Meeting An Xhamster Friend (part1)

This past weekend I had a clandestine meeting with an XH friend. It was my first such meeting and as you know from reading my profile that a fantasy of mine is to meet XH friends and have some "fun" together!

Mary (not her real name) and I exchanged a number of pm's and e-mails as well as a few skypes before we decided to meet. We live about 40 miles from each other so we decided to meet somewhere in the middle, about 20 miles of traveling one way for each of us. Mary is in her mid-40's and similar to me she is living in a loveless/sexless marriage. Her husband is not around much so it was relatively easy for her to get away. My wife was gone for the weekend so it worked out well for me too.

Needless to say I was nervous meeting Mary for the first time. Even though we had exchanged messages and emails and talked to each other a few times via cam I am sure we were wondering what the other person was really going to be like (the classic "blind date"). Well it turns out we had nothing to worry about. We met in a chain coffee shop and hit it off immediately. We really had a lot in common when it came to our families and especially our spouses. Mary is a lovely bbw woman and I couldn't help staring at her and wondering what she would look like naked in my arms. Turns out, I wouldn't have long to wait!

Being XH members we have a common interest in sex (!) so after one cup of coffee I suggested we check into the motel next door to do the rest of our talking in a more intimate environment. She totally agreed and the next thing I was doing was checking into the motel and getting a room for us. I had brought along two bottles of wine, one red, one white, because I didn't know what kind she liked. Once we got into the room we got more comfortable and I opened the bottle of white. We snuggled up to each other on the bed and she smelled WONDERFUL. A combination of fragrances-some bottled, some her natural scents. It had been so long since I laid next to a willing sexy lady that I almost lost it right there lol!

After our first glass of wine we were ready. She undressed me first, kissing my body as she removed my shirt, pants, socks, and finally my underwear. When she first kissed my cock and gave it a little lick, I used all the self control in me to stop that precum from starting to flow. But now it was my turn. I slowly removed her top and kissed her shoulders, arms, cleavage and tummy (a beautiful chubby tummy in the best sense of the term). I then removed her skirt and to see her lying in her lacy bra, panties, and dark panty hose on that bed, well let me just say that the b**st in me was about to be unleashed!

I undid her bra and her Beautiful Big Breasts came tumbling out with big dark nipples. I kissed, sucked, and bit each one ever so gently and she let out a low moan. I proceeded to take off her panty hose and smelled the crotch (she got a kick out of that!). Then the lacy bikini panties were removed. What I had before me was a gorgeous naked woman. Before I was even able to smell and lick her pussy, she pulled me down next to her and we held each other, tight, feeling our warm soft bodies next to each other. My cock was hard, her nipples were hard, and her slightly hairy pussy was practically dripping with her juices. We were ready to have one of the best fuck sessions I had ever experienced in my life . . . (to be continued). cumm4mee (JD)
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