more fun and play a game -- I said.

- What game, darling?

She stopped from fingering her clit and looked at me, smiling devilishly; waiting for that bit of kink I was going to throw in.

- Say I blindfold you for now, so you don't see what's coming next.

- Oh, OK, sounds exciting -- mmmmmm, got a pleasant surprise for mommy on porn day, then, darling?

"If only you knew" -- I thought, but I smiled back and replied:

- Why, yes! I thought I'd give you a treat today: let you sl**p late, made you coffee and everything else.

- Ah, good boy! And she came and kissed me on the cheek. Very well then, come and blindfold me, young man!

I asked her to lie on the coffee table and blindfolded her:

- Now wait here for a minute and I'll be back with your surprise.

- Ok, honey.

She sighed softly, with anticipated pleasures that she was hoping were coming her way. I had a different plan though: I went to my room and got some duct tape, prepared quickly the pieces I needed, so she wouldn't hear the noise if I did that in the living room and figured out what it was. I then stepped back in the living room:

- Nearly there, mommy!

- Oh, can't wait, honey, what is it?

- Now don't look, or you will spoil it.

- I'm not, I'm not! What is it?

- Well, to start with, I want you to put your feet up in the air, nicely spread and hold them with your hands.

- Ah, I like the sound of that already, sweetie!

And with that, she opened her legs really wide and held her ankles with her hands straight away. I knew she was thinking that I got a new vibrator, or dildo or some vibrating balls to please her -- but how wrong was she! In the very next moment my duct tape was making sure she cannot now remove her hands from her ankles anymore, f***ed now into a position which was offering her cunt wide open.

- Kinky, aren't we sweetie? -- she said. So now, can you tell me what....

She didn't get to finish the phrase as I taped her mouth as well. All I could hear now from her were just some faint moans. I used more duct tape to tape her body onto the table such that she couldn't move at all now. I've even "secured" her head so she couldn't move that either. She was now nothing but an open meat hole for me to use. At this stage, I finally removed her blindfold:

- Welcome to my porn day, mommy! I got bored stroking my cock and I needed your moist cunt to wank my cock with -- so there you go, you now have to bear with this for the whole day while I enjoy my porn. And if you don't like it, well, tough! I got your cunt and asshole spread wide-open right in front of me!

All I could hear from her was some faint sounds, which didn't bother me that much -- I turned the volume up of my video so I couldn't hear her anymore. The moans of pleasure from the video invaded the room and my cock was begging for some attention. I brought in a bottle of baby oil and opened it under her eyes. I then slowly inserted the bottle in mommy's cunt and started squirting a lot of baby oil inside her -- mmmmmm, that will make her really silky inside and make it feel nice for my cock!

In a sharp move then I shove my cock in her belly, my eyes on the screen where 3 blondes were licking each other like crazy begging each other to cum. I forgot in that very instant about my mom -- I was just masturbating again watching my porn, this time using a nice moist meat hole to please me! I would just move in and out fast as the scenes were getting hotter and hotter and as I'm just about to cum stop and only slowly rub my head on her pussylips just about entering her cunt a bit until my cock calmed down a bit. Occasionally I would get out of her, lay on the couch for a little while having a bit of coffee and a cigarette. Damn, it felt so good having such a nice masturbation session and using mommy to masturbate with her cunt!

The "grand finale" of the video was getting closer now and I was in desperate need to cum! I positioned my cock right in between her cuntlips, my eyes half closed now with anticipation of pleasure, looking at the screen and grabbed her hips with my hands as I knew I would need to grip onto something as I would start to squirt and then shoved my cock balls-deep inside her cunt. I must have pushed quite hard as I felt her squirm a bit! I put one of my hands in her throat and started moaning with pleasure as I started moving and masturbating myself again with her cunt:

- Mmmmmm ... moist cunt ... Ahhhh... cumming ... mmmmmm ... Ahhhh!

I can see myself getting so close to cumming and part of my bodily functions have stopped working as my brain's attention is all on the sensations circling my cock. I am literally dribbling over her body, my hand even tighter on her hips and throat, my saliva running all over her bellybutton. I keep pushing my cock harder and harder on the side of her cunt, feeling her wall pushing back as I really drill her. I can't control myself and start slapping her face while I keep moaning:

- Mmmmmm... cummm... Ahhhh ... it's so good... warm ... mmmmmm... moist ... Ahhhh

I feel my sperm working its way out to my cock's head, and I know I'm just cumming. I grab her throat with my both hands, my face right above her, eyes closed totally to get the full pleasure and shove my cock deep in her cunt. I am dribbling right over her face now, my saliva is covering her eyes and I scream as my first squirt of cum lands in her belly:

- Moooommmmyyyy!!! Aaaahhhhhhh!!!

I feel immediately a warm liquid wave surrounding my cock and my balls and splashing on my tummy and I know she is pissing now, giving me that extra warmth that my cock needs as jet after jet of cum shoots inside her. My whole body is shivering as I feel my cock squirting its cum in her belly. I open my eyes a bit as the last few jets of cum make their way in her pissing cunt only to see that her face is all covered now in my saliva and my hands are strangling her ferociously -- yet the whore is closing her eyes taking all this perverted pleasure while her piss is still splashing against my belly. I wait a few more seconds for the last cum drops to flow inside her and for her to finish pissing then I take my cock out and wipe it with a towel.

I then look at her: she did alright! I guess she deserves a cigarette. So I remove the tape from her mouth and say to her:

- Thank you! That was one of the best masturbation sessions I had!

- You're welcome sweetie, she replies softly and angelically.

- Want a cigarette?

- Yes please -- she says.

I take a cigarette and light it for her then put it in her mouth.

- Are you not going to untie me now? she asks.

- Oh, moooom! It's porn DAY, remember? You're staying like that until the DAY is over.

- I see, she says, thinking. So, will there be more days like this then, sweetie?

- Well, I was thinking about that -- I think we should have each day a special event day. Say what if tomorrow we declare it to be MOUTH DAY? So you can only please me with your mouth.

- Hmmmm, would it be a cunt day as well though? she winks at me.

- Of course, mommy, we'll have an ass day, a hand day, a foot day....

- Mmmmmm -- she interrupts me moaning.

- But meanwhile....

And as I say that I take the cigarette out of her mouth, then extinguish it in the ashtray and pop another anal sex video in the VCR.

- ...Meanwhile, it's PORN DAY!

And I stick the duct tape over her mouth again, press the play button and dive my cock in her cunt again:

- So let me masturbate again with your cunt mommy!

The only answer I got back was her cunt muscles relaxing a bit to make it so much more pleasurable for me.
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1 year ago
super hot!
1 year ago
wonderful, but I do dislike dirty sluts that smoke,....!
1 year ago
This incest story is so good plz tell me it's real!
2 years ago
For me it would PUSSY day, every day. Pussy is my favorite hobby, subject, snack, pleasure, toy, dick warmer, finger warmer, tongue sparing partner, view, and dick/cock/penis depository!
2 years ago
I'd love an incest relationship with a family like yours
2 years ago
Love it, after all that's what her cunt is for.
2 years ago
Nice job, thanks!
2 years ago
Great work!